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Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton

This message is being brought to you on Monday, 16th of February, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

This week ahead of us, we are going to be celebrating two of the most important Holy Days of the year - Klassen Day and Founding Day.  Each of these days represent an integral part of our Glorious Faith and are essential to understand, if one is to become more in tune with our religion.

Klassen Day.  The day that our Beloved Founder was born, the 20th February.  Unlike other "religions", ours has a factual and realistic date of birth for our Founder because he existed as a real person does - there are no astronomical observations to be made about his date of birth !!  PME Ben Klassen was born in a small Russian town, from German parents.  He survived the Russian civil war that resulted at the end of the First World War and his family eventually moved to Mexico first before settling in Canada, where he grew up on a large ranch.  In his autobiography, he tells of his joy in working hard, as all who work the land do, and the great inspiration that the forces of Nature surrounding him, gave to him.  For an inquisitive man - who would later go on to earn an engineering degree - he saw the effects that being one with the laws of Nature would have on everyone who followed those Eternal Laws.  As well as being an engineer, PME Klassen was also a miner, a teacher and finally ended up selling real estate, thus, giving him a full round education in the many facets of our human society - seeing everyone from blue-collar workers through to family-orientated men and women, looking for a way to settle down.  He invented the first electronic can opener too, from the revenues of which later allowed him the luxury of learning more about the world around him.  In short, he was an educated man who was used to hard work and never shirked his responsibilities in any way or shape.  As an example that the rest of us can follow, there can be no other one better. 

Founding Day.  The day that Rev. Matt Hale designated as the beginning of our Glorious Faith, 21st February.  To begin with, Rev. Matt Hale did not suggest this particular date as a Holy Day, as suggested, because we needed to have two days in a row like the Christ-insanes do with their Christmas and Boxing Days.  No, on the 21st February, 1973, PME Ben Klassen published our Glorious Faith's first Holy Book, Nature's Eternal Religion.  That book set forth the way we should learn about Creativity and the World Church of the Creator.  In it, it starts with the way PME Klassen discovered and learn about these Laws, seeing them in action from his childhood and onwards.  Other chapters in the first book explain how the problems facing the White Race began, how they are continuing and how we can recognize them, so that we can teach others about the same problems that are facing us all.  However, no matter how much we would like to sit back and "enjoy" the gloom and doom that we know is around us, wishing that it will just go away like a bad dream, we know that we cannot just let it slide away into the mud tide that is rising onto us.  Indeed, in the second half of the book, he tells us that there is hope, that there is a chance for us to reclaim our birthright, just like we once had so many years ago.  It is not just empty promises of vague "castles-in-the-sky" stuff either.  No, PME Klassen shows us, in this Holy Book, the many chances we have of moving onwards and upwards, with simple common sense practices.  Yes, we know that this is a problem that will not go away as if in response to a genie's three wishes.  And yes, there will be pain and anguish before it is all  over !!  However, we have a action plan that can work, we have the knowledge of not only that there is a problem but also of the solution to it.  PME Klassen in this first Holy Book gave us all the information that we need to become better than what we are today.  To help stem the mud tide and to push it back into the filthy sewers that it came from.  That is why we can hold our heads up high - because we have the truth before us, here and now.

These Holy Days are more than just an excuse for us Creators to take a day off work and lounge around in front of the television, watching sports or the Playboy channel.  They serve as a reminder of what we are and what we can achieve once we start down the road of being a Creator.  Like PME Klassen, we need to first recognize the problems that are in front of us and then look for an answer to solving them - by ourselves.  There is no mythical "pie-in-the-sky" being that is going to help us by a wave of their hand.  There is no universal rule of chance or karma that is going to help us just as much as it is going to hinder us.  No, as PME Klassen showed in his life, the only way that we can achieve anything is by doing it ourselves, collectively as a whole and as an individual, we can move, literally, mountains.  PME Klassen, when working as a hard rock miner, did not extract the ore from the ground all by himself.  He had help from the other miners, he had machines thought of, designed, manufactured, delivered and piloted by others to help in the same enterprise.  He did his job just as well as the other workers on the site did.  Individual actions within a collective society can gain massive bonuses for all involved.  And as one becomes better at what one does, so does the opportunities arise for one to move upwards in their chosen profession, thus leading to even more advances for both the individual and the whole society that benefits when you do your job well.  When PME Klassen was in real estate, he made people have opportunities for owning their own homes, of having places for them to lead solid lives, rearing families and enjoying their life because he was good at what he was doing - just like the surveyors who plotted the new estate, the concreters who made the sidewalks and the builders who created the homes.  Knowing that we can do this is something that can be found by just reading our Holy Books, especially Nature's Eternal Religion.  In that book, PME Klassen shows you the prize that can be achieved and both the problems that are besieging us now and the solutions to those same problems.  Never in this book did he say that it was going to be easy - it will be a struggle - but that is how life has always been, right from the get go.  That is the reason why would should be celebrating these two days in particular - to look at the situation that is afflicting the White Race today and see the solutions to those same problems.  PME Klassen was not someone we should put on a pedestal and worship - he flatly denied all that "hero-worship" as belonging to a degrading cult movement.  No, we look to PME Klassen as an example of what we can do with our own lives - he went from the same situations as we all do, each and every day.  He smoked (but gave up) and certainly drank alcohol and lounged about every now and then.  But he also worked hard both as a child on the ranch, as well as in college and his working life.  He set himself up and learn about Creativity before devoting his life to spreading the word.  He helped the rest of us have the opportunity to know about Creativity and make our White Race succeed like it once was doing before the slide downwards.  He wrote our Holy Books, to give us a guide towards this worthy goal.  Like an adrenalin rush through a resting body, he jabbed at us, to alert us to the problems that are surrounding us each and every day.  So, on these days, I want us all to live our lives as put forth by our Holy Books and then each day afterwards we continue to make this a Whiter Brighter World for all of our fellow White Folk to participate in.

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!


Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton

This message is being brought to you on Monday, 23rd of February, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

One of the main features that PME Klassen discussed in our Holy Books is the effect that the Jews, our racial enemies, as per his definition, were the ones who were trying to destroy the White Race.  That they have been doing so for such a long time is an idea that our fellow White Folk do not quite understand.  Nor do they understand the lengths that these enemies of ours will go to, just to destroy the White Folk forever.  Considering all the achievements that the White Race has given the entire world over the many centuries, it is a wonder that they would want to kill off the only creative force this planet has seen in millenia.

The Jews have no real history behind them except what they have written themselves, many years after the fact of the events that they supposedly represent accurately.  Indeed, it is only through the records of other cultures that we know anything about these parasites.  The Babylonians knew about them, after they had conquered them in the sixth century B.C., bringing them back to their homeland to act as slaves.  They eventually corrupted that culture, working like an apple with a worm squirming within, breaking down the society and all the boundaries that had been set up.  Indeed, there is strong evidence to suggest that this is not the first time that the Jews - or their ancestors - have destroyed another country/culture from within either.  It is believed that the 15th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt, which is known as the Hyksos Dynasty, were the descendants of the invaders of Egypt, during the years beforehand.  Coming as itinerant workers, then mercenaries, they worked within the land and society, slowly but surely, gaining wealth and power before overthrowing the native rulers and then installing themselves as the Pharaohs.  It then involved a many decade struggle from the native population to oust these foreign invaders before reclaiming their own lands.  So, despite all the intellectual prowess that the Jews have given themselves, their constant lament that they are the oldest continual culture of the world, over three thousand years or more, we can see that they are not really telling the truth.  Besides the attack on Egypt and then their insidious demise of ancient Babylonia, there is nothing until the Romans came to the Palestine area that even recounts the mere existence of the Jews as a "distinct" culturally identity - except their own writings, of course, which are never considered to be biased, right ??  So, if you are looking for a long term culturally identity that has more proof than their own scribblings, then you can look at the ancient Chinese or, closer to home, the ancient Romans, with archaeological proof that their particular culture is at least 2500 years old and still going strong.  The Jews have just copied what they wanted to know about themselves and then spread that story ad nauseum since the beginning of Christ-insanity, using those dupes as their pawns as well.  As PME Klassen wrote that when he saw the ancient Jewish section at a museum, he saw a few broken pottery shards and a stone arrowhead, compared to other cultures of the same vintage with their metal tools and weapons, huge masonry artworks and literature.

Now that we have established that the Jews have no real culture except what they have made up for themselves, let us see just how that has effected the White Race since the races clashed together, just over two thousand years ago.  The Jews are known to hate those who captured themselves with a fanaticism that seems to be out of character to what today's popular caricature shows us.  When you read their writings, they disrespect everything about the Babylonians, thus, the phrase "Whore of Babylon" comes from.  After the Romans conquered their "land", they immediately went on can only be described as a propaganda campaign within their own communities, spreading the lies about alleged atrocities that were committed against them specifically.  Stories of how the Romans destroyed everything around them, burning crops, killing animals and tearing down buildings.  These could have occurred in response to terrorist activities by the more militant Jews of the time and area; however, the stories start to get more exaggerated than before when you read that the Romans captured Jews, wrapped them in their own sacred writings and set fire to them.  Numbers of the alleged victims are in the millions - repeat, the number of victims are in the millions.  Now, these stories were going around for decades before the collapse of the Jewish society after the Maccabean revolts in the second century A.D., contributing to the destruction of their society and the expulsion of all the Jews from the land forever, by imperial decree.  If we look at what the Romans did, we see something entirely different.  Never did the Romans, in all their conquests, ever tried to destroy an entire culture, just because of their beliefs.  They tried to work them into their own pantheon, any of the native gods; they set up efficient and effective government; they quelled riots and promoted self-sufficiency; they built roads, aqueducts and other buildings for the use of all; and they introduced new technologies and inventions to the local populace.  Now, they would have no need to burn their new province's peoples, especially in their holy scrolls, because they knew that this would create rebellions and huge uproar.  Besides, the stories were consistent in saying that there were millions killed in this manner.  Even the most optimistic population census of today would be hard pressed to say that there were even millions of people on the entire planet, let alone in one small part of the Middle East.  It is so obvious a fabrication but the Jews wanted all to believe in the monstrosity for their own decadent purposes - they hated not being in control and wanted to not only shake off the yoke, but kill those who placed it on their shoulders.  Christ-insanity was just the start, but they continued as well in other areas, knowing that they could not use physically violence in a pitched battle, they went behind the scenes where they are still at work today.

Are the Jews just as bad today as they were back then ??  Yes, they are - for they have learn from their mistakes and are destroying the White Race - the descendants of the Romans - for all the wrongs that were allegedly given to them.  That the Jews use the same inventions and technologies that the White Folk created, for their own purposes, to destroy us is something that should be addressed by all fellow White Folk.  The Jews, knowing that they could not defeat the Romans in pitched battle, created Christianity and sent it to spread amongst the White Folk which not only sapped the will of the people, in general, but also subtly showed that the Jews were, morally, their own ancestors because they allowed for this new religion to come from their own, thus, fathering the new morality.  Soon, over the centuries, the idea that the Jews were these bad people who tried everything they could, from poisoning wells, assassinations and the occasional armed rebellion was soon turned into a necessary event for the new religion to come about, to evolve from them.  And, since they were the seed from which Christ-insanity was grafted from, they gained a special spot in the new world view.  Yes, they were important (because they created the situation for Christ to come about) but they were not allowed to become more than what they once were; instead, they were kept from relatively high positions of power and tolerated.  Just as they wanted it to be.  It is because of that new social hierarchy that the Jews could move about the White Folk culture without being destroyed as the armed rebels that they were.  Instead, they became people you could tolerate because of their own self-promoted and Christian-inspired notoriety of their importance.  They filtered into those jobs which no one liked and so, gave to them.  The Romans, the Germans and other White Folk groups were all about nature and the land; so, when it became necessary to become to have bankers, clerks and jewelers, they gave these "untouchable" jobs to those who they tolerated.  When the Christians killed off the native pagan religions, they also removed the wise women who treated the tribes for their diseases and wounds.  However, with the idea of "wisdom from the East" mentality of Christ-insanity, the Jews suddenly became the doctors of choice, men of learning and all that.  Now, we fast forward to today's era and what do we see ??  We see that the Jews are still in control of the banks - Rothschilds, anyone ?? - and look at the chaos that has occurred !!  If we look at what happened in WWII, we see yet another claim by the Jews of "millions dead by fire" and yet the proof is just as lacking as it was nearly two thousand years ago - no bones, no bodies, nothing but innuendo and supposition.  If we look at the medical community, we see that the Jews are in ever niche, including pediatrics where male children are subjected to the Jewish practice of circumcision, a totally unnecessary procedure; in psychology, the field was dominated by the Jews, such as Freud and indirectly but assuredly leading the White Folk to believing that they had problems when there was none.  Throughout universities across the land, the Jews have pushed their own agenda by publishing their own version of history and science, especially breaking down the truth of the differences between the races, which had been proven beforehand with diligence and true scientific understanding.  This is the situation today, fellow White Folk, a world where the Jews are in control but are not publicly involved.  They hide in the shadows using corruptible White Folk who want power or money at any cost, to promote their own world view.  In the end, they are trying to destroy the White Folk and all because of revenge, revenge at being the subjected province of ancient Rome.  It does not matter that Rome, as an entity, has been destroyed for over fifteen hundred years; no, all the descendants of that regime are the inheritors of their hatred and that means each and every single one of the White Folk out there have a large bullseye painted on them, with the Jew lining up its target.  It is a real and viable threat to our own self-survival.  The Jews will do what they can to destroy their enemies - which is anyone who is not Jewish.  This is what PME Klassen saw in the world around him; this is what he read up on when he was studying Nature's Eternal Laws; this is what is happening each and every day.  That is why he wrote our Holy Books and promoted Creativity - not to become a multi-million guru, not to become a god to be worshiped in his own lifetime, not to promote any sick dreams that he may have had.  No, he did everything to promote White Racial Awareness at the destruction of everything that we have created and made.  He wants to stop the genocide of the White Race and that is why he wrote down everything mentioned here in our Holy Books, to show people the proof of what is happening.  Each and every statement was based on research and can be easily referenced from other sources.  There is no lies, there is nothing but the truth and that is why the Jews are our enemies for nothing else but that they are the destroyers of truth, they are genocidal maniacs who want nothing more than a world where they are the leaders and all of us are a mongrelized race of sub-human slaves.  Let us stop their megalomania and stand up for the White Race and together we can create a Whiter Brighter World. RaHoWa !!!!

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!


Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton

This message is being brought to you on Monday, 9th of March, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

Diversity is something that we are constantly hearing about, being bandied about in the world's media, stressing its importance for the planet as a whole.  Perhaps it is time that we discuss this question of the importance of diversity and see how it relates to the White Race's struggle to maintain its identity and survival.

In a recent article I was perusing, the scientists in question were discussing the new species of life that they had discovered in the Tasman Fracture, a large body of water off the coast of Australia.  Having spent over a month investigating this extremely deep part of the world's ocean, they found three new significant species of life.  One was a sea squirt that acted like a Venus fly trap manner, a funnel opened to the surrounding water currents, a shrimp alights into the funnel and - bam! - the funnel collapses in on itself, dragging the hapless victim within.  To see an example of the same type of food attraction methods from a plant on the surface, to an animal under the sea, it stresses the huge diversity of the life on this planet and what we could loose if we do not do something to prevent these creatures possible destruction.  Indeed, the article continued on with the discussion of the coral fragments that they managed to obtain as well.  these coral pieces reflect the water temperature within their oxygen isotopes and, adding to that the uranium-thorium decay reaction, we can also gain a time line of the events that are recorded within the coral.  It states that whilst we are living within a relatively stable global temperature that this is not the norm and that we should be expecting more turbulence in our weather patterns.  This then, naturally, lead to the point being made that we should do more to prevent global warming by not allowing the Tasman Fracture (and a similar body of water off the coast of Greenland) from releasing all their accumulated carbon that they have been storing.  Concerns over the variation of life-forms on this planet and the threat of their extinction has led scientists to keep pushing for the removal of these threats from the world today.  A laudable and appreciative task for all concerned.

Reading another article a few days later, I noticed another "diversity" commentary - but this time it was on something just a little bit less tangible than plants and animals.  It was about the diversity of languages and how of the 8,000+ languages that were know originally, more than one thousand have gone extinct and that there are over several hundred on the verge of elimination.  It mentioned that the original language of the Isle of Man, Manx, is gone forever, back in 1974; a Kurdish-type language disappeared in Turkey, in the early 1970's and another Indonesian language was removed forever in the mid 1950's.  To continue, it noted that there were some languages around today that have less than ten native speakers and efforts must be made to ensure that they still exist for the new millennium.  Indeed, the language of southern England, Cornish, has made a revival of sorts and is actually one of the more endangered languages actually increasing in native speakers.  This is somewhat important, as when we listen to the the stories and myths of cultures, completely understanding them without a translator is somewhat difficult.  Just ask any good Egyptologist that question, when asking about the hieroglyphics.  Subtle contexts and the understanding are all important - looking at the English language, for example, and you can see what must be a difficult time for those who are not familiar with the intracies of the language, when you are talking about "a bare bear who bears a beer, barely".  So, the same scientists are spending millions of dollars doing their best to save all these languages from extinction.  They are setting up language repositories, audio files of words, pronunciation and meaning, to help other people recall the language and encourage others to learn it.  At best, this is a nice "cat rescued from a tree" story because learning another language is not going to save these languages because they are not meaningful to the people who are studying them.  Any stories or myths or histories that are of import have already been recorded down and even if they were written in the same language as the spoken version, we can still study them and understand them eventually.  Well, with the exception of Linear A.

So, from the articles mentioned above, what do we see in the pattern evolving before our eyes ??  We see that the world at large is very interested in promoting diversity and is more than willing to spend extremely large sums of money to ensure that we will maintain and have that same diversity that we do now.  Unfortunately, this is not the way of things when we are talking about the most important species or item on this planet - the White Race and their culture.  The highest pinnacle of all things that the species Homo has ever created and made, can all be laid at the feet of the White Race.  It was us who moved out of Africa, conquered the icy wastelands of the Euro-Asia plains and then spread itself across the world.  It was us who created the first agriculture and the resulting inventions, such as the wheel and the alphabet.  No other species of humanity has ever done even the merest 1% of what we have done and yet, they are more than willing to mooch off the results of our hard labor.  In the promotion of "diversity", not only is the White Race is in imminent danger of loosing its cultural identity but it is also on the way out biologically as well.  Each day that I spend at work, I hear the younger generation talk about women as "them bitches" and that annoying customer as "that them nigger over there" - linguistically an exact copy of the African-American mannerisms (and attitude, isn't that right, Mr Chris Brown ??).  No longer do I hear words describing women as "ladies" or customers as "those gentleman" or "these people".  When a racial ethnic group starts to copy another's mannerisms and way of speech, we are sliding down the slope to inevitable extinction.  The reason why these terms are even in use amongst the White Folk today is because our racial enemies has over the last several decades constantly hammered into our consciousness, through their manipulation of the mass media and weak-willed government officials, into saying that the other sub-humans are the same as us.  They have introduced them into our society physically and socially, injecting the black blood of Africa into the veins of White America, as PME Klassen stated.  They have no redeeming values and only seek to destroy what we, as a separate racial unit, have created through the efforts of our ancestors and today's generation.  Yet, millions of dollars are being spent to save a sea squirt that we would have never known about, as well as, on languages spoken by about fifty people, somewhere in the back end of India.  With the purposely aimed destruction of the White Race, not only as a separate racial unit will we loose out (i.e. extinction is forever, ask the dinosaurs), but these same hanger-ons, the same subhuman savages who suck the life and technological genius out of us will also be disadvantaged because they will be forced to do things on their own - and some of them, for the first time.  In this time where diversity is the buzz word to save this that or the other, one must also look at what is happening to the most significant pinnacle of evolutionary success on this planet - the White Race - and wonder why we are being lead to the slaughterhouse, blind-folded and with happy music covering the screams and machinery noises ahead of us.  Whilst we have always supported the Eternal Laws of Nature, the struggle for life, it is because that the White Race is not aware of its impending doom whilst it is happening that we need to stand up and scream out and about of the dangers that are affecting us here and now.  Look at your towns today and recall what they were like over five or even ten years ago - I bet that they have changed a fair bit.  Listen to the music (or what constitutes for music) on the radio, watch a movie today and see how much moral certainties that are there for all of us White Folk.  Ask yourself - when did it stop being the "token black person" and started being the "token White person" ??  The White Race has been deemed for extinction by outside forces and it is up to us, us Creators and other White Folk, who are more than willing to stand up for the righteous of our cause to fight back.  Together, you and I can make this a Whiter Brighter World for all.

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!


Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton

This message is being brought to you on Monday, 16th of March, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

Last week, we discussed the importance of maintaining the White Race, amongst the hedonism of multi-CULTuralism and the lackadaisical attitude of the governing bodies.  The case for this reasoning is being made, each and every day that we look out, over our towns and cities, seeing the effects of unleashed immigration upon our world.

Reading an article on line, I noticed that the Australian government is slashing the intake of immigration into that country by 14%, approximately 18,500 immigrants are to be refused entry.  The Immigration Minister, Mr Chris Evans, says that this is to protect local jobs from these newcomers.  Whilst this is laudable, a similar attitude should have been taken over thirty years ago, to prevent the large intake of the disease ridden filth that came from south-east Asia, in the aftermath of the Vietnam War.  Those same local jobs that the minister is trying to save are not all in the hands of the White Race but in the hands of foreigners who have arrived in the last thirty years, sucking the livelihoods out of hard-working White Folk.  In the abbatoir industry, you cannot spot a White face, unless it is some extremely specialized role.  The construction industry has been dominated by Tongans, Fijians and native Australian blacks for several decades, the foreigners sneaking into Australia via New Zealand (which has a revolving door policy with Australia), which has a similar role with the Pacific Islands mentioned.  So, the skilled White Folk, who are financially discriminated against because they will not work for peanuts, are being forced into more meaningless jobs or are forced to go onto welfare.  In some rare cases, they are actually going overseas to look for work - ironic, isn't it that we White Folk are being forced to leave our countries to look for work, whilst the same employers scream out for workers.  However, Australia is not the only country suffering from this same anti-White discrimination.  The classic prototype of this example of discrimination is the influx - or flood - of illegal Mexicans, into the US.  These creatures are breeding grounds for disharmony and disease.  If you are not sure about the intake of these parasites, then all you have to do is look across the border into Mexico, at the city of Ciudad Juarez, where it is estimated that more people are being killed by violence on a daily basis, than in any of the major wars that have taken place in the last century.  Are these the kind of animals that we want entering our country, taking away our jobs, just because they are willing to work for a few cents on the dollar ??

Which then leads me onto the next obvious stage of this argument - how did we let it get to this stage, where White Folk are wanting to flee, rather than stay and fight for their rights and land ??  It has been slow inexorable process but as well, it has been very successful.  If you look at the beginning of the great western push of the US, you will often hear or read about our "Manifest Destiny", a term used to describe our inalienable right to expand our living environment, to create new communities out of the wilderness.  To explore, conquer or be conquered, we are not going to be stopped by an alien thought process that tells we should be happy with what we have.  Imagine what would have happened if we stopped at Illinois and not gone any further ??   The great wilderness of the north-west, Oregon and Washington, with all those wonderful places to visit and return to nature with - GONE.  The immense gold mines of California and Nevada, in the hands of others, and without that financial security where would we be - GONE.  The oil fields of Texas - GONE.  And it is not just the physical resources that we would miss.  The plain lands are the grain basket for our country and if not just for the food opportunities and physical resources, but just the room to spread out and not stuck in a small are, depending on handouts, like Israel.  We White Folk did all these amazing things when we were told that it is okay to be that way - head west, young man !!  Now, what has happened ??  We have been told in the last sixty years that we have to stop being so good at what we do.  The lower races are not up to standard, so, we should drop our standards to better fit theirs or that we should spend all the time and money and resources that was pushing our own development, diverting it to the Chinese, the Mexicans and the blacks.  It is not that they can't get upwards without our help, it is just "wrong" to leave them behind.  Why has our government gone from promoting the White Folk, who make up the majority of the population in our country (well, for now and certainly back then - but not for much longer) and started to leave us, to flower money and resources on these inferior races ??

There is a parasite within our own world that is destroying everything that is nice, decent and great.  It is burrowing its way through our society, destroying the morals and taboos that have done us well for over two thousand years, despite the handicap of having Christ-insanity being forced down our throat.  Corrupting White Folk or blackmailing them, when it is too obvious for them to stick their heads out of the rotting apple, this insidious force has a name that if you mention too loud or too public, then you will be chastised and thrown into the prison - just for speaking the truth.  They have created an aura about them, as if they are untouchable; they have created a belief in their own self-appointed authority that it is like a religion that we White Folk should all clamor for.  No, we White Folk do not need to remove the Mexicans from invading illegally into our hard earned territories - let them come and rejoice in our well earned glory, for they did nothing to help us but we just have to let them enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Failure to do so would make you a bad person and no one wants to be a bad person, right ??  Forget about having that secure job in these difficult economic times - if you do not do what you are told to do, work extra hours or for less benefits, then the company will sack you and get in your place, some immigrant who can barely speak English, has a degree from a back alley Bombay "college" and will work at half your pay.  Oh, and to make life better for it, rather than us White Folk, we will have a television channel dedicated to their culture (much like Black TV), we will build them foreign religious structures that offend everyone else around them and we will also allow them to not be expected to learn English - it is just too hard for them to acclimatise to our society.  Well, it is not too hard to protect our own society from these invading parasites, is it ??  Gone are the days of "a fair's day work for a fair day's pay" - now, the companies have gotten this idea that money is everything and the be all and end all of their entire existence.  Fawning over the dollar rather than helping the society from which they are expected to buy their goods, these companies have been suckered into a never-ending spiral, descending into chaos and racial upheaval.  There is no doubt that money is important in every society, as it stands today, but it is more important to be able to rely on your people who work in your offices and factories.  How can we trust the other races, when all they see, when they look at us White Folk, is higher level of everything, compared to them ??  That breeds envy and eventually hate.  They want what we have created but not put in the hard yards that we White Folk have done.  So, they sneak in, demanding their full rights, subverting our laws and creating dissension in the communities that they reside in.  They refuse to speak our language, demand that we speak theirs; they refuse to recognize our laws, yet want you to respect their beliefs and social strictures.  And the parasite that lies within the sour apple of our government is letting them get away with it because the chaos that ensues will allow them to continue with their goal of the mongrelization of the White Race and to their desire to rule the world, as their "God-given right".  The time has come to stop running away from the creatures that are raiding our lands, turning our towns into battlefields and morasses of degeneracy.  You, White Folk, have to stand up and say "NO!" to the inferiors that are destroying our world, as we know it.  Stop your kids from listening to their slack-jaw jungle music; prevent them from socially accepting the inferiors - they are not the same as you, no matter how much you keep being told that on the boob-tube and in the glossy magazines.  Even in the shiny ritzy world of music, the beast cannot be caged - gangland wars, bashing and raping of women, massive drug use - and you want your children to believe that this is acceptable ??  Our standards are what has driven the White Race forwards and upwards - we have never accepted second best and nor should we.  The universe is a harsh place and that we have found a fertile place to thrive and survive is a wonder of Nature indeed.  So, let us not pollute our little oasis of joy with the mud tide that is rising up to overwhelm us.  Until the Eternal Laws of Nature are enacted, we must ensure that we continue to stop pretending that the black, the Hispanic, the jew, the Asian or the Arab are our equal - for they are nowhere near the same level as us.  Violent degenerate thugs are the only words that we should be thinking of when we look at these creatures.  It does not matter what individuals are like - as a racial group, this is what they are.  Stand up for the White Race and we can make this a better place for our own Kind.

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!


Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton

This message is being brought to you on Monday, 23rd of March, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

Just yesterday , in my home town, there was an event that they called "Harmony Day".  Apparently, this day is to mark the wonders and joys that the multi-CULTurally community has given to our town.  As well, it is also the UN's official day to end racial discrimination.  How ironic that in the listing of the 16 different nationalities, that only one was even majority White.

To list the racial ethnicity of the day, it is interesting to note that a couple, interviewed for the newspaper article, claimed that they are "... an example of racial harmony.  I'm originally from Burma and she's from Bangladesh ..".  They were amongst the following ethnic groupings listed - Bangladeshis, Indians, Nepalese, Brazilians, Vietnamese, Malaysians, Russians (token White!), Filipinos, Turks, Tongans, Kenyans and Torres Strait Islanders.  Yet, if one looks closely at this event, which the Deputy Mayor claimed was a "great success" - 600 people turned out, from a town of over 65,000 - and you will see that they are more concerned with their own homelands than with the country that they live in today, Australia.  Even more disturbing is the claim by the Torres Strait Islanders that they are, too, a different country of origin - they are under the rule of the Australian government and have been for over a century.  These people are so proud of their own origins, of their own race, that they seem to have no trouble flaunting it in front of everyone else, even suckering in relatively decent White Folk into believing that they only want to have recognition of their own beginnings.  How nice that the society at large seems to be happy for this divisive action to fester within the heart of its own community.  Have a closer look at the listing of the countries that they came from (amongst others); each one has been torn apart by violence, disease or just abject poverty.  These people, who we are told are here to help us by us helping them, have fled their own lands, their own culture, to settle in a completely different country and alien society - so, why would they want to help us ??  Why do they want to be recognizing their own culture which is so poor and pathetic ??  Why did they leave, instead of staying and making it a better place, by helping those to help themselves ??

Mind you, what would you expect from these people, really ??  Look at that list above and let me explain a few things - Bangladesh fought a war with both India and Pakistan (when it was known as East Pakistan) to maintain its own culturally, religious and ethnic minority from the persecution of what it saw around them.  Indians have been engaged in civil war within their land, mostly in the country area, particularly between the Hindus and the Christians; as well, they have the second largest population in the world and one of the fastest desertification outside of China - add to that their habit of child brides, widow burning and keeping pests alive because they are some sort of god, you can see the problems that they have.  Nepalese have got a group of Communist backed separatists, trying to divide up a small country into even smaller bits, despite the abject poverty they have and the severe caste system where the rich get richer and the poor just die.  Brazil has its own ethnic problems, with the native Indians wanting more independence, whilst the same groups are chopping down the Amazon rain forest at a rate that will make the rest of us hold our breath with fear - literally, as these jungles have been called "the lungs of the world".  What can I say about Vietnam that no-one hasn't heard before - the war over there destroyed thousands of lives straightaway, as well as forcing the descendnts of the soldiers to have massive health problems, and they are too claiming that they want more money (even though they are nominally Communist!) for the damage that the Western worlds did to them !!  Malaysia is something else entirely, with their history of sexual repression of women and the harsh rule of its islamic rulers, creating more controversary than such a country deserves.  The Russian Federation, the token White Folk country listed in my local newspaper, is not really a solid hegemony of racial solidarity; they are a hodge-podge of differing races, religions and other factions, with Moscow forcing them to conform or they will destroy what they have got already.  The Philippines is also in a constant state of unrest, with kidnappings amongst the many islands that make up the archipelago, ransoms and demands for even more separation of that tiny country.  Turkey is a country where the secular Muslims are trying to hold back the tide of their more militant brethren, who want to rid their land of the US airbases and also to take out the Kurds in the southern reaches - a powder keg, ready to explode.  Tonga is a small pathetic piece of dirt whose only claim to fame is where Australia used to go for the slaves of the cane farms - and, boy, can't they not stop talking about that, demanding more and more money and resources.  Kenya had another Communist uprising within its own land before it was crushed by the British and, after their colonial rule ended, the various leaders were eventually crushed under a military dictatorship, using its abundant oil reserves to feather their own pockets whilst the poor kidnap and kill the refinery workers.  And if you are wondering where the Torres Strait Islanders come from, they are from those little islands between Queensland, Australia and Papua New Guinea and the only item of note that they have is that with their constant tribal movements they are actually endangering the rest of Australia with resistant strains of malaria and other diseases.  Oh, and they are stepping stone for mass illegal immigration, too.

All these facts and figures given above are available to anyone who can read an encyclopedia or who wants to look at the history books.  Basically, all of these countries have nothing of importance in their own racial and ethnicity, with the White Folk of Russian who are still proud to have descended from the Vikings over a thousand years ago.  But they are an endangered minority themselves, with the untold huge amounts of illegal immigration from the Middle East, in the south and the Asians from the east, forcing them out of work and promoting miscegnation.  And is this what these lovely cultures are going to bring to us, with their own baggage ??  Do we have to put up with these savages coming into our lands and promoting their own segregationist ideas and depraved cultural practices ??  When we will have our first widow burning, done under the freedom of religious tolerance, in a land which was created and developed from the powerful White Folk, who gave up human sacrifice overfifteen hundred years ago ??  Will we be forced to have clinics opened in the suburbs of our towns, that allow young women to have performed onto them clitorectomies, because their elders said that they should ??  Is this what all this multi-CULTuralism is all about ??  How long will it be before our own White Folk children follow these "new trends" that these inferiors are bringing into our lands ??  Already, we see the Rastarfarian hair styles amongst the teenagers, the massive opening of the ear lobes, straight out of a national Geographic documentary !!  Culturally, we are loosing the war because our children are thinking that it is easier to speak like a "nigger" from all the MTV rap shows that they are forced fed on a daily basis.  Drinking to excess, unprotected sex with anyone or anything and the whole lacksadaisical attitude to work or having a healthy lifestyle.  They are in the process of destroying themselves and us, the White Folk, in the process.  And the government wants to bring more foreigners into our lands ??  They want us proud White Folk to give up all our of healthy social and cultural norms, the same ideals that created the basis of our society.  The same foundation that let us reach out across the oceans and through unfamiliar lands, to let our Folk create the many and wondrous inventions and engineering feats that let us reach, literally, for the stars.  In the entire history of those countries - and the ethnicities that inhabit them - through all the ups and downs, they have not done anything that was great and wonderful (again, with the exception of Russia).  Bangladesh is more concerned about the monsoon flooding their rice paddies; Indians are too busy killing themselves with the Pakistanis over the Kashmir; Nepalese have nothing except the Yeti to keep them entertained; Brazil is busily making the world's largest rain forest into the world's largest desert; Vietnam is slowly exporting themselves and getting paid by others, on their slow boats to the land of honey and milk; Malaysia seems more concerned over the sexual orientation of their leaders; the Philippines have got more corruption than shoes; Turkey is waiting for the inevitable split along ethnic minority lines; Tonga is worried about rising sea levels, sinking their land; the Kenyans have to see whatever they can survive without the oil that they are pumping out for their own pleasures; and who honestly cares about the Stone Age savages in the northern part of Australia ??  What have these people done ??  Nothing !!!  If you say that Turkey gave us great philosophers and thinkers, just because they lived there over two thousand years ago, just remember that they were all White Greeks, before the great population explosion from Saudi Arabia came along and destroyed that land.  These cultures have done nothing, given us nothing but violence, disease and social uproar for the last fifty years.  There is no harmony with these creatures amongst us and I am wanting all of you proud White Folk out there to stand up to the promoters of this cultural atrocity that is being committed against the White Race, by pushing for the removal of the scum from our land and then we can truly continue along the way towards promoting our own Folk.  We can fly to the outer reaches of space if we are not dragged down with the baggage that are these sloppy muddy trash.  Most people want to climb out of a septic tank, not put rocks in their pockets and then start cleaning the walls with a toothbrush.  Let us reach out to our fellow White Folk, open their eyes to the dangers that are around us and you, too, can make this a Whiter Brighter World for us to live in !!

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!


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