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I have contradictory views even within the Creativity religion. I have an inclination to deal  honorably and humanely with the Jewish problem. As suggested by Ben Klassen the aim is a Jew free White living space by any means necessary. The easiest practical means is to actually pay them to leave. Let them take their assets and families as comfortably as possible. A positive incentive is better than a threat. It means opposing Islam in principle.
But then you see something like this
and you feel an empathy with the muslims, but then because they are an alien race taking over our lands we feel anti-muslim. But then we read something like this
and it just becomes infuriating. The gut reaction is that "I hope the Jews get theirs"

Fortunately as we are in a position of no power and influence we can sit on the fence and hope these entities destroy each other.
Having said that there is the question of the documentary being propaganda. So far as the evidence (as postulated by Davis Irving) suggests Hitler never intended killing any Jews. Merely resettling them in the east.

There's no problem with doing that. Deal honourably and humanely with anyone who responds in a likewise manner. To those that don't respond in an honourable and humane manner, deal with them as ruthlessly as required while retaining your own honour and moral values. Whether it's humane or not depends on the circumstances.

As for Jewdaism vs Islam, many think along the lines of "the enemy of my enemy is my brother." I believe this is wrong, as neither jews nor Muslims follow this line of thinking. History shows us that when they do follow the ideal of "the enemy of my enemy is my brother," it's usually because they have something to gain over their ally as well as the chance completely obliterate their enemy in methods that peace loving White moralists of today turn a blind eye to, but frown upon if we, White people, so much as suggest the use of those same methods.

Jewdaism and Islam can not be reasoned with. I see them as two sides of a coin. Treat that coin as if it is outlawed foreign currency. Exchange it for legal tender and allow the machinery of the banks to ship it back to its country of origin at a profit to you and I.


There is nothing about Muslims or Jews that is good for the White race. Whatever the inferior muds do to each other is not of our concern, feel no empathy for our Natural enemies - they definitely feel none for us!

As for "an enemy of my enemy is my friend," we will read from Chapter 1 of RAHOWA! This Planet Is All Ours:

--- Quote from: RAHOWA! ---The Jews and the mud races have ganged up in a fierce and deadly racial war designed to exterminate the White Race. Only the victim seems
unaware that it is targeted.
The second dumbest creature on the face of the earth is one who cannot, or WILL not, recognize its enemies. There are very few species on
this planet that fall into this category.
For the dumbest of all, the ultimate booby prize goes to that creature which not only refuses to recognize its natural enemies, but will actively
collaborate with those enemies in helping to bring about the destruction of its own kind.
The White Race, in its present headlong rush to extinction, has the dubious honor of qualifying for both first and second booby prizes. In fact, it
is the only species I know of that gladly and wantonly participates with its enemies in its own destruction.
--- End quote ---

Delenda est Judaica!


Ben Klassen said that Islam is also a religion invented by Jews. If that is so why are they worst enemies today?

Islam is a militant mud religion. It is only Western media that uses the term "Western." The muds that follow Islam talk about exterminating White people. Their religion is irrelevent. It is their anti-White militancy that makes them our worst enemies today.


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