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Title: Latin ó Civilizationís Foremost Language
Post by: Private on 06 March 2010 at 18:15
"The communication of ideas through language is the principle ingredient that builds civilization. Of all the thousands of languages to come and go, threading through the civilizations of mankind, undoubtedly the culmination was already reached two thousand years ago with the formulation of the Latin language. This is not to say necessarily that the greatest literature was written in Latin, but that the language itself must be considered first and foremost among the languages of mankind even to the present day. Latin literature itself probably reached its golden age and its peak during the time of Cicero, Caesar and Pompeii and the literary language, and in general, written Latin remained fixed at the stage that it had reached about 50 B.C.

The sounds and the forms of Latin make it one of the most sonorous and stately of languages; and the nature of its syntax gives it a compactness and precision that no modern languages possess, making it an admirable instrument for training in exactness of thinking and conciseness of expression. Moreover, knowledge of Latin is the key to one of the great literatures of the world. Not only are some half dozen of the Latin writers among the immortals of mankind, but the influence of Latin writings on the growth and character of our own English literature has been as continuous and as profound as the influence of Latin upon our English language.

During the first and second century A.D. when Rome had conquered most of the then known civilized world, Rome and its language, Latin, spread its influence throughout all this territory, carrying with it the great prestige of Roman culture, administration and its laws. It was Latin that remained the language of the church, of diplomacy, and of culture in general, during the whole of the middle ages. Then with the coming of the Renaissance it became once more the language of poetry and of learning, threatening to even overshadow the newborn Romance languages.
During the long centuries of Roman supremacy in Europe, Latin came to have a peculiar preeminence which no other language has ever enjoyed. French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian are merely the modern representatives of Latin as it was spoken in various parts of the Roman Empire, hence they are known as Romance Languages. Moreover, all through the Middle Ages and down to quite modern times, Latin was the language of learning and diplomacy; an educated man in any part of Europe knew Latin as well as his own language, and both wrote and spoke it freely. It was for this reason that the philosophical and scientific works of such men as Bacon, Newton and many others were written in Latin, not in English.

So basic and so important is the Latin language even today that most of the basic legal terms used in English and American law, for instance, are expressed in Latin. The names of species in zoology and botany are today expressed in Latin, making the names universal, no matter in what language they might be referred to. Furthermore, modern medicine is filled with Latin designations for different drugs, terms designating muscles, bones, nerves and other parts of humans, plants and animals. The different species of animals, birds, insects, are expressed in Latin. It is indeed a universal language and may be truly designated as the foremost language of the White Manís civilization.
Not only did the Romance languages derive directly from Latin, but even the Germanic and Anglo-Saxon languages have a great percentage of their rootstock of words originating from the Latin. Taking this, together with the Romance languages, the influence of the Latin language as developed by the great Roman civilization is overwhelming. We owe much more than has been credited to this outstanding language." -- Ben Klassen, Nature's Eternal Religion, Chapter 26.
Title: Re: Latin ó Civilizationís Foremost Language
Post by: Private on 06 March 2010 at 18:25
The following is a list of "loan words" borrowed directly from Latin into the English language.  Learning Latin is an essential step in obtaining a degree in medicine, law and/or the sciences.  It may seem like a struggle to learn another language, but many Latin words are also English words and, in a sense, you are already speaking Latin without even realizing it.

Latin Loan Words in the English Language

abbreviate, abdicate, abdomen, abduce, aberration, abhor, abject, abjure, ablative, ablution, abnegate, abominate, abortion, abrade, abrogate, abrupt, abscess, abscind, abscond, absent, absolute, absolve, absorb, abstemious, abstract, abstruse, absurd, accede, accelerate, acclaim, acclivity, accommodate, accretion, accumulate, accurate, acid, acquiesce, acquire, acrid, act, acumen, acute, adapt, add, addict, adduce, adept, adequate, adhere, adjacent, adject, adjudicate, adjure, adjutant, administer, admit, adolescent, adopt, adore, adorn, adult, adulterate, adumbrate, advent, adverb, advert, aerial, affect, affidavit, afflict, agent, agglomerate, agglutinate, aggravate, aggregate, agitate, agriculture, alacrity, album, albumen, alias, alibi, aliquot, alleviate, alligation, alliteration, allocate, allocution, allude, alluvial, alp, alter, alternate, altitude, amanuensis, amatory, ambidextrous, ambient, ambiguous, ambulation, amicable, amputate, angina, anile, animadvert, animal, animate, annihilate, anniversary, annotate, annul, annular, anserine, antecedent, antedate, antediluvian, antennae, antepenultima, anterior, anticipate, anus, anxious, aperient, apex, apiary, apparatus, applaud, apposite, appreciate, apprehend, appropriate, approximate, aquatic, arbiter, arbitrary, arbitrate, arboreous, arduous, area, arefaction, arena, argillaceous, arid, ark, armament, arrogate, articulate, ascend, ascititious, ascribe, aspect, asperse, assert, assess, asseverate, assiduous, assimilate, associate, assonant, assuasive, assume, astral, astriction, astringe, astute, attenuate, attest, attract, attribute, auction, augur, august, aureate, auricular, aurora, auscultation, author, autumn, auxiliary, ave, avert, aviary, avocation, axis.

barnacle, beet, belligerent, benefactor, bib, biennial, bifurcated, bilateral, bill, binary, binocular, binomial, bipartite, biped, bisect, bissextile, bitumen, bland, boa, box, bract, bull.

cachinnation, cack, cadaverous, cade, caducous, caesura, calcareous, calculate, calendar, calends, caloric, calorific, calx, camera, campestral, cancer, candidate, candle, canine, canker, canorous, cant, canticle, capacious, capillary, capitol, capitular, capitulate, Capricorn, captive, carbuncle, cardinal, caries, carnal, carnivorous, castigate, castle, castor-(oil), castrate, caudal, caveat, cede, celebrate, celibate, cell, censor, cent, centenary, centennial, centesimal, centigrade, centrifugal, centripetal, centuple, centurion, cere, cereal, cerebral, cerulean, cervical, cervine, chalk, chap, cheap, cheese, cincture, cinerary, circle, circumambient, circumambulate, circumcise, circumference, circumflex, circumfluent, circumfuse, circumjacent, circumlocution, circumnavigate, circumscribe, circumspect, circumstance, circumvallation, circumvent, circumvolve, circus, cirrus, civic, civil, clang, coadjutor, coagulate, coalesce, coction, codicil, coefficient, coerce, coeval, cogent, cogitate, cognate, cognition, cognomen, cohabit, cohere, coincide, colander, cole, collaborator, collapse, collateral, collide, collocate, colloquy, collude, column, combine, comity, commemorate, commend, commensurate, comminution, commissary, commit, commodious, commute, compact, compel, compendious, compensate, competitor, complacent, complement, complete, complex, complicate, component, compound, comprehend, compress, compute, concatenate, concave, conceal, concede, conciliate, conclude, concoct, concrete, concur, condemn, condiment, condole, condone, conduce, conduct, confabulate, confect, confederate, confide, confiscate, conflict, confluent, congener, congenial, congenital, conger, congeries, congestion, conglobe, conglomerate, conglutinate. congratulate, congregate, congress, congrue, conjugation, connate, connatural, connect, connubial, consanguineous, conscionable, conscious, conscript, consecrate, consequent, consolidate, consort, conspicuous, constipate, constitute, construe, consul, consume, consummate, contact, contaminate, contemplate, contemporaneous, context, contiguous, contingent, continuous, contort, contract, contradict, contravene, contribute, contrite, controversy, contumacy, contuse, convalesce, convenient, convent, converge, convert, convex, convince, convivial, convoke, convolve, convulse, cook, coop, cooperate, co-ordinate, copulate, comea, cornucopia, corolla, corollary, coronation, coroner, corporal, corpuscle, correct, correlate, correspond, corroborate, corrugate, corrupt, cortex, coruscate, costal, coulter, cowl, crass, crate, create, creed, cremation, crenate, crepitate, crescent, cretaceous, crinite, crisp, crude, crural, cubit, cucumber, culinary, culm, culminate, culprit, cultivate, culver, cumulate, cuneate, cup, cupid, cupreous, curate, curricle, cursive, cursory, curt, curve, cusp, custody, cuticle, cypress.

dab, debenture, debilitate, decapitate, decemvir, decennial, deciduous, decimate, decoct, decorate, decorum, decrement, decrepit, decretal, decurrent, decussate, dedicate, deduce, deduct, defalcate, defecate, defect, deflect, defluxion, defunct, degenerate, deglutition, dehiscent, deject, delegate, delete, deliberate, delicate, delineate, delinquent, deliquesce, delirious, delude, demented, demonstrate, demulcent, denary, denominate, dense, dental, aentated, denticle, dentifrice, dentist, dentition, denude, denunciation, depict, depilatory, depletion, deponent, depopulate, deprecate, depredate, depress, depreciate, deprive, dereliction, deride, derogate, describe, desecrate, desiccate, desiderate, desk, desolate, despond, desquamation, destitute, desuetude, desultory, detect, deter, deterge, deteriorate, detonate, detraction, detrude, deuce, devastate, deviate, devious, devolve, devote, dexter, dial, diary, dictate, differ, diffident, diffuse, digest, dight, digit, digress, dilacerate, dilapidate, dilute, dimissory, dire, direct, dirge, disafforest, disconnect, disconsolate, discriminate, discuss, disincline, disinfect, disingenuous, disjunction, dislocate, dismiss, disparity, dispassionate, dispel, disperse, dispirit, dispossess, disquiet, disquisition, disruption, dissect, disseminate, dissent, dissertation, dissident, dissimulation, dissipate, dissociate, dissolute, dissolve, distend, distort, distract, distribute, disunite, diurnal, divaricate, diverge, divest, divide, divulsion, doctor, dominate, dormitory, dual, dubious, duct, duodecimo, duodenum, duplicate, duration.

edict, edition, educate, educe, effeminate, effervesce, effete, efficacy, effigy, effluence, effulgent, effuse, egotist, egregious, egress, ejaculate, eject, elaborate, elapse, elate, elect, element, elevate, elicit, elide, eliminate, elision, elocution, elude, emaciate, emanate, emancipate, emasculate, emendation, emerge, emigrate, eminent, emit, emotion, emulate, enervate, entity, enumerate, enunciate, equal, equanimity, equation, equestrian, equilibrium, equine, equivocal, era. eradicate, erase, erect, erratum, erroneous, erubescent, eructate, erudite, eruption, esculent, estimate, estuary, evacuate, evanescent, evaporate, evasion, event, evict, evince, eviscerate, evoke, evolve, evulsion, exacerbate, exact, exaggerate, exasperate, excerpt, excise, exclude, excogitate, excommunicate, excoriate, excrement, excruciate, exculpate, excursion, execrate, exert, exfoliate, exhaust, exhibit, exhume, exigent, exist, exit, exonerate, exordium, expand, expatiate, expatriate, expect, expectorate, expedite, expel, expend, expiate, expletive, explicate, explicit, exponent, export, expostulate, expunge, expurgate, exquisite, extant, extempore, extend, extenuate, exterminate, external, extinguish, extirpate, extol, extort, extra, extract, extradition, extramundane, extraneous, extraordinary, extravasate, extricate, extrude, exude, exult, exuviae.

fabricate, fac-simile, fact, factitious, factotum, faeces, fallible, fan, fane, farina, farrago, fascinate, fastidious, fatuous, fauces, faun, February, feline, femoral, fennel, ferment, ferreous, ferruginous, ferule, festal, festive, fetus, fiat, fiddle, fiducial, figment, filial, finial, finite, fistula, flagellate, flagitious, flamen, flog, floral, florid, floscule, fluctuate, fluent, fluor, focus, font, foraminated, forceps, forensic, fork, formic, formula, formulate, fortitude, fortuitous, forum, frangible, fratricide, frigid, frivolous, frond, frustrate, frustum, fulcrum, fulgent, fuliginous, full, fulminate, fulvous, fulvid, fumigate, funicle, furcate, furfuraccous, fuscous, fuse, fusil, fustigate.

galeated, gallinaceous, garrulous, gaud, gelid, Gemini, generate, generic, geniculate, genius, genuine, genus, gerund, gesticulate, gesture, gibbose, gill, glabrous, gladiator, glomerate, glume, glut, glutinous, gradient, gradual, graduate, grallatory, gramineous, granary, grandiloquent, granule, gratis, gratuitous, gratulate, gregarious, gust.

habitat, hallucination, hastate, hereditary, hernia, hesitate, hiatus, hirsute, histrionical, hoopoe, horrid, horrify, horror, hortatory, horticulture, host, humane, humeral, humiliate.

ibex, identical, illapse, illegal, illegitimate, illimitable, illision, illiterate, illogical, illude, illuminate, illustrate, im- , imbricated, imbue, imitate, immaculate, immature, immerge, immigrate, imminent, immit, immoderate, immolate, impact,impeccable, impede,impel, impend, impersonate, imperturbable, impervious, impetus, impinge, implicate, impolite, imponderable, imprecate, impregnate, impress, impropriate, improvident, in-, inaccurate, inadequate, inadvertent, inane, inanimate, inapplicable, inappreciable, inappropriate, inarticulate, inartificial, inaudible, inaugurate, inauspicious, incalculable, incandescent, incantation, incarcerate, incautious, incendiary, incense, incentive, inceptive, incessant, inch, incipient, include, incoherent, incombustible, incommensurate, incomplete, incompressible, inconclusive, incongruous, inconsequent, inconsistent, inconsumable, incontrovertible, inconvertible, inconvincible, incorporate, incorrupt, incrassate, increment, incubate, incubus, inculcate, inculpable, inculpate, incumbent, incur, incurvate, indeclinable, indecorum, indefensible, indefinable, indefinite, indemonstrable, independent, indescribable, indestructible, indeterminate, index, indicate, indigenous, indigested, indiscernible, indiscriminate, indispensable, individual, indoctrinate, indolence, indomitable, indorse, induce, induct, indue, indurate, inebriate, inedited, ineffective, inelegant, inert, inexact, inexhausted, inexpert, inexpressible, infant, infatuate, infinite, infirm, infix, inflate, inflect, inflict, influx, informal, infrequent, infringe, ingenuous, ingratiate, ingress, inguinal, inhale, inherent, inhibit, inimical, initial, initiate, inject, injunction, innate, innocuous, innovate, innoxious, innuendo (inuendo), innutritions, inobservant, inoculate, inodorous, inordinate, inquire (enquire), insane, inscribe, insecure, insensate, insert, insessorial, insignia, insignificant, insinuate, insolvent, inspect, inspissate, instigate, institute, instruct, insubordinate, insufficient,insular,insuppressible, insurgent, insurrection, intact, intangible, integer, integument, intense, inter, intercalate, intercommunicate, interdict, interfuse, interim, interior, interjacent, interline, interlude, interlunar, interminable, intermit, internal, internecine, interpolate, interregnum, interrogate, interrupt, intersect, intersperse, interstellar, intestate, intimate, intramural, intransitive, intrepid, intricate, introduce, intromission, introspection, intrude, intuition, inundation, inveigh, invert, invertebrate, investigate, inveterate, invidious, invigorate, inviolate, invocate, involuntary, involute, ir-, irradiate, irrational, irreducible, irregular, irresolute, irresponsible, irrigate, irritate, italics, item, iterate, itinerant.

January, jejune, jilt, jocose, jocular, joke, jubilation, jugular, July, junction, juncture, June, junior, juniper, juridical.

keep, kettle, kiln, kitchen.

labellum, labial, labiate, laboratory, laburnum, lacerate, lachrymal (lacrimal), lacteal, lake, lambent, lamina, lanceolate, languid, l.iniferous, lapidary, lapse, larva, lascivious, latent, lateral, laud, laureate, lavatory, lax, lection, legacy, legislator, legitimate, lemur, lenient, lenity, lens, leporine, levigate, levity, libel, liberate, libertine, librate, libration, licentiate, lictor, ligneous, ligule, limb, limbo, limbus, line, lineal, linear, linen, lingual, linguist, lining, lint, liquescent, liquidate, litigation, littoral, lobster, locate, locomotion, locus, locust, longevity, loquacious, lotion, lubricate, lucid, lucubration, ludicrous, lugubrious, lumbago, lumbar, lunar, lurch, lurid, lustration, lustre, lustrum, lymph.

macerate, maculate, magisterial, magnanimous, magnificent, magniloquence, magnitude, major, malefactor, malevolent, mallow, mammalia, mamillary, mandible, mangle, maniple, manipulate, manse, manumit, manuscript, marcescent, March, margin, mass, mat, matriculate, matrix, mature, matutinal, maxillar (maxillary), maximum, mediate, medical, medicate, medieval, meditate, mediterranean, medium, medullar (medullary), meliorate, mellifluous, memento, mendacity, mendicant, menses, menstruous, mensuration, mephitis, mere, meretricious, merge, mica, migrate, mile, militate, militia, mill, millennium, minor, mint, minus, minute, miscellaneous, miser, missal, missile, mission, mitigate, mob, moderate, modicum, modulate, molar, molecule, monetary, morose, mortar (morter), mortuary, moult, mount, mucus, mulct, mule, multangular, multifarious, multiple, muriatic, muricated, muscle (mussel), must, musty, mutable, mutilate.

nascent, nasturtium, nebula, nefarious, neglect, negotiate, neuter, nigrescent, node, nomenclator, nominal, nominate, non-, nondescript, nonentity, nones, nonplus, noon, normal, nostrum, notation, notorious, November, noxious, nucleus, nude, nugatory, null, numeral, nun, nutation, nutriment, nutritions.

ob-, obdurate, obese, obfuscate, oblate, obliterate, obloquy, obnoxious, obscene, obsolescent, obsolete, obstetric, obstinate, obstreperous, obstriction, obstruct, obtrude, obverse, obviate, obvious, occiput, octangular, octant, October, octogenarian, ocular, odium, offer, olfactory, omen, omit, omnibus, omniscient, omnivorous, operate, oppidan, opponent, opprobrious, optimism, oral, ordinal, ordinate, oscillate, osculate, osprey, osseous, ossifrage, ostensible, oviform.

pabulum, pact, pagan, pall, palliate, pallid, pallor, palm, palpitate, pan, panicle, papilionaceous, papillary, par, parget, parietal, parse, participate, parturient, passerine, pastor, patrician, pauper, pawl, pea, pear, peccable, pectinal. peculate, pedal, pedestrian, pediment, pelt, pelvis, pen, pendulous, pendulum, penetrate, peninsula, penny, pent, penultimate, penumbra, per-, perambulate, percolate, percussion, perennial, perfidious, perfoliate, perforate, perfunctory, periwinkle, permeate, permit, perpetrate, perquisite, perspicuous, pervade, pervicacious, pervious, pessimist, petulant, piacular, pica, picture, pigment, pilch, pile, piles, pillow, pimple, pin, pine, pinnate, Pisces, pistil, pit, pitch, placable, placenta, plague, plank, plant, plantigrade, plaudit, plausible, play, plenipotentiary, plumbago, pluperfect, plurisy, pole, pollen, pollute, ponder, poppy, populate, porcine, port, portend, posse, possess, post, post-, post-date, posterior, posthumous (postumous), post-meridian (pomeridian), post-mortem, post-obit, postpone, postscript, postulate, potation, potent, poultice, pound, Prśtor (Pretor), pre-, precarious, precentor, precession, precinct, preclude, precocious, precursor, predatory, predecessor, predicate, predict, predilection, predominate, pre-emption, pre-exist, prehensible, premature, premeditate, premium, preponderate, prepossess, preposterous, prescribe, preter-, pretermit, preternatural, prevaricate, prevent, previous, primeval, prior, private, pro-, probe, proclivity, proconsul, procrastinate, procreate, proctor, procumbent, produce, proficient, profligate, profuse, prohibit, prolate, prolocutor, promiscuous, promontory, promote, promulgate, propagate, propel, propensity, propinquity, propitious, propound, propulsion, proscribe, prosecute, prospect, prosperous, prostitute, prostrate, protect, protract, protrude, protuberant, provide, proviso, prurient, publican, pugilism, pugnacious, pulmonary, pulsate, pulse, pumice, punctate (punctated), punctuate, puncture, pungent, punt, pupa, puritan, pus, pusillanimous.

quadragcsima, quadrant, quadrate, quadrennial, quadrilateral, quadrillion, quadruped, quarto, quaternion, querimonious, querulous, query, quiddity, quiescent, quiet, quillet, quinary, quincunx, quinquagesima, quinquangular, quinquennial, quintillion, quorum, quotient.

rabid, radius, radial, radiant, radix, rancid, ranunculus, rapacious, rape, rapid, raptorial, rapture, rasorial, ratio, re-, red-, real, rebus, recant, recede, recess, recession, recipe, reciprocal, recline, recondite, recriminate, rectilineal (rectilinear), recumbent, recuperative, recur, redintegration, reduce, redundant, reduplicate, refel, reflect, refluent, refract, refrigerate, refulgent, refund, regalia, regenerate, regimen, regnant, regress, regular, relapse, relax, relegate, relict, reluctant, remit, remonstrate, remunerate, renovate, repel, repine, reprehend, reprobate, reproduce, repudiate, repulse, requiem, resilient, resolve, resonant, resplendent, resuscitate, retaliate, reticent, retina, retro-, retrocession, retrograde, retrospect, reverberate, revolve, ridiculous, rigid, rite, rivulet, rodent, rostrum, rotary, rugose, ruminate, rush.

sacrament, sagacious, Sagittarius, salient, saliva, saltation, salubrious, salute, sanatory, sanctity, sane, sapid,
saponaceous, sate, satiate, saturate, savin (savine, sabine), scale, scalpel, scapular, sciolist, scribe, scrofula, scrutiny, scurrile, scuttle, se-, secant, secede, seclude, secure, sedate, seduce, sedulous, segment, segregate, select, semi-, seminary, senary, senile, senior, sensual, separate, September, septenary, septennial, septuagenary, serene, series, serrated, serum, sexagenary, Sexagesima, sexennial, sextant, sextuple, shambles, shingle, shirk, shoal, shrine, sibilant, sicker (siker), sickle, sidereal, silex, silvan (sylvan), simile, simious, simulate, simultaneous, sinciput, sine, sinecure, single, sinister, sinus, sirreverence, situate, sock, solar, sole, sol-fa, solicitous, soliloquy, soliped, solve, somniferous, sonorous, soporiferous, soporific, sparse, species, specimen, spectator, specular, spend, spike, splendor, sponsor, spontaneous, spoom, spume, spurious, squalid, stagnate, stamen, stannary, status, stellar, sternutation, stertorous, still, stimulate, stipend, stolid, stop, strap, stratum, street, strenuous, strict, stringent, strop, student, stultify, stupendous, sub-, subacid, subaqueous, subdivide, subjacent, subjugate, subjunctive, sublunar, submit, subordinate, subpoena, subscribe, subsequent, subserve, subside, substratum, subtend, subter-, subterranean, subterraneous, subtract, succinct, succumb, sudatory, suffix, suffocate, suffuse, suggest, sulcated, sumptuary, super-, superadd, superannuate, supercilious, supereminent, supererogation, superficies, superfluous, superstructure, supervene, supervise, supine, supplicate, suppress, suppurate, supra-, supramundane, sur-, surd, surge, surreptitious, surrogate, sus-.

tabid, tacit, tact, tamarisk, tandem, tangent, Taurus, tedious, teetotum (totum), tegument, telluric, temple, tenacious, tenet, tentacle, tentative, tepid, ternary, terrene, terrestrial, terrific, terse, tertiary, tesselate, testaceous, testimony, textile, tibia, tile, timorous, tincture, tinge, tint, tiro (tyro), toga, tolerate, ton (tun), torpedo, torpid, tract, tractable, tradition, traduce, trans-, transcend, transcribe, transept, transfer, transfix, transfuse, transient, translucent, transmarine, transmit, transmute, transom, transpicuous, transpire, transverse, tri-, tricentenary, triennial, trifoliate, triform, trilateral, trilingual, triliteral, trine, trinomial, tripartite, triplicate, trireme, trisect, trite, triturate, triumvir, Triune, truncate, tuber, tumid, tumulus, tunic, turbid, turgid, turtle, tutelar.

ulterior, ultimate, ultra-, ultramundane, umbel, unanimous, uncial, undulate, unguent, uniliteral, unite, univocal, urbane, urge, ut, uvula, uxorious.

vaccinate, vacuum, vagary, vagrant, valediction, vapid, varicose, variegate, various, vascular, vehicle, velocipede, venereal, venous, ventilate, ventral, ventriloquist, Venus, veracious, verbena, verge, vermicular, vernacular, vernal, verse, vertebra, vertex, vertigo, vesicle, vesper, vest, vestibule, veteran, veterinary, veto, viaduct, vibrate, vicissitude, victor, videlicet, villa, vincible, vinculum, vindicate, violate, virago, viridity, viscera, vitreous, vivid, viviparous, vivisection, vomit, vortex, vote, vulnerable, vulture.

wall, wick, wine.