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Author Topic: I'm anti-Semite Christian ... Is anti-Semitic Christianity Allowed Here?

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I'm Christian--BUT Absolutely Anti-Semitic
(Apollonian, 5 Aug 10)

Hello comrades: I'm "Christian"--BUT absolutely anti-semitic.  In fact, I hold Christianity is absolutely anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9) and is totally meaningless without this anti-semitism.  Christianity IS anti-semitism, and the most successful form of anti-semitism is Christianity, I say, which history verifies.

And yes, I absolutely agree present, established Christianity is an absolute outrage to all humanity and MUST be reformed to comport properly w. its glorious and original anti-semitic foundation.  What happened is that when Christianity succeeded and achieved effective, virtual Jew-Expulsion, it (Christianity) then rather degenerated, esp. in that putrid MYSTICISM--so that soon enough, Jews were able, slowly but surely, to worm and infiltrate their way back to within Christianity, as we see presently.

Thus Christianity is, properly understood, the way of TRUTH (as Gosp JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8) vs. Jew lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44) and conspiracy.  Thus u see, Christianity is properly understood as HEGELIAN ANTI-THESIS to Judaism (Truth vs. Jew lies).

I read up on Ben Klassen and read some of the books yrs ago--I much sympathize w. Creativity.  But I came to adopt Christianity as it's much more practical way, I think, to combat Judaism-Talmudism (Judaism IS Talmudism--see for expo/ref., also see  For by means of Christianity, properly understood (anti-semitism), it's easier thereby to relate w. gentile volk and encourage that anti-semitism necessary for true salvation.

So I'd like to get ur reactions to this Christianity of mine--remember, I hold it's (Christianity) meaningless without anti-semitism, and if u're NOT anti-semitic, then u can't be Christian.  If u're Christian, then u MUST BE anti-semitic.  Thus u see the great beauty of my Christian system is I can work "within the system," so to speak.

There's one serious problem for creativity as I see it--for the Jews benefit if gentiles (white and non-white) remain dis-united and fighting against one another, the Jews remaining aloof, playing the various gentiles against one another.

By means of Christianity, thus gentiles can unite--but on strict racialistic basis, consistent w. good old creativity.  For one should note the great virtue of Christianity is HONESTY in honor of highest value, truth, and all gentiles then and thereby can retain their racialist exclusivity and identity, united against infernal Jews, the enemy of all humanity, reason, and reality.  Don't forget the 5th of original Ten Commandments is "honor thy race" (parentage).

Thanks much for all ur attn and advice.  Apollonian

(I notice this forum's posting format does not allow too great length going down the page, as it will not cooperate to letting me view what I'm typing at this depth of the page--I hope it prints out okay.)

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Christianity is a degenerate, Jewish slave religion meant to give hope to the lowest of the low and cage the minds and souls of the powerful and successful. Reworking Christinsanity two thousand years after its advent is only going to entice the gullible who believe in magic and invisible friends, thereby destroying any hope that they, as White men and women, can once and for all escape the manipulating priests with their eternal Jewish dogma.

Christinsanity anti-Semitic? How can someone who worships a Jewish God, a Jewish son of a Jewish god and his Jewish mother be an anti-Semite? Any anti-Semitism is to do with race; and that means biological racism - not religious rivalry or you'd be trying to convert orthodox Yids into adopting the worship of one of their own.

You ask if Christinsanity is allowed here - No it is not. However, as long as you do not bother us with your spooks, we'll let you hang around and contribute to this forum in the same way we would any other biological racist.

Pontifex Cambeul.

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Christianity Ought To Be Assessed On Its Own Terms, According To Its Own Founding Text, New Testament
(Apollonian, 5 Aug 10)

Okay, thanks for ur candid reply.  As white man, I respect property rights, and this is obviously ur forum, not mine, so if I'm not going to be tolerated, then that's fine, as it's ur right.  I commend u for ur honesty and willingness to confront my arguments.

Don't doubt I basically accept ur premises--ANTI-SEMITISM.  As I say and contend, such anti-semitism is the proper and original purpose of Christianity, and I give my references fm basic Christian text which is New Testament (NT)--Old Test. (OT) is merely advisory and supplemental for true Christianity.

Note then purpose and highest ideal of Christianity--according to its founding text, NT, again--is TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), this against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).  I find it's extremely effective, so far as I've applied to this anti-semitic Christianity, to invoke these Christian ideals as reflected in its own text to the Christian people I come across--they take it quite seriously.

CONCLUSION: For isn't the pt. to achieve JEW-EXPULSION?--that's highest ideal to which I'm dedicated, u may be sure--and I find, as I say, it's most effective to work "within" Christian system.  Note also, it's important when u make assertions about Christianity to cite the text sources.  I don't go by what popes say--I go by the Christian text itself--this is the way to appeal to Christians who are a great percentage of the population, don't forget.  thanks again for all ur advice.  A.

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Welcome to the forum Apollonian.

You suggest that Creativity is a problem because we won't unite with the muds against the Jews? You then go on to say that your brand of Christinsanity would involve Whites allying with muds against the Jews? If I am correct in this analysis of your post, then I disagree that your brand of Christinsanity is truly racialistic. Creators consider all the muds races, the Jew especially, as our Natural enemies and we do not believe that the enemy of our enemy is our friend. Creators aim to unite all the good White people of the world against our racial enemies, as the White race united is one hundred times more powerful than all the mud races combined.

You suggest that Christinsanity is a unifier? In all the history of Christinsanity, from the year "1," it has been nothing but a means of confusing the White race in to destroying itself. It caused the Romans to fight amongst themselves and allow the mongrelisation of their race that led to their demise. It launched a bloody fraternal war between the White Romans (Christians) and the White Germans (Pagans) that murdered millions of good White people, infighting that destroyed much of our great civilisation. Christinsanity led to the "Reformation" period, that killed two thirds of Europe's population, another slaughter of White people in the name of a Jewish spook. This violence continued and still continues, with Protestant Irish killing Catholic Irish and vice versa, not in the name of White Racial Loyalty but under the banner of a Jewish desert religion.

There are hundreds of different brands of Christinsanity - the Roman Catholic, the Anglican, the Eastern Orthodox, Mormon, Seventh Day Adventist - all criticising one another and arguing over who loves their Jewish god more. Your brand of Christianity, albeit anti-Jewish, will most likely do the same; launch White people against other White people in the name of a pointless and superstitious religion that offers no benefit to the White race. Christinsanity is not a unifier, it is a religion that has served to corrupt, confuse and abuse White people from it's very inception.

As for judging Christinsanity based on it's founding texts (New Testament), every Christinsane says the same and every brand of Christinsanity has a different interpretation of the same Jewish book. I have never been able to find a simple, logical explanation of Christinsane doctrine, when I find something that remotely seems reasonable, I find somebody else saying the total opposite. Creators have examined the various Christinsane factions and none of them offer anything close to a real racial religion equipped with the tools necessary to defeat the Jewish beast. All Christinsanity is, is a superstitious mind-muddle, preaching suicidal values that you would only ever encourage your worst enemy to adopt.

We Creators understand that we have a lot of work to do, it's going to take hard work and dedication if we are to unify the White race against it's racial enemies. However, unlike the Christinsane, we have the right tools for the job. We're equipped with a racial religion, completely devoid of Jewish superstition and suicidal values. We aim to not create a new brand of an already failed product but rather to offer the White race a completely new and 100% superior product that is totally dedicated to the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White race.

You're welcome to stay on this forum Apollonian, I hope you do stay and continue to read about Creativity and converse with Creators. I hope that one day you will think again about Christinsanity and understand the damage that it has caused the White race over the past 2000 years.

I wish you well, enjoy your time here.


Reverend Scott Harrison.
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Welcome to the forum! 

I believe PM Cambeul/Rev.Masten pretty much summed it up!   You have to straighten out your thinking  to extract yourself from the Jews and their poison. Read Nature's Eternal Religion by PME  Ben Klassen and you should  begin to see where we are coming from.   

RaHoWa !!
RAHOWA ! is  INEVITABLE . It is  the ULTIMATE  and ONLY  solution !