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Title: Mossad Front in Australia
Post by: Private on 17 March 2010 at 21:59
Here is the original story from Whitelaw Towers.

Mossad alive and well at a Shopping Centre Near You Pt2

Well that didn't take long readers. Our first cab off the rank is from Toowoomba QLD. A little back ground on Toowoomba first. Toowoomba is the largest regional city in Australia and is situated about 120 km west of Brisbane. From what we have been told it has a few strategic bases situated in and around it. In Toowoomba itself we have the 25/49 Darling Downs Infantry Battalion. 20km north of Toowoomba well what do you know we have the Australian Army Navy Air Force Electronic Warfare Unit at Cabala. Interesting, it would seem that they are the eyes and ears of our Defense in Northern Australia. Next we have The Army Aviation stationed at Oakey that is 20km west of Toowoomba. So yeah its a bit of hub for our Defense forces.

Seacret a Mossad Front in Australia? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWsXDsK8ztg#)
Title: Re: Mossad Front in Australia
Post by: Private on 18 March 2010 at 02:42
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About two years ago in my own local shopping centre I was passing a stall in the middle of the mall. Usually I ignore their persistent offers of Pay TV, insurance and contest tickets, but for a change a not bad looking sheila with an American accent at what I recognised was a health a beauty stall wanted to wash my hands. Since I knew I wasn't going to buy anything and I'm male and she was female, I agreed.

As the sheila washed my hands with what to me looked and felt like common large grained salt, she babbled on about the natural purities and how my hands will be cleaner than they had ever been. After washing my hands she then dried them off - with hindsight I realised that it was a mock up of Jewish hand and feet washing ceremonies. After drying my hands she then applied some cream and babbled on about how they are all natural products from the Dead Sea. I said, "You mean Israel?" Which she confirmed. At that both hers and my attitude changed to instant hostility (her face twisted into one of pure hatred the moment the "I" word left my lips) to each other and as she went to walk off I demanded she give me a towel so I could "wipe this grease off of my hands." I then spent at least two minutes wasting her time washing the Jewish grease from my hands in the left over water and vigorously drying them before I left.

It was that "Seacret" company. The accent on the sheila was definitely American so if anyone wants to volunteer, go and talk to the women there and find out if they all sound the same. If they are, then you can reasonably assume that being a Jewish company they have imported their own Jews. If not, then they have used local Jews. LOL

But seriously, I suggest you question in the Israel factor in the same manner as I did. If their reaction is hostile, you know something is up. They might not be MOSSAD, but they sure as hell are Jews who are willing to turn instantly hostile towards their Goy customers and forfeit any possible sales. Something that in itself is very unusual for your average Jew merchant.