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Title: Nature: The Art of the Creator
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This writer, Lena, lives in New Zealand and is a natural Creator. Read more of her writings here:

Nature: The Art of the Creator
By LenaHoneybee

The art of the Creator is creation. Creation is the spirit of art and of nature. We remain far from the fecundity of nature.

Most are preoccupied with bread and butter and other everyday needs, snatching what they can here and there. Who has a moment to contemplate creation?

How can a person who has never admired nature or meditated upon the beauty of creation ever hope to admire or understand the artist.

So in the same vein it is the Creator who remains unrecognized.

That the purpose of human life should be comprised by narcissistic ambition and toil in avaricious competition for material status, that the insanity of this brutal system and atmosphere of lies is ever increasing, and that we are forced to live amongst such an atmosphere, foments an absence of beauty. This is apparent enough. A lack of beauty, of creation, creates disease.

When the spirit is cut off from creation and from beauty, one will not seek it. He will not think to look for the beautiful, though it is always beside us…

The tendency to love and admire beauty is a divine inheritance. In all cases, periods of great art has been ethnocentric and unique. It always reveals a spirit of racial, religious and ethnic pride unless it is stripped of beauty and made ugly and aloof. At this point both life and art become empty.

Any sacred space stripped of its art and nature becomes little more than a factory farm, a zoo or any other venue of the vulgar, while a people stripped of their art become hermetically sealed off from the living presence of their nature and can only consume and await death. There is nothing left to uplift, awaken or pierce which is the purpose of art.