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Title: "Imperium" Latest Hollywood Show to Demonise Skins and Nationalists
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The Jewish Harry Potter joins the Klan.


 The first trailer for Imperium sees Daniel Radcliffe play an FBI agent who goes undercover in a white supremacist terrorist cell.

 'You see the type of organisation we have here? We can always use a man like you Nathan,' growls the group's recruiter, placed by a menacing Chris Sullivan.

 'Educated. War veteran. Clean record. This is revolutionary activity we're talking about here.'

 Even though it's a front, fans of JK Rowling's boy wizard will find the sight of the now 26-year-old shaving his head and taking up ranks among the Klu Klux Klan unsettling

 'I need an informant. Get in there and make a difference,' his handler, played by Toni Collette, tells him.

 'I don't have the skills for this,' he replies, frenetic. 'I cant even defend myself!'

 'You DO have the skills! try relating to these guys as human beings,' she shouts.

 But it's clear Radcliffe's Nate Foster can see them as nothing but monsters, as he tries to blend in to white power marches and KKK meetings, in an attempt to uncover a terrorist bomb plot.

 More than once in the tense trailer it becomes clear members of the group suspect something.

 'These guys are fanatics, they will not be taken alive,' he tells Collette over the phone, but in the very next scene accepts: 'for evil to triumph, it only takes good men to do nothing.'

 The clip two-minute clip ends with Radcliffe driving a van while Sullivan asks him his 'opinion on infiltration'.


'It's just like they say at these rallies, you look to the left, you look to the right — one of these people is a snitch,' he says... before turning and staring directly at Radcliffe: 'It's the left.'

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