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Title: Is America lost
Post by: Private on 17 December 2011 at 15:13
The question i am asking is America lost ? The mud is flowing faster and faster from the south, the ZOG government has a black as its figure head. The ZOG banks are taking the houses from the people, and the jobs that have been traditionally white are going to china.
I dont know as i am not American nor have i even visited. All i am going off is the posts on the site and the tv.
But the situation looks grim. The uk is in the same boat quickly heading for the point of no return.
If this is the case what can we, or should we do ?
Is it time to come together in one area and start building our new home land ? should we fight ? should we simply put our heads in the sand and say there is nothing we can do ?
All the traditionally white home lands are being invaded ,and at the moment we are losing the war. 
With the world meltdown thats going on the people are starting to stand up and say this is not right, look after us and ours first. We need to be there for our people and take advantage of the situation as it is. In times of trouble the white race has always come through. We need to make sure this happens again. Do i know how to do this,
no i dont.
But as a church we need to start asking ourselves these hard questions, and come up with the answer's. 
Title: Re: Is America lost
Post by: Private on 17 December 2011 at 16:55
I was just chatting to a Brother about this last night, and personally I believe that America is indeed lost.. or the version that is the USA is lost.
Our kin are too thin on the ground, and too far gone in the mind control via the media. Those that hover on the edge tend to play 'safe' and put their heads in the sand. It is only a small, small few that are actively aware.. not enough.

I used to believe that the States was the most important in terms of saving.. now I see it as a stop gap to allow us to try and retake our own lands/countries, and in preparation for the migration of those Brothers and Sisters who see the writing on the wall, and want to join a racially pure homeland.
I actually joked with a Brother that I see Ireland as being a beacon of light for all racially aware whites.. now I'm not so sure it is a joke.

I think we can save Europe.. a spark just needs to ignite the built up tension, and we can take our spiritual home back. I think the Aussies will and can do the same.. or at least will close their borders when all the dirt from Europe tries to immigrate after being kicked out of here.

As much as I would love South Africa to be saved, I don't think it can, and our best hope is for a small enclave on that continent to call our own, and be lived in by our Racial kindred.

I appreciate this is quite depressing.. and it can be looked at like that, however, another way to look at it is that we can make new goals in order to prepare for the main goal. For one thing is clear.. either we will dominate our planet, or we will die out.
Title: Re: Is America lost
Post by: Private on 17 December 2011 at 23:19
I agree. The smaller the total population of the formerly all White nation, the more chance it has of being saved. Ireland yes, Scotland and Wales too - but not England or at least parts of England such as London and the former industrial heart of England where they shipped the cheap labour in the fifties and sixties and have since become no-go-zones for Whites. England will most likely collapse into anarchy, mud rule and civil war. Parts of France, Germany and indeed every European nation are in the same boat. Australia - especially the largest cities of Sydney and Melbourne - is now at a turning point similar to England in the seventies. It either wakes up and closes its borders to the trash, or it goes the way of England, and at a dramatically  faster rate. And as for the United States of America: mud children already outnumber White children at schools. That means that within the next fifteen years, the United States will have irretrievably tipped into that third world cesspool that big - Jewish - business formerly dipped into for cheap labour. And thanks to the fallacy of democracy, you will never again see a White man in the White House, or any elected position that currently holds an elected mud. Muds only vote for muds - never Whites unless it is in public protest. There is no way out of it, which leaves White racialists with but one option and that is to go completely against our beliefs - as Creators - and band together, turning what currently are small out of the way, White towns into thriving centres of cultural rejuvenation, leading to industrial and economic viability - while the rest collapses into inevitable multiracial anarchy.

Since I live in Adelaide, South Australia, I will use that as an example: Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia, yet, you only need to drive fifteen minutes in any direction and you are out of Adelaide and away from the detrimental influences of muds. You are essentially out in the country. While there are several other cities that are separate from Adelaide and just as overrun by muds, they are essentially industrial areas that rely on the predominately White working class population for their employees, with only a token few muds here and there. The dole queues are predominately black, filled with glittering gold and the obscenity of jabbering, stinking muds on bluetooth headsets seemingly screaming randomly at each other and you. But as I said, drive fifteen minutes into the country and you are back in White territory. Towns that are there for the taking for an industrious, White community, with the will to turn their backs on the politically correct status quo, and create a future for themselves now - before it is too late - and set an example for other White communities currently on the edge of total destruction. When anarchy comes to the cities, those communities will be self sufficient to a point that they are ready, willing and able to withstand the fall of civilisation, as well as be responsible for the rebirth of a White Racial Nation. For other regions in Australia where the Abo holds sway, all that need be done is for the Abo to become subject to the same laws and conditions as the White man, and he will flee the White towns and return to his own land, where he is free to continue his bestial existence, free of White man's law. The end result is that the White man is in total control once again, and all that is left to do is repatriate the foreign muds back to their own homelands.

As far as America goes, because of the high density population, they can have pockets of resistance only. And as good as that might seem when compared with Australia above, the migratory instincts of the muds to the South must be taken into consideration. Once that border is completely removed, there is no hope for any White man, woman or child in the United States, and by extension, Canada. Perhaps Australia, Ireland and most of Britain are in a better position for a future take-back of our lands because they are island nations? However, one thing is for sure: While Europe is still in a position to act now for a Whiter and Brighter future, the moment Turkey enters the EU, is the moment that Europe is lost. Read Founder Klassen's texts and transpose Texas with Greece and Mexico with Turkey and you will see what I mean.

On the good side, at least the rest of us have a future, provided we do not allow America - the economic and military tool of the Jew - to drag us down with it into Turd World status with it, maybe, just maybe, we can one day fuel North America's White Racial Resistance in its guerilla war against the Jew and its black, brown and red all over, slave population of the once great, United States of America and Canada.