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Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton

This message is being brought to you on Monday, 6th of July, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

If I look around my home town today, what would you think that I would see, as compared to the days of my youth ??  The answer is, quite simply, that nothing is the same - it has all changed and not for the better.  I see crumbling businesses, I see too many foreigners and I also see that the White Folk have been taken advantage of again.

Crumbling businesses is not an entirely new concept and reality for us - businesses have come and gone in a natural cycle, just like everything else in Nature.  However, what we are seeing is that the middle-class businesses, those "mom-and-pop" stores, those ones that offer the best in customer service for the goods they sold, these are the ones that have virtually disappeared.  Now, I know that people are out there, reading this and saying that that too is part of the cycle of businesses.  The small either get bigger or they are taken over by the larger businesses anyway.  Yet, the small businesses are more concerned with maintaining a small profit and emphasize the customer service; this correlates into having better products and more staff working - which in turns, leads to more employment country-wide and a greater diversity of businesses.  A large company is more concerned with protecting investors' money and paying the wages of the senior management, often leading to detrimental business practices, such as, closing stores and dismissing the workers.  This then leads to more unemployment and less money being generated within the community; and this bad cycle is continued onto people relying on welfare, which creates a drain on the rest of the workers via increased taxes and so on.  The picture is a lot more detailed than what I can described here but this should give you a decent view of what the situation is.  Of course, we know that our racial enemies are behind the world's largest companies and other mega-corporations, much like they are behind the mass media, as described in an earlier article on this website.

As to the statement that there are too many foreigners, well, the simple answer is that, yes, there are too many foreigners in our land - more specifically, too many non-Whites.  With the possible comment of myself being an old fogy, I can still state that back in my day, the number of non-Whites in my neighborhood and school could be counted on one hand - literally.  The native blacks were certainly there but they sort of occupied the position of being just another icon of my country, much like the kangaroo or emu.  Then it started to happen, probably around the early to mid 1980's.  At first, the most infamous was the Filipino bride syndrome - where lonely older men went over and picked up for themselves a nice relatively adoring compliant wife from the Phillipines.  Well, they were probably that way to start with but they soon learn that if they have a few children, they could claim even more of a residential status.  Add to that they could then bring in more family members from their country and we suddenly have an increase in non-Whites and as well, an increase in mixed-race bastards - whom go on to infect the children of other White Folk.  Still, even this was relatively minor (except in certain areas, such as large mining boom towns) and was almost tolerated; heck, after years of interbreeding with the Spanish and, later the Americans, the brides were passable as not being so non-White as some of the others.  Yet, it did not stop there.  Suddenly, people found that non-Whites were more attractive, though how this actually came about. I am not all that certain.  I will say that the role of the mass media in its constant blasting through the airwaves of how the White and the non-White can hold hands and make the world a better place, even though that has never happened in real life, would be the first source of brain-pollution regarding this problem.  If you keep on repeating the same lie over and over, people will, eventually, believe you - despite the truth and facts that dispute it being even more obvious.  So, with that latest fad taking place, suddenly White men decided that Japanese, Chinese and Indian women were more attractive than those from their own communities or even from Europe as a rule.  An increase in the number of mixed-race unions started, with an additional increased in mongrelized children - which always take after their non-White parent in both looks and temperament.  In the spate of recent attacks on the Indian students in southern Australia, I found out that the selling of Australia's education "product" is actually the third largest "export".  So, we also have that influx of non-Whites not only coming into our heartland to learn that which they could not figure out by themselves, but they are also infecting other White Folk by casual sexual liaisons (leading to mixed race bastards and an increase in diseases) and by their alien mindsets, such as the constant bargaining that is more appropriate in a Afghani carpet stall than in a major electrical retail store.

With these many problems facing us today, surely it would be easier to give up and crawl back into our hole and make the best of what there is available to us.  Sorry, that is not an option in our case.  If we let this situation escalate any further, what we will have is a world without White Folk.  Sure, there will be some that claim to be "White" just like those blacks who are actually more like one-sixteenth black but claim to be black for social/welfare reasons; yet, those who are actually part of the White Race will be dead, gone forever - extinct.  No, I am not being alarmist, I am being a realist.  Already, it is becoming a regular habit to play "Spot the Aussie" when traveling in the bigger cities down south and soon I will have to introduce this "game" to my own local town.  The non-Whites are taking over and we are being told to sit back and accept it !!  No, we will not roll over and die, just like a well-trained dog would do.  We will fight and we will survive.  There is no other option available to us here.  Each day that you and I are not out there trying our best to win people over to the reality of the situation, the more that we are losing.  Yes, we are down now to days, not each year or each month - DAYS !! The mud tide, as predicted by PME Klassen, has landed on our shores and it is already beginning to stink up the place.  He stated that us White Folk who are awakened need to reach out and awake the sleeping giant that is the White Race and get together to fight back for our own survival.  Every other species of animal or plant does this on a daily basis, fight to survive, and, as we are part of Nature, we too are subjected to its laws - this is the biggest one.  There is no more time to sit back and wait for someone else to come along and do the job for you.  That attitude didn't let the ancient Romans conquer their known world.  That attitude did not let the Vikings to expand out of Scandinavia, conquering Russia, Iceland and even discovering the Americas.  That attitude didn't let Shakespeare, Watt, Faraday, Gutenberg and Beethoven from creating the achievements that they did, which contribute to our continual existence today.  We no longer have the luxury of time in this matter - we need to strike now, right now.  The time has come for us to awaken the sleeping giant and only then can we achieve a Whiter Brighter World for all of us.  So, what are you doing still reading this article ??  RaHoWa !!

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!


Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton

This message is being brought to you on Tuesday, 14th of July, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

Being a trained scientist, I often enjoy reading the scientific and technical journals that are available to the public, especially relating to my own field of interest.  Some of these magazines are more for the general consumer without being too dumbed down to remove the effectiveness of the science that is being displayed.  In a recent Scientific American magazine, I noticed something that should be of interest to all.

The article mentioned is titled "Could food shortages bring down civilization?".  Whilst my technical interest in this field is extremely limited, I do enjoy reading these types of articles, especially as they relate to the story of our proud White race.  In short, instead of discussing how previous food shortages affected the world's history, the author discussed the three main points that he considered that leads to food shortages and, thus, the collapse of our civilization.  The three points are : water shortages, soil losses and rising global temperatures.  I will not go into full detail on the author's ideas here but to give a basic summary - increasing the main points leads to less food which would lead to the breakdown of society (Sci. Am. May, 2009).  However, I will quote an side bar in the article that is of particular interest: "Failing States: Every year the Fund for Peace and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace jointly analyze and score countries on 12 social, economic, political and military indicators of national well-being.  Here, ranked from worst to better according to their combined scores in 2007, are the 20 countries in the world that are closest to collapse: Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Chad, Iraq, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Pakistan, Central African Republic, Guinea, Bangladesh, Burma (Myanmar), Haiti, North Korea, Ethiopia, Uganda, Lebanon, Nigeria and Sri Lanka." (Sci. Am. May 2009, pg 40).

Look at those twenty countries that is listed above and check to see if you can see anything that is missing.  Hint ??  There are no European dominated country listed.  No Iceland, Germany, New Zealand or Latvia.  Nothing.  It is quite logical to assume that our homelands are relatively secure in their food shortage potential, if nothing else.  However, let us pick the eyes out of the above countries and see what happens when you put them under the microscope.  The first one that is of interest to me is that of Zimbabwe, a long time study in this forum here.  Zimbabwe was once known as the bread-basket of Africa, exporting grain to other countries, as it had such a large surplus.  Suddenly, the White farmers are murdered, kicked out of the country or removed from their properties - it all falls apart in a few short years.  Even countries that are relatively close to our ideology and practices, such as Pakistan or Haiti, still have the same problems, despite this application of the White Folk way.  As soon as strongman of Pakistan was deposed, we see incursions of terrorists into the country and who can forget Haiti !!  Establishing its own constitutional government based on the United States model, in the early 1800's, yet they are still having problems with food production, soil erosion and even managing their own transportation, as their constant failures there remind us.  At least the other countries listed here have the disadvantage of being physically far away from White Folk help - Haiti is right offshore.  Finally, you have nations that were once quite fine and stable, whilst they were still colonies of the various European states.  Uganda, Sri Lanka and Nigeria, all of these countries prosper while they were still under control of the White Folk.  There was no war with the Tamils under British rule of Sri Lanka; Uganda was once considered to be a second Scotland, with wonderful scenery and friendly environment; and Nigeria would not have the environmental problems it does have, if they were still under colonial rule.  Instead, these countries demanded independence from their "masters" and when it was given, they slowly decayed into the chaos that we see before us today.  Note also that the vast majority of these countries are often more stable when under the rule of one single figure, a tyrant or dictator as the case maybe.

So, what can we say about this list besides the obvious ??  That the non-Whites can't look after themselves and that this is proof ??  Of course, this is the case and it is no less obvious this way than in any other criteria that we could be using to discuss the differences between the non-Whites and the Whites.  There were some countries that have major problems of their own that were not on that list because of the criteria used.  China and India are the two main countries that were discussed in the body of the article.  Massive deforestation, increased desertification and the loss of irreplaceable water supplies are forcing those two bigger countries into more desperate measures - which are working, for now.  In the very near future, we will have even bigger problems than these first twenty basket case of nations.  Those countries have nuclear weapons, large armed forces and are integrally tied into the economy of all major civilizations of Europe and North America.  The question we are now facing is what to do when these hibernating bears wake up.  I can hear the bleeding heart liberals saying that the best way to stop this from happening is to help these countries overcome their problems, just like we did.  Hang on, can you see the point here ??  We, us White Folk, have realized the problems, remedied the situation and ensured that it worked with further study and repairs.  These countries do not have the capability of doing what we did.  The Chinese, sure, can make millions of computers but they did not invent the transistor, they just copied it.  The Indians may produce the world's most efficient telemarketing system ever but they did not invent the telephone.  The problems that we are facing show us, in drastic measure, that the non-Whites of these countries are not capable of both recognizing the problem and fixing it, on their own.  They are mentally and morally ignorant of the potential danger, willing to let it run its course because they can always go backwards in societal advances, as they are not that far removed from that state as we White Folk.  We have advanced onwards and upwards - these muds are clutching at our coat tails, dragging us down to their level.  If that is the case, what we need to do is to drop them, like the albatross around our neck they are, so that we are not destroyed by their uncontrollable excesses.  As a surgeon removes the cancerous tumor from the body, so the healthy tissue survives and thrives.  As the farmer removes the weeds from his crops, the sick animals away from the herd, so we White Folk must remove the diseased parts of our world from ourselves, leaving it out of our society.  We cannot let these creatures, these sub-humans, destroy our way of life, our culture and our society just because they have not mentally or conceptually moved on from the donkey and cart days of the not so distant past.  They are dragging us down, they slowly strangulating us with their ineptitude and carelessness.  Remove them from our midst, let them wither on the vine - we do not need them, they need us to survive.  It is time for the White Folk of the world to unite and legally remove this threat to our way of life.  Before we all go down in a collapsed starving mess.

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!


Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton

This message is being brought to you on Tuesday, 21st of July, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

Looking at a issue from one viewpoint can lead to an askew opinion on the topic at hand, so, it is often necessary to look at all things from all points of view.  Still, it is written that the one thing that we should always do is that when we see something of interest, how does it affect the White Race - this is the first question that should come to mind.  As always, PME Ben Klassen was right in stating this but I shall explain why it does not contradict the former statement, mentioned above.

We have in front of us a topic, an issue that needs to be looked at.  It can be anything from a spillage on the floor to an invasion of the Mongol horde, a.k.a. Genghis Khan style.  Either event still has the same rationale behind when we look at it from the viewpoint of the White Race's survival.  So, the mess on the floor, when looked at from any angle, always says that the best action to take is to clean the mess up - from a White Race's point of view, it is so that our fellow White Folk cannot hurt themselves from slipping on the floor.  When the invasion occurs, we should know that we must either run and hide or fight the invaders.  This is important in that some liberals will say that maybe we should talk to these invaders (whether they are from Mongolia, Mars or the mall), determine why they are invading us and what we can do to help them.  Excuse me ??  When looking at the event from all angles, this is a point of conjecture that comes on up but will it actually be of help to the White Race, as dictated by PME Klassen's determination.  No, as we know that any invaders that enter our eco-system must be eliminated at all costs - plants, insects or sub-humans, it does not matter.  Even from the point of view of the humble daisy in the field - when you introduce a new species, it will determine whether that species will affect it, if so, what its response to it will be.  It is a natural reflexive action taken by all creatures from the microbe to the mammoths of old.  Looking at whether the daisy can cope with the new species is entirely mute as it either does or does not affect the plant's need to survive.  When we are invaded, the point of view that should be taken is - will this be detrimental to the White Race ??

What is the underlying reason behind the whole idea of looking at the object at hand, from several points of view ??  This rationale came about because we all got caught up in the hysteria of being politically correct, according to some obscure set of rules which, frankly, I do not believe any knows of nor do they completely understand them.  For example, the invasion of the subhumans from Cuba and Haiti into our great United States.  Point of view - is this detrimental to the survival of the White Race; Answer - yes, it is.  Now, for the reasons behind why these creatures shove themselves onto something that can float are many and varied - economic, militaristic or even political.  So, why does that concern us, here in the US ??  It does not concern us whether the various Castros of the world can create a society that can look after its own people - if they cannot do so, then the civilization collapses until another chest-thumping alpha male comes along to enforce calmness amongst the chaos.  However, we know that societies can be created that will look after their own, making sure everyone has something to eat, somewhere to live and so forth.  You seem them everyday when, as White Folk, we look at our towns and cities that we created from the bottom up.  Now, if we can do it, then so should the blacks, the Asians and the Arabs, right ??  You can look at the situations in all of those countries/areas and you can determine the many different reasons behind their lack of success but it still will not stop the fundamental question that should be asked - is this detrimental to the survival of the White Race.  Yes, it is, so, we should not become involved in their petty power struggles for the limited resources that they are holding onto.  If they are able to do what we can do, then we must let them struggle, slip and fall, learning from their mistakes just as we did, all those many centuries ago.  Did the Zimbabweans come to the financial aid of Columbus when he was looking for money to discover the New World ??  Did the Emperor of China hand over large sums of money or technical support for the building of the windmills and dikes of the Netherlands ??  And what was the tribal leaders of southern Yemen doing, when they could have had the opportunity to develop the printing press in central Europe, and did not even send a congratulatory note ??  That's right, they all did nothing - because they honestly do not care about us White Folk and what we are doing, except when it impacts upon them.

Thus, we come back around to the original question of looking at all issues from every point of view before making a decision.  Yes, it is important to take into account the various reactions to your actions when a decision has been made but, at first, a decision has to be made.  That decision should be made with the only point of view that matters - is it detrimental to the White Race.  If it is, then we should take steps to rectify the situation and ensure that it is no longer a threat to us physically or to our culture/way of life.  These are the points that we should be making whenever we are discussing our Faith to all who want to know - it is not that we hate the subhumans (they are what they are) but that we really don't give a cracked cup over what they are doing.  Except if it is going to affect us.  Curiously, this is the same method that these subhumans use against us White Folk.  These creatures know that they can utilize and abuse the very system that we have created for our own White Folk's security for their own profit and stability.  So, they come along, plant their seed, grow, send out roots and the next thing that you know, we have a garden bed full of pests.  We prepared the ground for ourselves and they have taken advantage of it - not us.  If we try to remove the pests, the liberals and other bleeding-hearts will tell us to look at it from their point of view; they are leaving an unjust situation (financial, environmental, political) and so, we must take them into our bosom, to let them grow up strong and healthy.  On our hard work ??  Let these creatures live off the largess that we have created for our own ??  They are not here because they like us - these creatures are here because they are getting a better deal here !!  Hang on then, Mr. Bleeding Heart, ask yourself this question - why have they left their own lands ??  If they are capable of establishing and maintaining the type of society that we can (because, remember, they ARE equal to us, apparently), how come they have not ??  How come they have all this political turmoil (yes, we had it but we fixed it - no rioters in the streets letting off machine gun fire nowadays!!) and cannot fix it ??  How come they don't know that if they chop down all the trees, the soil washes away ?? (In Australia, there are laws that will fine people up to many hundreds of thousands of dollars for the amount of land illegally cleared because of this very reason)  We have worked it out and we are now even reverting back to the best semblance of the original landscape to make sure that we can work within the harmony of the environment.  There are many more points that could be made but the general points are already stated - we White Folk can, the subhumans can't, period.  So, is it in the best interests of the White Race to have these barbarians within our society and culture ??  No, it is not.  They do not contribute - if they did, then they would have a lovely society to live in, but they do not.  They do not care about the areas they live in - look at the filth the next time you go through China/Mexico/Arab-town, and then compare it to your own area.  We can initiate clean up days and public awareness of the problems, plus give viable and reasonable methods to rectify the issues at hand, but they can not.  They do not care about their health problems - whenever there is a major outbreak of any disease, you can almost guarantee it to have initiated in a non-White country/area.  They continue the cycle, still living in refuse and garbage whilst we have regular trash days and organized dumping grounds.  They can not do; we White Folk can do.  It is in our blood, in our bones and in our mindset to get off the ground and start ensuring stability for our immediate family and then for the whole White Folk community.  So, why would you want to introduce, let alone keep, something that is completely alien to our way of life, does not worry about the various impacts that it will have on the original occupants and then start to destroy the very community that is there (because we just have to help these unfortunates, which shows that they are incapable of living our way of life anyways) to help them ??  In short, you do not.  So, we remove them from our sphere of influence, let them go back to wherever they come from and let them wither on the vine.  Remember, they need us - we do not need them.  Let them go their own way and we will have a Whiter Brighter World as a result of their ineptitude.

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!


Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton

This message is being brought to you on Tuesday, 4th of August, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

Adversity is something that we all have to deal with in our lives.  Sometimes, it can be as drastic as a natural catastrophe; other times, it could be just a mere car accident, forcing you to find alternative means of transport to and from work.  Just this week gone by, personally, I have lost my job and so, I am now affected by the new adverse condition.  It is a difficult time to be looking for a job when you consider my age and the current economic outlook but, as always, it is not the fact that this has happened to you personally but how you deal with the situation.  An old saying states that the rain falls on both the just and the unjust; its how you survive the weather that tells the world about your character.

On several occasions, I have spoken about how people have managed to survive a great natural disaster and then moved on to make things a better place for the future.  A classic example is that of Hurricane Katrina, hitting the southern coastline of the continental US.  Lots of people died, buildings and other structures were destroyed and others managed to rise above, both in the form of cream and scum.  We had the White Folk helping out other people, including the local blacks and Latrinos, bringing them out of the deluge to safety.  These same people were the ones who maintained shelters, temporary dwellings outside of the disaster zone, arranged for food and medical supplies to be trucked in and kept a tight leash on the overall organization of the event at hand.  Yet, despite the strong character that these people showed, those in the exactly same situation but were not White, did practically nothing at all to help.  If that was the case, we White Folk could have probably lived with that inbuilt laziness and self-righteous attitude of the subhumans.  However, what we saw on the local news was that these same savages not only not helping themselves, but were actually helping themselves to various goods and household items.  I had to wonder, staring at the TV screen, what use would a refrigerator would be, as floodwaters and naked sewerage were rising up faster than the body count; was it really worth all that effort to climb over debris, drag this item out and then cart it all the way back to your dilapidated home ??  Surely, your own life would be more important, to escape the imminent danger, taking with you, your loved ones and precious memories, right ??  Needless to say that the subhumans who were doing this were also of the same tribe that hindered rescuers as well, even to the point of firing upon, as they were trying to save these savages !!  As I have said before, adversity makes or breaks your character - in this case, we have seen what happens when the subhumans are forced into a situation that not even they can claim to be a White Race problem.

It is not just the sheer environmental catastrophe that can show the real deal behind the facade.  Yes, all natural disasters are terrible and we will all respond to them in different ways, depending on what the actual situation is.  Note : the Hurricane Katrina is but one disaster; droughts in Somalia and Ethiopia have created warlords, terrorizing their own kind, desertification in China has forced the ethnic minorities (yes, they are not all Chinese in China!) into more dramatic terrorism against the Communist government, these are other examples.  There is another catastrophe that can happen as well.  This type of disaster is one that affects the social and moral taboos of a group of people.  An example of this would be the affect of the AIDS virus and the resultant HIV death sentence.  A disease that was spread across the races but yet they all had the common goal of being either drug addicts or homosexuals.  So, what did people do once this became common knowledge ??  Well, to start with, their was a sudden turn around in the public's perception of homosexuality as being a threat to the entire society rather than just being a nifty trend or "just a phase" in young men.  Governments world-wide, especially those in the Western nations (i.e. predominantly White), started educational programs amongst both the affected groups and the entire society as a whole; this was a serious long term threat to our entire civilization.  Drug addicts were treated with better equipment and facilities; sex education came into vogue, teaching our children the reasons behind safe sex.  All of these government instituted reforms have helped reduce the AIDS/HIV threat in our White Folk dominated countries.  Look in Africa, pick a nation, any nation.  South Africa's president said that AIDS was not transmitted sexually and that this was only stated so that his government would be forced to buy expensive drugs to treat the ill.  The Congo, Chad and Equatorial Guinea, these countries have in their own society rules that state if a husband dies, his brother must marry his sister-in-law, thus, furthering the spread of this virus, especially if the husband had infected his wife.  Despite the financial offers that we have given to these countries, despite the widespread community programs to help these people, that we fund as taxpayers, what we see is that they just do not care.  So, whilst the infection rates have basically halted in the Western democracies, in some African countries it has continued to rise, with some having 60% or higher infection rate in the adults.  They are incubating this disease through their own ineptitude to solve the solution, despite all the offers of help and proof of what the situation is.  The data is there, look at it people, and you will see the facts that prevention halts an infection rise.  These subhumans are exactly the same in Africa, south-east Asia and throughout the Pacific islands.

Eventually, we must come to grips with the effects of adversity.  It is not a crime to think that the  odds are insurmountable; after all, we are always looking for the simpler easier path over the hill, as it is logical and makes common sense.  Despite this natural tendency, we must realize that sometimes we need to sit down and look at the situation, determine the course we need to take and start the process. Whether it is the lack of a job, the loss of your livelihood or a new unknown terrifying disease, each time we must step up to the plate and take a swing.  This is what PME Ben Klassen was referring to as being part of the Eternal Laws of Nature, that there are always going to be hard times and that you must be prepared for them.  You cannot hide behind rhetoric or old tribal beliefs, you have to face the situation and either conquer it or "die" trying.  In each of the cases I have described above, each time that a problem has occurred, it was solved or rectified to the best possible outcome in the shortest time possible by those of the White Race.  We White Folk do not shirk at the responsibilities that are given to us each day.  We get up, we do what we need to do and along the way solve the problems, small or large.  We do not sit on the ground and wait for someone else to come along and lift us up.  We do not steal from the community when calamity surrounds us all.  We do not believe in old cultic vestiges to which we must continually subdue ourselves to, despite the evidence otherwise.  So, it should be with this positive attitude and mental superiority that enables us to literally move mountains and create a new world for us to live and work within.  So it is with this innate ability that we should get up and kick start the sleeping giant that is the uneducated White Race out there.  Each time we see that the situation is tough, granted, it is always going to be hard for us to show the truth, but we must do it.  Extinction is forever and we will never come back to fix this problem later.  Even in my short lifetime, I have seen my country town turn into a stirring pot of different bickering species, all striving to make their own vision of the world as the only one, whilst us White Folk, who created the foundation for the foreigner's exotic ideas to be set up, watch as our world is torn down and rebuilt in another's image.  A multi-CULTural world is like a building made up of different building materials, straw, mud and wood; bound together by rope, mortar and wooden nails; with doors of cloth, metal and opened.  A total unrealistic artifice that would not survive a passing rig, without falling down.  At this moment in time, us White Folk are at the precipice of utter annihilation, where we are doomed to destruction by attrition and lack of interest.  We are in an adverse situation that threatens our very survival, so, I urge you all out there to stand up, as I know that our White Race can do, and fight for our White Folk, to save us from the eternal end.  Together, I know that we can make this a Whiter Brighter World.

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!


Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton

This message is being brought to you on Tuesday, 18th of August, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

To end on this latest discussions on adversity, I would like to relay that the effects of what survival does for oneself, after the bad times are over.  Some will say that the bad times are never over, that they are just differing levels of severity.  That maybe true but I would think that with our innate common sense and strength of character, the White Folk can recognize the difference between bad times and good times.  For example, at this moment, I am in a good time, personally, because I have found a new job.  How we cope with our bountiful harvest is just as important as when we are down and out.

As I mentioned above, it is said that there is no difference between the good times and the bad times and yet, I disagree.  Yes, Nature's Eternal laws are constant and they are forcing us to continually thrive or die, as it is with every other living creature on this planet and elsewhere in the universe.  Universal laws do not change just because we are clever enough to understand them.  Still, that does not mean we are locked into a cycle of with no hope of change.  As the laws of Nature allow us to evolve, we are constantly changing in response to our environment.  Another example is the bubonic plague that went through Europe in the 1300's, as well as, on and off, for the next couple of centuries.  This was an adverse time for our White Folk, faced with an "invisible" foe that we could not slam a sword into, to defeat it with that same certainty as we have always done before.  Still, even at its worse, we tried our best with management controls such as quarantine, isolating the sick and seeking the cause of the infection (even if it took us several centuries to be sure of our results).  At the end of it all, we survived and that is what Nature is all about.  The good times that have happened since are that in the aftermath of the original wave, the people who were left had developed an immunity to the plague and, when the resulting waves of new infections came along, we were able to ride out the bad times.  We knew that we were special because we won a battle against an unseen enemy and can now face that enemy with impunity and without fear.  It encouraged us to look at the way our society was at the time and eventually led to the civilization that we have today.  The good times, despite the years of other waves of diseases, showed that we have an inner strength to battle against all foes - we won against an enemy that wiped out one-third of our population !!; that we can discover the cause of our destruction and then strike back at it to win the day.  The good times let us do that.

But what of the consequences of the bountiful harvest that we have reaped ??  Do we need to be more aware of the dangers or should we be more generous to those less fortunate ??  The answers to these are, again, best left to the simple laws of Nature that are immutable and unchanging.  The fact is that each species strives to survive and thrive, at the cost of the other species around it.  The weed is not concerned with the prettiness of the rose, as they grow next to each other in the garden bed; it wants that rose dead, so its children can seed and grow, feasting on the rotting petals.  Of course, flowers do not go around with such homicidal thoughts but the principle is there - each species wants to expand to its natural limits and survive.  Yes, there will be chance events that will affect us all, from the single-celled organisms in the ocean, right up to the elephants and whales.  So, when there is a good time around, we need to take advantage of it for ourselves.  This is not a greedy strategy.  This is not some self-deluded belief structure that makes us think that we are the best of the best.  No, this is just the standard normal procedure for the creature to go through each and every day it lives.  The wheat plant does not think about the corn or the barley in the other fields, when its own soil is fertilized, watered and weeds removed.  No, it takes advantage of this "good time" and grows to its maximum capabilities.  That such a chance event was manufactured by us humans is no different on the outcome as if the chance event was a volcanic eruption or an asteroid impact.  Now, as White Folk, when the good times do arrive, we should not squander all the benefits but we should do what we have always done from the time on the ice fields of Euro-Asia: prepare for the future and defend our way of life.  Yes, it is difficult to not go crazy and blow it all away but we have evolved beyond the simple need to be just splurge and then wonder why we have nothing left.  Indeed, this is what has separated us from the sub-species of humanity.

When we have the good times, we do not waste it all but instead we should conserve it for the time that we know is coming, when we will need our reserves.  Just as hibernating bear, with its fat reserves, does not run about crazily, chasing butterflies, but conserves its reserves for the hard winter ahead, so should the White Folk be.  We need to be reminded that the bad times are always just around the corner and that we cannot afford the luxury of waiting for someone to give us a handout - that is what the blacks, the gooks and the other sub-humans do.  Of course, the hand out is always from the White Folk because we are the ones that have conserved and reserved our harvest for the times when it is not so good.  Perhaps it is built into our nature, wired into our brains, but it seems to be the natural course of things.  When we have a good paying job, we put the excess money into the bank, to pay for the repairs on the house, or for when we are in between jobs or for that sudden operation on a loved one.  When the wheat field is full and the seed is reaped, we put it aside, store it for when a drought comes along.  The good times, we know, are not always there.  So, we are inbuilt with a need to survive for the bad times, even when we are in the good times.  This is what separates us from the savages that are around us.  They have no concept of survival past the day-to-day that all animals go through.  The savages think that when times are bad, they will just come to us White Folk for help, even though they had the same opportunities as we had, when the times were good, to prepare for the bad times.  Somehow or other, they manage to think that it was not their fault but it was ours, due to the lingering effects of colonialism, the pillaging of their resources or the guilt factor of just being plain better than them.  Well, the good times are there for all creatures, great and small, and have been since the first animal crawled out of the oceans, all those millions of years ago.  We White Folk are better than the other sub-humans and not just because we are White but because we are accepting our responsibilities for our own Kind.  We prepare because it is in our nature to care for our community, for us White Folk.  We want the best and, as such, we ensure that the good times will weaken the effects of the bad time.  We do not need to be sent into a guilt trip just because our "neighbors" cannot do the same thing, even though "apparently" they are just the same as us.  Now is not the time to initiate our downfall from the peak of evolutionary success by mixing with the sub-humans, by wasting our hard earned resources on those who couldn't be bothered to scratch themselves unless they were paid to do so.  No, we are in the bad times for our White Folk and our resources are stretched thin enough as it is without squandering them on the pathetic refuse of humanity who could not be bothered to do anything for themselves.  It is up to us to continue on the grand tradition of being what we are - better than the rest.  Nature's Eternal Laws state that it is within each and every species purview to survive to the best of their abilities and we White Folk have done so with our own means without the "help" of the lesser species of humanity.  We must let our fellow White Folk out there understand the situation that we are in, that this is the worst time of our species life.  We need to stand up and promote our Kind and only then can we have a Whiter Brighter World.

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!


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