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Author Topic: Jesus Never Existed

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Re: Jesus Never Existed
« Reply #15 on: 27 July 2013 at 04:21 »
Allright , the fact Jesus isn't featured in Roman castings or crucifiction makes the fact he never existed feasible. Here is a book I read not too long ago, The Jesus family tomb by Simcha Jacobovici, have a look at the Wikipedia, even get hold of them book and look at the archeological ways they examine tombs of Jesus' period.

Talpiot tomb
How wonderfully reassuring that the human imagination, which gave us the Holy Sepulchre and Golgotha, is alive and well and has taken up residence in Hollywood. Jesus, we now learn, had a son named Judah and was buried alongside Mary Magdalene, his wife, in a "family tomb" a mile or so south of the Old City. Such are the claims of film makers Simcha ("Ali G. meets Indiana Jones") Jacobovici and James ("Titanic") Cameron, with encouragement from New Testament scholar James Tabor whose own book The Jesus Dynasty promotes the "family of Jesus" notion.
The tomb from the 2nd temple period (6th century BC - 1st century AD) at East Talpiot is real enough. It was discovered in 1980, two miles south of the Holy Sepulchre site, together with ten ossuaries (stone bone boxes) in situ. The ossuaries were removed, catalogued, and basically forgotten. There are, after all, thousands of similar ossuaries and hundreds of known tombs. At some point, one of the ten bone boxes from Talpiot – an uninscribed one, left in a storage yard – was stolen. The tomb itself is now buried under an apartment block and is not open to the public.
'Fessing up
;This places us smack dab in The Da Vinci Code territory but is it possible that Dan Brown had at least some of it right? It requires a flight or two of fancy, but if we connect a few dots we can draw a line through history from the tomb straight to today."
– from the website "Jesus Family Tomb"
 Enter Jacobovici, a journalist/film maker who mines biblical history for sensational stories. Having already traced the tribe of Dan to Crete (at least to his own satisfaction) and credited the alphabet to Hebrew slaves in Egypt, the "naked archaeologist" is one of the few defenders of the authenticity of the infamous "James brother of Jesus" bone box. He has now managed to finesse said box into a "missing link" for his latest extravaganza – the family tomb of Jesus.
With breathtaking flair and audacity team Jacobovici/Cameron/Tabor take 2 + 2 and manage to produce an answer of 17. The cluster of names on the half dozen inscribed boxes from Talpiot are statistically indicative of the famous New Testament family. Sure. DNA analysis of bone fragments within the boxes show that the “Jesus – or is that Hanun? – son of Joseph” skeleton was not              related to the “Mariamne the Master” – or is that Mary and Martha? – skeleton and therefore the two must have been married. Sure.              Which means the “Judah son of Jesus” skeleton was the son of the Son of God by Mary Magdalen. Hooray, don't we all want MM to be rehabilitated? The "James ossuary" (now with a "genuine" inscription) completes the set. It has to be the very box taken from the storage yard, and its contents were once the famous brother of the even more famous messiah.
Which surely opens the way for the next blockbuster, Jurassic Jesus, in which the messiah's DNA is extracted from a bone fragment and is raised from the dead. DVD, anyone?
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