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Title: Military Punishes Whites for Racial Loyalty
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Air Force airman accused of white nationalist ties reduced in rank

By Bradford Betz | Fox News

A U.S. Air Force airman stationed in Colorado has been reduced in rank after he was accused of having ties to a white nationalist group, according to a report on Tuesday.


Sgt. Cory Reeves, based at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, was reduced in rank from master sergeant to technical sergeant after an investigation into alleged white supremacist ties, Air Force Times reported.

In April, Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists identified Reeves as a “patron” and organizer of “Identify Evropa,” a white supremacist organization classified by the {Jewish Supremacist} Anti-Defamation League as a hate group. The group accused Reeves of making monthly donations to Identity Evropa beyond what regular members pay and released photos which allegedly showed Reeves taking part in the group’s protest.

Cory Reeves, a U.S. Air Force airman, was demoted to technical sergeant at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado Springs following allegations that he has ties to a white nationalist group. (Navy Region Hawaii Public Affairs)

Per Air Force Instruction 51-508, members are prohibited from “actively advocating supremacist, extremist or criminal gang doctrine, ideology or causes, including those that advance, encourage or advocate illegal discrimination based on race, creed, color, sex, religion, ethnicity or national origin or those that advance, encourage or advocate the use of force, violence or criminal activity or otherwise advance efforts to deprive individuals of their civil rights.”

The Anti-Fascists’ Jewish Supremacists' allegation of Reeves prompted the Air Force to investigate.

Steve Kotecki, a spokesman for Schriever Air Force Base, told Fox News that the Air Force “has completed an investigation into Reeves and the commander has taken action deemed appropriate.”

“Racism, bigotry, hatred and discrimination have no place in the Air Force,” he said. “We take these matters very seriously (and) we hold members of the United States Air Force to the highest standards of conduct and duty and performance at all times.”
Admin Note (https://creativityalliance.com/forum/index.php?action=staff): So ban all military members of antifa, the NAACP, Black Lives Matter, the Black Panthers, B.E.T. related associations the ADL ...

The Air Force Times report came amid the data leak of a now-defunct neo-Nazi forum that showed active members of the military engaging in online white supremacist threads
Admin Note (https://creativityalliance.com/forum/index.php?action=staff): It's not difficult to inject malicious data into a "defunct" database.
Title: Re: Whites Punished for Racial Loyalty
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Even though the military's removal of Confederate paraphernalia wasn't necessarily related to "White supremacy". The propaganda media couldn't resist a chance to spin the article and sh!t on Whites.


Confederate-related paraphernalia must be removed from all Marine installations, commandant orders

By Alicia Lee, CNN
Updated 7:51 PM ET, Thu February 27, 2020


Demonstrators at the South Carolina State House in 2015 wave a Confederate flag as they call for the flag to remain on the State House grounds.

(CNN)The highest-ranking officer in the US Marine Corps has ordered Confederate-related paraphernalia to be removed from all Marine installations.

The order from Commandant Gen. David Berger was one of several initiatives he prioritized for "immediate execution" in a memo sent to senior leadership last week, Marine Corps spokesman Capt. Joseph Butterfield told CNN.

Some of the other directives were posted by Berger on Twitter, including revising the parental leave policy to include same-sex couples, reviewing the possibility of yearlong maternity leave for female Marines and to get more female Marines into combat jobs.

Butterfield didn't provide any details regarding when the paraphernalia needs to be removed, but he noted that any official policy decisions would be published in appropriate orders or servicewide messages.

Berger's spokesman Maj. Eric Flanagan told CNN that while there isn't a large amount of Confederate paraphernalia on Marine Corps installations, it's "worth commanders taking an additional look."

Military still has connections to the Confederacy

Despite a number of states and local governments taking down Confederate flags and statues in their cities, 10 Army bases are still named after Confederate generals, including Fort Hood in Texas, Fort Benning in Georgia and Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

The flag of the Confederacy, its symbols and the statues commemorating Confederate leaders have long divided the country. Critics call the flag a symbol that represents the war to uphold slavery, while supporters call it a sign of Southern pride and heritage.

The symbols have increasingly become a rallying call for white supremacists.

In 2015, Dylann Roof killed nine members of a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina. A photo of Roof holding a Confederate flag was posted on his website that featured his manifesto.

During the 2017 "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, white nationalists protested the removal of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee's statue.

It was later revealed that the leader of Vanguard America -- a group that helped organize the "Unite the Right" rally -- was a former Marine recruiter.

Following those reports, then-Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert B. Neller said there is "no place for racial hatred or extremism in the Marine Corps."

Earlier this month, the Military Times released a poll showing 36% of troops who responded said they personally witnessed examples of white nationalism or ideological-driven racism in recent months. That was an increase from the year before, when only 22% reported the same, the Military Times reported.

Poll participants reported witnessing not just racist language and discriminatory attitudes, but swastikas being drawn on service members' cars, tattoos affiliated with white supremacist groups, stickers supporting the Ku Klux Klan and Nazi-style salutes between peers, according to the Military Times.
Title: Re: Military Punishes Whites for Racial Loyalty
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Marine Corps commandant on Confederate flag: 'Anything that divides us... must be addressed head-on'

By Michael Ruiz | Fox News

The commandant of the U.S. Marine Corpswrote that “it is time to exclude” public displays of the Confederate flag in a letter addressed to his fellow Marines this week.

“I am mindful that many people believe that flag to be a symbol of heritage or regional pride,” Gen. David H. Berger wrote. “But I am also mindful of the feelings of pain and rejection of those who inherited the cultural memory and present effects of the scourge of slavery in our country.”

He said his move is intended not to judge anyone’s opinion of the flag but rather to unify.

“We are a warfighting organization, an elite institution of warriors who depend on each other to win the tough battles,” he wrote. “Anything that divides us, anything that threatens team cohesion must be addressed head-on.”

Part of doing that, Berger wrote, is identifying “symbols or subcultures that degrade the cohesion that combat demands,” noting the adage that failure is not an option.

“This symbol has shown it has the power to inflame feelings of division,” he wrote. “I cannot have that division inside our Corps.”

He urged Marines to focus on a number of other symbols instead -- the eagle, the globe and anchor, and the American flag, among others.

“We must remove those symbols that have the effect of division and not mere disagreement,” he added.

The general posted a public copy of the missive on his official Twitter account Thursday, although it was dated Monday.

Berger had asked commanders to prepare for the removal of “Confederate-related paraphernalia from Marine Corps installations” at the end of February, The Associated Press reported at the time. No specific timeframe had been set.

A Marine Corps spokesman said the move did not come in response to any specific incident.
Title: Re: Military Punishes Whites for Racial Loyalty
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Marine Corps commandant on Confederate flag: 'Anything that divides us... must be addressed head-on'

By Michael Ruiz | Fox News

The commandant of the U.S. Marine Corpswrote that “it is time to exclude” public displays of the Confederate flag in a letter addressed to his fellow Marines this week.

So many people think that race isn’t real and it doesn’t matter.
It is “The elephant in the room”!

I have been in a position where I have had non whites on my team and dealing with their culture is super tricky! Some Abos had to be taken for our team just based on race so they could win certain contracts for employing a quantity of them.



People are on different evolutionary levels to each other and need to be put into streams to suit to make things work.

Do you think a person like Leonardo Da Vinci could have a successful assistant in an Abo plucked from Australia’s Tanami desert who lives traditionally in a Stone Age setting?

It’s like getting a wild dingo and sticking it in a guide dog school for the blind. The Labrador is a more suited breed for the task.Where as the Dingo may have better hunting skills and survival in a remote area than the Labrador.

The non whites should be put in areas where they can achieve  in the best ways possible , same for whites.

Having said that I have worked with White guys who were real awful to be with. Then there were non whites who treated me better . That is just life , dealing with egos and cultures and different levels of intelligence.