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This is probably not the right place to post, but I had to share my recent  find !  Bought these  3  

NERs  for a great deal from some lady on the internet.  They are in excellent shape, almost like new:

She also sold me  one  that is in fair shape except for some  water damage:




I can keep this in my bag for a reading copy .  Happy book hunting !

The copy I have is second hand also, but it is in good condition. As much as I value it, I am just as happy with the PDF version on my computer. :)

At least the  PDF  versions are alot  cheaper :)   Another great idea  for  Creators is to download

all  their  books to  a  Kindle  .  I have  nearly all of them downloaded for free.  I couldn't get  "The Klassen

Letters"  to download properly yet.  It  turns out too small.  A  few pics:

I think you can get about 3500 books on these things, handy!!


--- Quote from: Rev.Cook on 01 August 2011 at 14:13 ---At least the  PDF  versions are alot  cheaper    Another great idea  for  Creators is to downloadall  their  books to  a  Kindle
--- End quote ---

Only last week I bought myself a 10" Acer A500 Android Tablet (review | random image from the web) for reading e-books, control of other computers in my network, GPS, digital camera and video camera, and a few other tasks. The Android costs just under $500, but it otherwise physically looks and feels like Reverend Cook's Kindle. About the size and weight of the average hard cover book. Reading e-books is now as easy as picking up a book, with the added bonus that my e-library already has thousands of books.

Pontifex Cambeul.

Should have checked one of those out first  . Sounds like it has alot of  extras  !


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