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Title: In Memoriam: Ernst Zundel & Ingrid Rimland
Post by: Private on 07 August 2017 at 03:50
Source: https://carolynyeager.net/report-ernst-zündel-died-saturday-august-5 (https://carolynyeager.net/report-ernst-zündel-died-saturday-august-5)

It is with GREAT, GREAT sorrow., that I bring the VERY tragic news., of the TRULY heroic German "Hollow-Caust" investigator, Ernst Zundel (with 2 major court-trials in Canada, back in 1985 & 88)., as I just got off the phone with his sister in Germany, that he is in fact., and had VERY unfortunately., just past-away yesterday, Saturday, August 5th...

Ernst was born in 1939 in Wildbad in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Since his release from prison in Germany on March 1, 2010, after a decades long persecution for telling the truth, Ernst had been living (under restrictions) back in his Black Forest homeland in Baden-Wurttemberg, banned from re-entering the USA, where his wife, Ingrid, is a citizen.

78-years old with weakened heart, it appears Ernst died peacefully in his sleep.

Title: Re: In Memoriam: Ernst Zundel & Ingrid Rimland
Post by: Private on 03 November 2017 at 23:26
When Ernst Zundel's widowed wife, Ingrid Rimland Zundel recently disappeared from Facebook, I was worried that the First Lady of Revisionism had become a victim of mainstream social media's dogmatic political correctness. Rather than being worried about the psychopathic PC dogma, in retrospect, that's what I should have wished for ...

Ingrid Rimland Zundel, RIP
Michael Hoffman | National Vanguard (https://nationalvanguard.org/)

Image Source: http://www.jewworldorder.org/the-david-cole-affair-a-study-in-duplicity-and-treachery

Extract: Ingrid Rimland Zundel, an accomplished and successful professional author and the loyal wife of the late World War II revisionist publisher and activist Ernst Zundel, has died. .. Ingrid was born into the historic community of German Mennonites resident in Russia since the time of Catherine the Great ... After the war, many German Mennonite refugees were sent to South America, where Ingrid's family took up residence under harsh conditions. She eventually left her faith community to pursue a higher education and the career of a writer. She met Ernst in the 1990s. She survived her husband by less than three months. She leaves behind an extensive headquarters complex in Tennessee, complete with lodging facilities, a library and archives ...