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Its no joke dudes. I've had this condition a few times in my life (its like crapping razor blades- if you ain't ever experienced it) and have always resolved the problem with salubrious living. That is without resorting to medication.
My remedy for the Creator medical archive starts with an abstainance from any alcohol as this can be an initiating factor. Dehydration causing constipation.
The next stage that has always worked for me has been a running regime. Running in general clears out the veins of the body, tightens up the internal body ligaments. Removes a bit of weight.
The problem at my age is being out of condition. Though I have always prided myself on being "combat ready" I haven't really run for fitness since I was in my early thirties.
I started re-running three days ago. My first day I managed 1 minute before I was exhausted, my joints sore. The next day four minutes. last night twelve minutes.
At this rate living healthy is showing to pay off. My health has seized up a bit rather than being ruined by lack of activity. I should be up to optimum fitness for my age within a month easy.
I have also found squatting when passing a motion along with good hygeine helps clear the condition.
I know its a personal thing and its just a health issue that others may find useful but hope this post is acceptable.

It's a problem that many people are forced to live with. Yes your post is acceptable.



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