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Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton

This message is being brought to you on Tuesday, 19th of May, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

The irony not withstanding is that in one of the more wealthiest parts of outback Australia, Mount Isa, there is some pretty poor people living there in squalor and filth.  Dogs roam the streets, just as scrawny as the near naked children, as they do what they do best.  There is garbage laying in the streets, the yards are unkempt and untidy and there is no sign that people are looking after the houses that they have.  All in all, it does look like some Third World country, as stated by the news reporter.  So, how does this happen, not only just in Australia but in a wealthy mining town ??

A twist to the story, though it should not be so obvious to you, is that the residents of this street are all black.  Yes, the native blacks of Australia are living in this rubbish dump and are, as you can also guess, crying foul over their "treatment".  As I was watching this article on the current affairs show, I heard one of the female blacks state that they are not cared for by the government or the big mining companies of the area because they are black.  I turned to the person next to me and asked them : "Why don't they look after themselves ??"  That person had no answer.  Indeed, as the show progressed on (and it really did look like it was staged), one has to ask oneself - how could people live in such degrading situations ??  Each of the houses shown were all run down on the outside - yards unmowed, trash littering the gutters and front yards, paint peeling off the walls.  On the inside, the same was also occurring  - more trash, more peeling paint, as well as, the human detritus of unwashed dishes, literally overflowing from the sink, and the piles of dirty clothes laying about.  Now, I have seen some pretty poor people live their lives out, trying their best to make their lives just that little bit better and, no matter how ordinary the food is, no matter how second hand the clothes are, they always make their home tidy if it is threadbare.  Of course, these are White Folk, so, maybe there is something there to be mentioned, perhaps.  Still, the question bugged me - why should the government or others look after these blacks in the first place ??

The native blacks of Australia won their right to be recognized as citizens of Australia over forty years ago.  There was long winded public campaigns, carefully placed propaganda and the usual hype of the sixties to make this a better world for all of us to live in.  The government was to no longer take care of the blacks, releasing them on their own recognizance.  They were just the same as you and me, so, they needed no protection, no hand-holding, nothing.  They were just as good as us.  Just how badly off were the blacks back in those days that make these days so much more better ??  Firstly, the majority of the blacks back then worked in the outback, living on cattle and sheep properties, where they did the general duties of a stockman.  Rounding up livestock, repairing fences, fighting fires, etc.  The government usually held their wages for them, releasing a minimum of "fun money" whilst the property owners fed, housed and looked after their workers.  They called it organized slavery but it was perhaps the best state of survival for these unfortunates, who were quite susceptible to the ravages of alcohol and other substance abuse.  They also were in touch with their "people and culture", being within close proximity to their fellow tribesman and still living in the area where they could practice their whatever they do.  Suddenly, the liberal bleeding hearts said that that was all wrong and that they should have the right to do what we White Folk could and should do.  Of course, the same liberals forgot to determine for themselves whether the blacks could live in our society with all the advantages that the blacks saw - housing that didn't blow down in a gentle breeze, regular nutricious food and an incoming welfare cheque so that they didn't really have to do work - without looking at all the disadvantages, such as obeying our laws, paying taxes, doing justice for the community.  They were told that they were just as good as us and given a free pass into our unsuspecting society who was told that it would be all good.  And look at what happened.  Forty years of continual government spending (to give them a head start, a catch-up to the rest of us), forty years of regular training and job emplacement, forty years of free medical care in areas where there are often no permanent doctors for anyone.  All these benefits, just for them, just because they were black.  The end result of this grand experiment - whining on TV that they were left to fend for themselves and they failed.  How pathetic.

Of course, it is not the black's fault that they can't live within our society because they are completely and utterly different from the rest of us.  Just like asking a lion to live amongst the gazelles, it just does not happen, no matter how hard you try to teach that lion to eat tofu and goto Gazelle Awareness classes.  They can't be expected to learn how to wash their dishes, how to clean their clothes, obtain a job and live within their means.  How to avoid substance abuse or obtain help if they do fall for the trap of alcohol and drugs.  How to maintain a clean and decent, if spartan, home and lifestyle - people are poor or have poor paying jobs all over the world.  What made this story even more interesting was that one of the female blacks (actually, besides the male children, the only other males shown on the show were asleep in a gutter) said that she should not be expected to maintain the same standards because she was seventeen years old, with two kids and one on the way.  Whatever her reasons but the point is that she is a generation or two away from what the blacks were like before their freedom.  This young female black was given every single advantage that the blacks have been given over the last forty years - permanent access to education, taught all the subjects needed to determine what job that they wanted, life skills on domestic duties (Home Ec) and even sex education classes.  Government handouts and freebies, cheaper medical care, their own political support group (until recently, ATSIC, but it was shut down).  All these benefits, all these bonuses, all these gifts to help them not be like what they were before, during her grandmother's or great-grandmother's day, when they walked the deserts, hunting down goannas and eating raw emu eggs.  Yet, what happens, even after all these donations of the White Folk's time, money, genetics and inventiveness - they still sleep in filth.  Despite decades of building this female black's capability to live in our collective society, all the infrastructure and efforts - they still can't let go of what they are.  Sub-human primates.  I have never seen such complete and utter degradation in any society that lies within a modern Western European based civilization.  In the middle of the civil war stricken Chad, yes, and that would be expected.  But in a booming mining town of Australia ??  Surely, this could not be and yet there it was before me, in technicolor too.  Is it our fault, us White Folk, that allowed these blacks to stay in the poverty ridden slums ??  No.  Yes, you heard me - NO !!  And why do I say that ??  Because we have done every single thing that we could do to make them become part of our society, given so much of ourselves to help them and they have shown us their true colors.  Despite all the government funding, these blacks can't support themselves: they keep having more children instead of doing the sensible thing and practice birth control; they cannot afford the rents so they let their homes run down, to make it cheaper to live in because of the poor conditions that they are living in (Note: these houses would have not been built that way brand new !!), instead of finding that better job or moving to another town or giving up excesses like alcohol.  The blacks are just the most poorest excuse for an example of humanity as there can be.  They are so primitive that despite decades of somewhat forced integration into the society that they wanted in, they still sleep on the dirt.  As PME Ben Klassen stated once - "You can take the nigger out of the jungle but not the jungle out of the nigger".  No truer words could have been spoken, to represent this situation.  They are just not good enough to live in our society.  They cannot integrate with our society, as they are too alien to begin with.  It is not their fault - they are a product of their genetics, just as much as you and I are.  Years of effort and they cannot stack up to the expectations that you and I can do and do so, on a daily basis.  They should be removed from our society before the rot sets in amongst us White Folk.  And I do not mean just the flies, rats and other diseases that can come streaming from their midden heaps within our towns, but also their lazy and slack ways of not doing anything, of expecting others to look after themselves.  This is not how White Folk operate !!  Manifest Destiny is not just a catch-phrase for the American West but something that can be expressed wherever there are White Folk.  Australia, Europe, South Africa - it does not matter what part of the world we are living in.  No, we are White Folk, proud people, born with the zeal to push forward, to stretch our imaginations, to overcome, evolve and adapt to whatever the surroundings throw at us.  So, let us rid ourselves of the cancerous tumor that is festering inside of our lands, cast them out to live on their own, to wither on the vine all by themselves.  When you are reaching for the stars, it is time to drop the millstone around your neck.

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!


Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton

This message is being brought to you on Tuesday, 2nd of June, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

It appears that racism is once again the big headlining news, in the Land Down Under, called Australia.  At first, there was a relatively minor uproar over the CEO of Australia's largest tele-communications company, Telstra, by Sol Trujillo, who stated that we are a backward and racist country.  Add to this the recent attack of an Indian student in Melbourne, Victoria and one would assume that Australia is the land not only famed for its kangaroos but other difficult hard to catch creatures - the nasty racists.  What a load of bunkum.

I personally like Australians, as they are hard-working and decent folk.  They are so laid back in their attitudes to the majority of events in our lives, that they only rarely get their duffer in a dander - and usually when someone attacks their beloved country.  Speaking to my Australian friends, I inquired of them about this attitude and they were not sure as to the meaning of my question - they are what they are, so they said, apparently confused.  One of them stated that perhaps because Australia is such a harsh environment to live in, with dramatic changes in climate, they often had to rely exclusively on each other to survive.  With such a strong attitude to the most basic needs of survival, comparatively everything else is a breeze !!  Okay then, so we now know that the Aussies are so relaxed in their general attitudes because they have to suffer the natural disasters that come with great frequency in their land.  So, why would the former CEO, Sol Trujillo, make such a statement about our attitude.  Probably because as a Mexican-American, he is looking for people to take him down because of his own ethnicity.  He is so insecure with himself that if he perceives a slight coming from someone else, then it must because of what he is, not what he has done.  And that is because they can do no wrong, right ??  Those lovely Mexican-Americans who butcher themselves on a daily (almost hourly basis) on the Texan-Mexico border, running their drugs across into our land.  Or what about the massive gang wars that are flaring up wherever they are situation, not only between themselves but also with the blacks and the other non-minority (i.e. us White Folk) ??  Violence over a slight perception of one's values is a common event with these Latrinos, as PM Matt Hale once stated, and that they cannot look after themselves without the need for putting someone in their place.  It is really quite sad and disappointing that this CEO should treat the company that gave him over $4 million in a goodbye present, as he left the company in financial limbo, struggling to compete with the other telcos, over whom they had a strong dominance.  When complaints about a person's abilities are made it because of those faults, not because of race, Mr Trujillo, you racist piece of Mexican trash that was dragged on the hoof across the border all those years ago.  Nearly four years in the country and you did not understand the people who gave you all that money and trust.  One word - pathetic.  Three words - don't come back.

Next on the list is that of the alleged racist attack on the Indian student in Melbourne.  Now, due to work commitments, I have not been able to see the initial event at the time (thus, the reason for the missed weekly message, my apologies for that), only seeing the ever popular footage of a Indian, laying on a bed with a stitched up wound in the belly.  As always, when reviewing the preceding information, one comes across just the standard bland statements made by the people involved.  To what extent is there needed a specific organization for just Indian students (FISA) - is that not discriminatory in of itself, not wanting to work with the student body as a whole, separating themselves ??  Mr Gupta, of FISA, said that Australians were, at a whole, nice people and that it was just a certain element of the public causing all the dismay, also adding that the media was also hyping it up.  The Police commissioner, Simon Overland, said that in the course of the resolving of the Indian-initiated rallies, they were given several chances to leave quietly but refused until, after several hours, the police responded as they normally do in standard situations of this type.  He also stated that the attacks on Indians had actually gone down over the last few years and that they were just caught up in the rising street crime. Mr Gupta denied that this was the case and also stated that the joint police-Indian forum was broken down because the Indians weren't allowed to speak in their native language.  What a fuss over, basically, one person who was attacked !!  Naturally, the Indians are not the aggressors, right ??  Well, of course not, as they so want to blend into Australian society by speaking the language of the country, by acting in the proper manner and doing their best to join in with the rest of the social standards.  No, instead they continue to let themselves become discriminatory by not doing anything at all to become one with the society at all.  Separate language, separate organizations, separate social views (like the burning of surviving widows on the pyres of their dead husbands or the worshiping of disease infested rats).  No, why should they become one with the rest of Australia !?!?  They are not Australians, they never will be because they are not wanting to give up their specific rights and lifestyle aspects.  Indeed, they are displaying racist and discriminatory behavior !!  That they want the rest of Australia to change their society to accept them, well, I am offended on behalf of the Aussies Down Under, that they have to give up their lifestyles and their societal standards for a bunch of sub-humans who can only whine and cry out "Racist!", each time that they are a victim of crime.  Of course, if they were that offended and cannot handle the stress, why do they return back to their own universities, back in India, and continue their education there.  Surely, their unis are just as good as ours, right ??

It must be sad that the minorities who come to Australia, or any other country, cannot understand how to live within their new societies.  As well, it must also be very difficult when the same society that they are trying to integrate into do their best to make life easier for them.  Setting up English training classes, adding street signs in other languages, changing the laws - all for their benefit.  Of course, it must be hard for them to comprehend just how much the White Folk are bending over backwards to help these pieces of slime to get all the goodness that we, us White Folk, have developed over the many centuries, whilst they were lolling about, eating fruit and being chased by large carnivorous animals.  Every time I have met one of these minorities, they always seem to resent us White Folk in some way or other.  Some of the more common resentments are : 1) not understanding our culture, 2) not understanding our language, 3) not understanding our laws, 4) not understanding the need to earn your way through life.  I am sure that there are more out there that you can think of, just by yourselves.  Ironically, the first time I came across this was with an Indian geologist who was extremely annoyed that my country did not recognize its doctoral degree it had gotten back in India.  Of course, he did it by correspondence course and it had nothing to do with his original geology degree and was just basically a diploma mill.  In his country, it was as good as gold - here, it was not worth the piece of paper it was written on.  So, it was very upset at us, for not recognizing his best points when, in reality, they were not good points at all (and thus, was he relegated to a lower paying, lower privileged job).  Sorry buddy, if you cannot show us that you can do the job, no matter what piece of paper you have, you will not get the job.  And this is what we White Folk are suffering from in these new years of the 21st century.  Bombarded from all sides by the so-called educated and qualified sub-human minorities, our own culture, society and values are being eroded, degraded to fit these muds' own perceptions of what is good.  It is right for us White Folk to give up what we have earnt through hard labor and decent honest toil, to give up all the time-honored values that we know that works, just because little Jamal Singh Goldstein Chong Bakuloo can live with us ??  Of course not !!!  We White Folk are not here to be forced to give up our standards, to drop them in an effort to compete with savages who could barely scratch out enough food to feed their herd of family relations a mere century ago.  It was these same values that led us White Folk to formulate and create the wonderful world around us !!  It was us who led the world in technological and engineering advances !!  It was us who developed new species for better food production !!  Not these savages who sat on the sidelines, waiting for us to come and train them up to look and be like us, much as they did with the chimpanzees on television.  And just like those apes, these prehistoric mentality thugs cannot get past their own innate savagery, their own need to destroy that which they cannot understand.  We can lead them around and give them a good home but they are resenting us, each and every day because they know that they cannot compete with us.  Our racial enemies use this resentment against the White Race.  As PME Ben Klassen stated that they are pumping black blood into the veins of the White Race.  Their mission is to make everyone exactly the same (except them, of course, for they are "God's" chosen), to make us all become the Tan Everyday Man - no White Folk, no blacks, no Asians, no Arabs, just a brown robot clone.  Now, for all you non-Whites who read this, let me spell it out for you - our racial enemies hate you just as much as they hate us; they are using you to destroy us White Folk because we are the only ones who can dismantle their plans once and for all.  They do not care about the "racist attacks" on you - they just want to get new laws passed so that it will make it harder for us White Folk to live with even less chance to rid you from our society.  In fact, us White Folk really don't care about you minorities at all - you can all go back to wherever you come from and wither on the vine, without our support.  Which returns us back to the resentment, as the minorities know that they can't live without us and we White Folk can live quite happily without them at all.  So, to all the minorities out there - go back home and live on your own skills and capabilities.  Apparently, you can, so, do it without us White Folk holding your hand.  In fact, just go back home, go away and don't come back at all.  Don't go away mad, just go away.  Can you understand that ??

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!


Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton

This message is being brought to you on Tuesday, 9th of June, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

Sometimes, I am amazed at the irony of the events that I see in the world, whenever I watch the television news of read the local newspaper (which often grants me an insight into the greater world outside of my home town).  Add to this the current book I am reading, and I often wonder how these events just happen to co-incide.  A couple of days ago, I was watching the D-Day landing anniversary celebration, listening to the usual blather and then I saw that President Obama went to a concentration camp, laying down a white rose.  Since the "White Rose" was the name of the resistance movement in Nazi Germany, my current reading selection of "The Hoax of the Twentieth Century" seems somewhat appropriate.

Did that depositing of that particular flower was of significance and not just a random choice - if it was anyone else, perhaps; yet, this is the President of the USA, whose entire life is being monitored 24/7, so, I do not think that it was chosen randomly but picked for the special reason of the resistance movement.  A symbolic gesture for the resistance movement which never really got anywhere except the deaths of the students who founded the group in the first place (indeed, it was said that at their university, after the execution, their fellow students celebrated).  Still, it does show just how much of an effort there is to keep up appearances whenever the President is showboated about, dropping in subtle hints of how bad White Pride is in any shape and form, such as the Nazis of Germany; though I doubt that many people these days would have known of the actual group in any detail, let alone the significance of the flower.  However, it does lead me to believe that there must be a conscious effort to maintain the symbolism with everything that Obama does, which concludes, for me, that he is not really his own person but is on a leash of others.  We all know who is controlling this monkey, so, it should not be of a great surprise to see that he is being controlled by his handlers.  So, the original event, the celebration of the D-Day landings, was marked by the making of the point of the death in the holo-hoax of the Jews which leads to the book I am currently reading.

I have heard of this book for quite a few years and finally decided to buy it recently.  It is very interesting in what it maintains and sets out to achieve, though I am only about one-third of the way through it.  The author, Arthur Butz, is not a historian per se but is a technical expert in his field which allows his book to come across as being a write-up of an experiment or research project.  This is quite interesting because it does not allow the emotional content to come on through and mar the evidence that is laid before the reader.  So, what is it about the holo-hoax that has such a grip on the lives of people today ??  The answer is, as it always seems to be, about the Jews.  With this race of malcontents, we are constantly berated in everyday life about this alleged event.  They have gone so far as to encourage other countries to change their laws to suit this travesty of both history and justice, jailing people for wanting to get to the truth of the matter, no matter what.  Why do they not let independent archaeologists in to excavate at the alleged death camps ??  Why is it that after sixty years, the Jews are still hunting down these frail old men for crimes that any honest person would say are impossible to prove either way in a court, no matter how "painful" it was ??  Why is it that this new religion of the Jews has become like a club that is threatening over us, each time there is a need for a legitimate claim of the Jews causing their own little genocide of the Palestinians ??  Why did Arthur Butz had to search hard for any publisher to print his book, despite the well-researched notes that he offers to his reader ??  Even in popular culture, there are numerous references to this holo-hoax in televisions shows, magazine articles, fiction stories and so forth.  It just does not go away, no matter how hard you try.  Why is that ??  What about the extermination of his own people, by both Stalin and Mao, which has records of people in the tens of millions being killed ??  Where are the articles about those genocides being promulgated each week ??  I do not see any "movie-of-the-week" commemorating these events at all, let alone any allusion to them in our popular culture.  It is almost as if these events where insignificant, of little importance, as compared to the alleged Jewish holocaust.  Is it because it is racist to assume that any other group of people can be subjected to a genocide ??  Is the alleged Jewish genocide of WW2 of more greater stature than the many millions of Chinese that died under Mao ??  Or of the many millions of various ethnicities and cultures that were killed by Stalin and his cronies ??  I do not hear of any one in Austria being deported or locked up because they thought that the Mao-induced genocide  was just another method of birth control under a Communist regime ??  Where is the justice in all of this that allows for all the great crimes of the twentieth century be brushed aside as mere footnotes to history, just because it did not allegedly involved the Jews ??

The simple answer is that the Jews don't want you to know of other peoples' suffering and hardship. They want you to think and believe that they are the only ones who have suffered hardship under a totalitarian regime ever and are willing to enforce such a belief on you, whether you like it or not, by all and every available means that they can.  That this is actually a mockery and an oxymoron is beside the point for these people because they only truly care about themselves.  The Jews are probably the only race of humanity that can be classed as entirely composed of narcissists.  They are the only ones that are human, according to their religious beliefs - the rest of us are just animals made to look human.  They are the only ones who were crafted by a higher being for a cause, naming themselves as "The Chosen Ones"; no other gods exist and they are the living proof of their god (which means that, for example, if you slap a Jew across the face, you are effectively slapping "God" across his face).  They are the only ones who cannot maintain an empire or even a small country for any significant period of time without it collapsing underneath their hubris or being invaded because of their internal struggles; as an author (Charles Pinckney) once wrote that a nation of vampires cannot live off other vampires.  They build a state within the state and then they slowly strangle the host nation by the use of financial means - I believe that I am paraphrasing Benjiman Franklin here.  Nevertheless, no matter how hard you may believe that this is a conspiracy, that this is akin to aliens giving us humans technology in return for abduction rights, the fact is that there is literally tonnes of information and proof about this actually happening (the Jews, not the aliens, sorry).  The laws that have been changed in countries specifically for the Jews.  How the Jews have created Israel as a Jew-only country, systematically discriminating against the native Arabs and other minorities who were living there - and no-one bats an eyelid at this turn of events.  That the Jews are the only country in the Middle East to have nuclear power/weapons, and has even bombed other nearby countries' installations to prevent them from having the same level of technology - and no-one bats an eyelid at these turns of events.  How the Jews are the largest lobbying group in Washington D.C., always pestering for more money, more grants, more material support from the USA - all of these resources to go overseas to a little country of no significant value, which uses apartheid methods to be biased against the native population, which kills innocent people in foreign lands, which has more United Nations sanctions proposed against them than even Iraq and North Korea combined which is than vetoed by the USA ??  And no-one bats an eyelid.  Is there something I am missing here ??  How can such a small group of people, a pathetic little country on the Mediterranean Sea, wield such a power over the minds of others, blatantly using torture, destruction of private property and other human rights violations with no-one in the modernized Western world standing up publically to denounce their actions ??  Oh wait, that's right - they suffered in the .... holo-hoax.  Right.  Okay.  The event that we are not allowed to investigate, that we must accept what the Jewish archaeologists and historians tell us about what is behind the curtain, that we can't debate over any of the details, that we have to keep paying for in both money and industry resources forever and a day.  That such a hoax has been played upon us in the modernized Western world is bad enough - that it has continued for over six decades tells us that our leaders do not care about the truth, that they do not care about how your taxes are spent and that they do not care about the rules and regulations of a modern civilization at all.  And that they are being controlled by these people in one form or another.  Each time someone stands up and points out that there is an elephant in the room or that the emperor has no clothes on, the state slams them into prison, condones the use of punitive financially crippling lawsuits against the speaker or even covertly allows them to disappear.  The time has come, my fellow White Folk, that the lies must be exposed, that the veil be removed from our faces.  The facts are there, the proof is out there.  Our Beloved Founder, PME Ben Klassen, researched this topic, enabling us to use his skills to show the falsehoods that the lies have caused us, the damage it has done to our society and, more importantly, what we can do to fix the problem.  Once we get this information out there, once people are willing to let themselves admit that they have been fooled (and we all hate that) then we will turn the brown tide and we shall end up making this a Whiter Brighter World for us all !!

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!

A good book exposing the BIG lie - free ebook A good visual, including a jew-boy turning on his own; four hour video on the hoaxacast Get it while you can ! Obviously ZOG is constantly telling us that these are lies ... and for good reason.


Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton

This message is being brought to you on Tuesday, 23rd of June, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

Maybe it is the scientist in me but it seems that the entire society seems to be akin to a human body, in terms of actions and reactions.  As the swine 'flu epidemic seems to continue its world-wide spread, it shows just how much it has affected our various different societies and cultures.  Let us look at the commonalities between the two.

Let us see just how much the similarities are present.  if we consider the White Race as a standard human body, we can see that the introduction of non-Whites as being something akin to germs or other foreign bodies, such a the swine 'flu virus or a splinter in the hand.  The white blood cells come along to attack the invaders, consuming them and even dying in the process, to ensure that the whole body survives.  You could be correct in saying that those who are proud of their Folk, such as us, are those white blood cells, laying down our lives (literally and metaphorically) to defend against these foreigners.  It is also very similar on how the rest of the body goes on about its daily routine without really noticing the fight that is taking on within its borders.  Sure, there is a rise in temperature and things maybe a tad shaky but overall, it is life on as normal.  Does this sound familiar to the rest of you out there, doing your jobs without any real knowledge of what is happening ??  Is that why you see the change in the norm around you, looking for those hot spots or the little tremors and seeing where the original source is ??

Of course, there is that other form of disease that comes into our lives, one that threatens us all.  It is those diseases that make the body attack itself, thinking that it is trying to protect itself.  The classic example is that of the HIV virus and its partner-in-crime, AIDS.  Through unnatural acts or through good intentions, the virus enters our body, hiding in our blood cells, especially our defenders - the white blood cells.  As the virus propagates, the body does not immediately reacts to the change because, for all intensive purposes, these are still the same cells as they were before.  Silent but deadly, hidden vipers within our breasts - these are the ones that slowly take over the body defense system and then it destroys it completely.  However, it does not actually kill people - as the systems are down, the body is open to relatively simple diseases and it is these that eventually kill.  If you think, like it was stated by our Beloved Founder, PME Ben Klassen, you will see that our racial enemies influence the defenders of our lifestyle by both good intentions and unnatural acts - the government, the church and other community leaders - all are told by these enemies that to do the opposite of what they should do.  How many of our racial enemies have been "outed" with the majority of the people out there thinking that they were members of the White race ??  How many wars or other conflicts have we lost our own kin, due to the good intentions of these leaders, listening to "good advice" or being told to "do or else something bad happens" ??  The similarities are there for all to see, as well as the end result - death to the whole.

So, what do we need to do to keep the wolves from our throats, to toss the barbarians out the gate ??  The answer is that we must educate our fellow White Folk.  It is a simple answer and one that seems all to simple to actually do but it is something that we must do - no ifs, no buts - just do.  What our fellow brethren are afraid of is that they will be ostracized by their fellow peers, they will lose their jobs or they will be severely injured/killed because of the spreading of the truth.  Yes, you will suffer somewhat to a degree these unfortunate events, at least, in the beginning.  The hardest yards will be the first ones that we take, in this marathon of willpower.  We have the will and we will succeed.  We must teach our fellow White Folk that not only is it right to feel negative attitudes towards those who do not belong with us, it is also quite natural !!  If you take a drop of slug blood and put it into your body, the body will react the same way as if the reverse also happened.  Repeat : it is natural to feel righteous indignation against those who threaten us.  Secondly, we must expose the reason why we are fighting off this latest disease - show them the rising immigration numbers of non-Whites into your country, show them the rising crime rates due to these non-Whites, show the property damage in your local area, show them the reason why are losing access to our White Folk culture at the expense of these interlopers.  Then show them what happens when, like a weaken body is hit by an outside illness, the outcome overall.  Your society is overcome with non-Whites, Jews masquerading as White, White people pretending to be black, crime rate is up, chaos is rampant - then the banks collapse.  People already struggling in a weakened environment are hit with a massive body blow and are unlikely to recover to full health.  Well, this is the perfect time for the white blood cells, i.e. pro-White Folk, to come out and take on the new disease before it destroys as a whole.  We mus take this opportunity, sad as it is, to attack and drive out those that are ruining our world and our culture.  No more Black History month, no more multi-CULTural fairs, no more sending money to Israel, Mali or other shitty little countries.  It is time that we remove the splinter, swallow the pills, and get back our lives and our culture.  For if we do not do this - and do it now - then we are lost, forever.  Extinction is complete, there will be no more White Folk left - ever.  Gone, vamoose, see ya later alligator !!  Do you think the price of having some new foods around and different color skinned school children is enough for the destruction of the White Race ??  Are you prepared to let our Folk be removed from the planet's history with a whimper and nothing else ??  So, why not get off your butts and go out and talk to our Folk.  Explain to them the situation, send them to a website, hand out literature, do anything to help us help them.  If the White Folk die, as other species have died, then I want to go out in style, fighting and sinking my fangs into the throat of my enemy if necessary, even if that is the last act of defiance that I can do.  Most importantly, we have to do something and we have to do it today.  RaHoWa !!!

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!


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