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Author Topic: Migraines: Just because others don't get them, doesn't make you abnormal

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More Than a Headache
You know that your migraines are more than just headaches because of the way they feel. But there's something different about the way they work, too. While other headaches may be caused by muscle tension or sinus congestion, researchers are not yet entirely sure what causes a migraine. For reasons that are not clear, pain- and inflammation-causing chemicals are released in the brain during a migraine.

Here's a look at what may be going on inside your head:
1.   Migraine pain occurs when pain centers in the brain become -- for multifaceted reasons that continue to be studied -- overly excited.
2.   These overexcited nerves cause blood vessels in the face and brain
to swell.
3.   This swelling causes local inflammation.

Still, it's unclear why some people experience migraines while others don't.

Your Unique Migraine
While researchers sort out the causes of migraines, one thing remains certain: Getting to know your own unique symptoms is key to getting the right management plan. If you haven't already, start a migraine diary today in which you track your experiences, so you can share them with your doctor. (Here's a printable Health Journal where you can track all your health information.) This is what you'll want to write down in your migraine diary:

What: What did the migraine feel like? Write down exactly what you experience for each migraine episode. Describe all of your symptoms -- not just the pain, but also things like phonophobia or vision disturbances.

When: Jot down the dates and times that you experience migraine pain, so you can give your doctor an accurate idea of how frequent your migraine attacks are.

How: How bad was the migraine? Did you have to stop what you were doing or cancel plans? On a scale of 1–10, note your symptom severity. (Read this article to find out how migraines typically affect people's lives.)

Where: Where were you and what were you doing when your migraine struck? Recording this information may help you identify environmental triggers, like bright lights, loud noise, or strong odors.

Take Control
Don't be shy about sharing with your doctor as much detail as possible about your migraines. Getting the right management plan is well worth the time and effort it takes to provide a complete picture of your unique situation.
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