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Invasive species


In Victorian England six North American grey squirrels were released around 1860. They multiplied and multiplied until today they number millions. The native Red British squirrel by comparison has shrunk in its territory and range. It now only numbers tens of thousands compared to the invader. The invading Grey squirrel is bigger, spreads a sexual disease, is more aggressive, more adaptable and has driven the Red to the edge of extinction.
Similarly the Himalaya balsam plant was brought over as a kind of exotic "orchid" by Victorian scientists. It escaped from its greenhouse and gradually spread along river banks and streams of England. In Europe it has no predatory insects or caterpillars. As an invading species it smothers native plants and drives them to extinction.
The rhododendron plant, a native of India, prized for its exotic blooms has also "jumped the fence" of the English garden. Its leaves secrete cyanide and poison and smother the native British plants. Instead of bluebell woods and forests flush with celandines and wood anenomes there now exist dark, ugly and sterile thickets of the foreign rhododendron.
Scientists de Witt, Lotka and Volterra show that invading species always has the upper hand and ultimately drive the native species to extinction.
Since plants and lower animals have no mind their fate is sealed. But what of conscious DNA. What if the red squirrel decide to fight back? or the bluebell?
The problem of the invasive species has but one solution. Extermination.
In New Zealand the introduced red deer were wreaking havoc with the unique ecology. The solution was a complete cull of the red deer via helicopter born snipers.
So successful were the New Zealand conservationists they were hired to cull the goats on Galapagos Island. Again they were successful in preserving rare species of giant tortoise.
What this all shows is that "were there is a will, there is a way" in curbing the invasive species.

It is the number one Law of Nature to ensure the Survival of one's own species/race. This is to be done by any means necessary, if this means the elimination of an invasive and threatening species, so be it.

As written in Chapter 1 of Nature's Eternal Religion:

--- Quote from: NER ---I will have more to say about the White Race later, but it is my objective here and now to delve further into the phenomena of Nature and her myriad of wonderful laws as pertains to the survival and propagation of life itself. There are some people who contend that we have now conquered Nature. They contend that man with all his scientific inventions is now above the laws of Nature. This, of course, is plain foolishness and completely untrue. At best, we have partially lifted the veil on some of Nature's secrets and discovered what some of her laws are. Understanding a fraction of what these laws and then putting them to our own use for our survival is all that we can really claim. The overwhelming fact is that we are subject to the laws of Nature in her totality just as is any other living creature. We ourselves are a creature of Nature, as are all others, and furthermore we either obey the laws of Nature and work in harmony with those laws, or Nature will phase us out just as surely as she has so many other species, just as the dodo bird and the dinosaur have been relegated to the scrap heap of antiquity.
--- End quote ---

We have not conquered Nature, we are in the midst of a bloody racial war and it is a case of victory or extinction! Which do you choose White man?!


I see now that the squirrely story out of Great Britain was already posted here. Sorry for the duplicate thread.

Mestizos are an invasive, non-indigenous exotic subspecies in our traditional habitat on their way to succeeding traditional habitats .

The Sierra Club is the foremost organization in supposedly preserving habitats and protecting the environment.

Creators, being astute observers of Nature's Laws, should know that a shadowy Jew, David Gelbaum, married to a Mexican, bought off the Sierra Club for a paltry $100 million in 1994. His one condition for this payoff was that the invasion of our land by mestizos and other non-Whites not be addressed by the Sierra Club as impacting adversely on the environment. Lovely, huh?

Read about it here:

Jewed again!


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