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Author Topic: Lesson from Nature

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Lesson from Nature
« on: 04 February 2009 at 11:09 »
Learning About Nature And Nature’s Laws From Squirrels

by H. Millard

As Whites become a smaller percentage of humans both in the U.S. and worldwide, some Whites sniff, incorrectly, that Whites should breed for quality instead of quantity and that’s how, they say, we’ll stave off our extinction.

Nature disagrees. It is so obvious that quantity is what is needed for the survival of a group, that one feels silly even having to argue the point. The simple truth is that Whites, no less than any other living things must breed or die.

Furthermore, this is not the right time for neo-eugenicism. How many stories do some people have to read about blonds dying out or blue eyes becoming rare to get it? How many once mostly white cities and countries, now full of non-whites, do some people need to visit to understand? You don’t win life’s game by being the few. You win by being the many.

Expansion is life, contraction is death. At present, Whites are on a death spiral caused by their contraction.

To get quality (no matter how you define that term), we need to have quantity. Breed like crazy and the best among us will automatically claw their way to the top and they’ll produce more like themselves as a natural state of affairs once we strip our minds of false ideas about existence. By out breeding others we also breed our own people to fill every societal and workaday niche in society, and this acts as a bar against others coming to our lands. You can only stuff so much in a ten pound box. When it’s full, it’s full. Fill it with your own, or others will fill it with theirs.

We really do need to get out of this sleep-like state we’re in as a people and understand about existence and survival and the purpose and meaning of life and how nature works.

As we seek understanding, we first need to know that all of existence is a struggle to be, to be more, and for dominance of your type. Or, to put this in other terms, all of existence is a fight for the best seat in the house. It is this way from subatomic particles to entire galaxies of millions of stars. And, it is no less so with us.

Even within our individual bodies there is a struggle between individual genes for expression. Everything is in conflict for existence and dominance. All of existence is a vast spinning, whirling battle to bring forth the best. The lion does not and never can lie down with the lamb. To think that is possible and desirable is to give way to neurotic thought processes. If the lion were to lie down with the lamb, it’d starve and cease to be. Lions eat lambs. That’s part of the conflict. That’s nature, and nature isn’t something to be overcome, but it is something for us to understand so that we can find the path that will lead us to higher consciousness.

We also need to understand that the individual human being isn’t important in the big picture. It is his or her internal code–the genotype that leads to the phenotype that is important, i.e. his or her collected genes that make the person what he or she is. In our case, this means we are coded for white skin, our particular bone structure, our head shape, our hair, our eyes, and all the rest of the things that make us a unique people.

Of course there are differences among our people in many of these things, but we know who is a White person and who isn’t pretty much just by looking at them and their offspring. If they look white and if they produce White children they’re probably White and that means they’re part of our people. There’s no need to over complicate the issue and split hairs about Nordics and Alpines and any of the various other divisions that some dwell on. We need to be able to understand who is us and who is not us, and it’s all gene dependent. Those who are us, have similar genes and thus look like us. Those who are not us, don’t. And, it doesn’t matter if those who are not us share our political and social views and just about everything else. Genes and genes alone determine who is us and who is not us. That’s nature’s law.

It is our internal code that must survive. We are the finished beings “spun” by our internal code to be as we are. It is that internal code–the genotype that gives us our external appearance, our phenotype, that is important.

Of course, those who argue for quality over quantity usually mean that we should breed people just like them. Will they breed themselves? Not usually. Many of these quality-firsters are self-absorbed and lack true vitality. Many are childless or have limited the number of children they have. Shun them as if your continued existence depends on it, because it may.

You’ll hear them saying things such as “Oh, taxes are too high so I can’t have children,” or “My wife and I have decided the Earth is too crowded so we’re going to help save the environment by not having children,” or “I haven’t met the right person yet.” Some will then say snide things about welfare mothers who have many children but who can’t support them and how they’re not going to do that.

Such people need to rethink their biases, because their way is the way of extinction. That welfare mother with many children, will have her children dance on the graves of these effete Whites who don’t reproduce to their maximum. But, instead of getting blue in the face arguing finer points of why I know I’m right and why we must start having large, no, HUGE, White families again, I’ll just switch to a recent news story about squirrels in England.

In brief, the red squirrels in England have almost been wiped out by the grey squirrels and now the grey squirrels are being wiped out by the black squirrels.

It’s now been confirmed that the black squirrels in England are all the offspring of a single black squirrel from America that escaped into the wild in the 1880’s and mated with grey squirrels. The offspring of the single black squirrel and the grey squirrels weren’t grey squirrels–but more black squirrels.

If you don’t understand why the offspring are black squirrels and not grey squirrels or why they’re not half black and half grey, just look at Barack Obama for a clue. Want another clue? Dominant vs. recessive genes. Also, the black squirrels are now breeding more, they’re more aggressive, and they’re taking over squirrel land. It’s no more complicated than that. Their black squirrel genes are becoming a larger percentage in the squirrel gene pool than other squirrel genes.

If the losing red and grey squirrels could talk, one imagines they’d be saying what we hear some Whites saying about how they represent quality. Ho hum. Bye bye deadender squirrels. You have not adapted, you have not been able to compete, you have not bred to your maximum. You are on your way to extinction with all your snooty “quality.” If you produced more of yourselves, you’d take back your land. But, as it is, your genes are being replaced in the squirrel gene pool. Love your diversity while you can.

This is the way of nature. It is the same with squirrels as it is with all living things including all humans and, of course also, White people.

But there is one difference. We humans can use our brains to understand what’s happening and we can consciously adapt and take proper steps so that we don’t become extinct. In other words, our fate is not sealed as is the fate of the red and grey squirrels. They don’t have a clue about what’s going on. They can’t count or think abstract thoughts. They just know there are newer squirrels who don’t look like them and who seem to be more numerous with each passing year, while those who look like them are fewer and fewer.

Pretending still that the squirrels could talk, might we not hear some squirrels tell any reds and greys, who see the extinction that is looming, that it’s racist for them to notice that they’re being killed off by the blacks, and that all squirrels bleed red blood, and that under the fur all squirrels are the same, and that it is the content of the character of squirrels that is important, and that diversity is their strength?

We can learn many things from the plight of the red and grey squirrels, but one thing that must be drummed into us is the fact that if we White humans are to survive and not become extinct, we must mate only with others who also have our recessive genes. To do otherwise is to simply be incubators for those unlike us as was the case with the grey squirrels that originally mated with the black squirrels.

Remember, it takes two White people–a White male and a White female–to produce new White people, but it only takes one non-White mated with a White to produce a non-White.

It’s the same principle with squirrels. It takes two grey squirrels to produce a grey squirrel and it takes two red squirrels to produce a red squirrel, but it only takes one black squirrel mated with red or grey squirrels to produce black squirrels.

Yes, I know it’s more complicated than that and that Mendelian laws enter the picture, but this is still a good rule of thumb. If you doubt it, go look at the diminishing numbers of the soon to be extinct red and grey squirrels. Better yet, go look at the diminishing numbers of the soon to be extinct White humans (unless we start adapting and producing more of ourselves).
Former Hasta Primus for P.M. Ben Klassen with the Church of the Creator at North Carolina and later the right-hand man for Dr William Pierce with the National Alliance. Currently the Chairman of the National Alliance.

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Re: Lesson from Nature
« Reply #1 on: 04 February 2009 at 11:25 »
It is reported that the biased native red squirrels and naturalized greys have taken to organizing themselves in little hate cells and that the invasive black squirrels, being civic-minded, have taken on the roll of hate watchdogs, passing aggressive legislation that criminalizes the placing of barriers meant to preserve the gene pool and habitat of the indigenous, passive squirrel community. The hate-filled reds and greys must be eliminated for the sake of diversity...

The pack of mutant black squirrels that are giving Britain's grey population a taste of their own medicine:

Last updated at 11:06 26 April 2008

For years, the grey squirrel held sway - driving its red cousin into the remotest corners of the country.
But now the black squirrel has arrived - and is rampaging through parks and woodlands.
Scientists say the testosterone-charged black is fitter, faster and more fiercely competitive than both reds or greys.
Scroll down for more...

Cute but deadly: They may look harmless, but 'mutant' squirrels have left the grey squirrel population in fear
It has already taken over in parts of England and appears to be spreading.
Its rise means the greys now have serious competition for the first time since they were introduced to Britain from America in the 1870s.
The black squirrel is also likely to make life even harder for our native red squirrels.
A study by Cambridge scientists shows that black squirrels now make up half the squirrel population in some parts of the UK.
The upstarts are genetic mutations of greys, but have a darker fur and higher levels of the male sex hormone testosterone - making them more aggressive and more successful.
Scroll down for more...

Making a run for it: There are fears the black squirrels could wipe out the greys
Geneticist Helen McRobie and Dr Alison Thomas, a professor of life sciences, both from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, conducted the first UK study of black squirrels.
"The population is expanding across the region and is spreading further every year," said Dr McRobie.
"They could overrun most of the Eastern counties within ten years."
The black squirrel is the result of a single mutation in the DNA of greys, giving them higher levels of the pigment melanin in their fur.
Sex selection is also boosting their numbers because female greys appear to prefer them as mates.
Dr Thomas, who completed the year-long study last week, used DNA samples taken from squirrels across East Anglia.
Scroll down for more...

Fury fight: Red, grey and black squirrels

She said: "There has been a recent population boom. They are due to overtake the grey squirrel population in some parts of the country.
"The first sighting was in 1912, but sightings were very rare until the last few years. They were first spotted around Letchworth Garden City, near Royston, Hertfordshire - currently home to the UK's largest colony.
"But since then they have migrated northwards, penetrating Cambridge city boundaries in the 1990s. Now they make up 50 per cent of the squirrel population in the villages around Cambridge and they are spilling into Bedfordshire and Huntingdonshire."
The rise of the black is the biggest change in squirrel demographics since the indigenous red squirrels almost disappeared 50 years ago from most of England.
Lindsey Maguire, 50, who has co-ordinated the National Squirrel Rescue team for the last 12 years, agreed that blacks were becoming a more common sight.
He added: "The irony of it is the blacks were first spotted in a similar area to where the greys were introduced to Britain.
"Now they may well get their just deserts. I wonder how long it would be before we see a "save the grey" campaign."
Former Hasta Primus for P.M. Ben Klassen with the Church of the Creator at North Carolina and later the right-hand man for Dr William Pierce with the National Alliance. Currently the Chairman of the National Alliance.

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Re: Lesson from Nature
« Reply #2 on: 04 February 2009 at 12:02 »
Chances are we will see a "Save the Grey" campaign, much the same as we see groups protesting against cross breeding dogs to make "special" new breeds such as the Labradoodle. When will we see "Save the White Race" in mainstream media around the world?!

The article is right, we must have more children if we intend on surviving as a race. For this to happen we can't rely on a White couple having 15 kids on their own while trying to make a sustainable living. The muds have whole families and communities supporting their colonisation through breeding. If we want to have large White families these days, Whites need to start living and working together as tribes. We need extended families sharing resources and supporting each other, we need communities working together and subsidising education and essentials for raising White children.

It is not only a case of quantity, quality plays a role as well. A community of Whites will raise a family of 15 children better than a White mother will on her own. The article is right in saying the time for eugenics is not now but it doesn't mean White women should be running around getting knocked up from who ever will do the deed. "It takes a village to raise children," we're going to need lots of villages raising lots of children if we're to survive!
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Re: Lesson from Nature
« Reply #3 on: 04 February 2009 at 13:11 »
...Whites need to start living and working together as tribes. We need extended families sharing resources and supporting each other, we need communities working together and subsidising education and essentials for raising White children...we're going to need lots of villages raising lots of children if we're to survive!

Whenever a Creator would say things like this, no matter how well intentioned, PM Klassen would invariably respond with "Needs, needs, needs!" I can still hear him now.

Things are going to get much worse for our kind. Quality vs. Quantity? As a race in competition with other races for living/breeding space, we obviously need  both. But as a vanguard movement we need to emphasize and seek out high quality, proven activists as core cadre. No duds need apply.

Klassen would say that when faced with a difficult question he would look to Nature for the answer because it was Nature and only Nature and Her Eternal Laws in which he could always put his trust. No doubt Klassen was right. He would have appreciated H. Millard's common sense approach to our problem of race renewal and would have tried to recruit him as a spokesman for Creativity. Lessons from Nature, indeed.

Christinsanity is anti-Nature.
Former Hasta Primus for P.M. Ben Klassen with the Church of the Creator at North Carolina and later the right-hand man for Dr William Pierce with the National Alliance. Currently the Chairman of the National Alliance.

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Re: Lesson from Nature
« Reply #4 on: 04 February 2009 at 14:12 »
I was going to post a comment that we Creators do not believe in Hillary's prattle of, "It takes a village." One of the women from the old Women's Frontier spoke about that many years ago. I still have the CD. The reason we do not believe in it is because the idea of "It takes a village" encompasses the idea of surrendering the upbringing of your children to people you do not and most probably never will know who hold values alien to your own. Yet as a good member of society you are supposed to recognise that parents are incapable of raising their own children without the help of the Doctor Spock (give the kid a hug when it burns down the village) crowd. Which of course is completely different from an extended family with morals and values you do respect - but enough of that.

Here's a standard old flier we used to put out. It suits this topic and if anyone wants it, it's theirs.


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