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Author Topic: Israel calls on UN to Condemn Iranian 'Holocaust Denial' Competition

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Israel is calling on the UN to condemn an international 'Holocaust denial' cartoon competition being held by two Iranian organisations.
Iran’s House of Cartoon and the Sarcheshmeh Cultural Complex are organising the contest,and are offering a cash prize of $12,000 (£7,960) to the winner, $8,000 (£5,300) for the cartoonist that makes second place and £5,000 (£3,320) for third place, the Tehran Times reported. Entries are being accepted until the 1 April.

Established in 1996, the House of Cartoon aims to find talented cartoonists both in Iran and around the World, according to its website.

The secretary of the second International Holocaust Cartoons Contest, Masud Shojaei-Tabatabaii, told reporters in a press conference last month that this year’s competition is in response to the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed in French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo magazine.

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Any Creators, supporters, family or friends want to enter this one anonymously, send their entries through me via the usual contact details.

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What an awesome idea! would be great to see the entries!

Caption:- " Now! you wanted a swimming pool! I made you one !... now get in you ungreatful swine!"

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Stalin Killed next door in da Bolshevik revolution and take zum picturez and say Germany did zis!
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 Very soon the world is going to get fed up  with these petulant whinging clowns and deck them.


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