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Health Complaints - Anybody Know of a Salubrious Treatment?

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As I've told people before, I was bashed by a roaming pack of Nigs when I was 17 - not robbed, just bashed for being White - and hospitalised. Broken nose, smashed teeth, cracks running from the top of my teeth and nose socket to my eye socket, tear duct damage, spewing blood, pissing blood, shitting blood, blood pissing out of my ear, and severe concussion. All leaving me with a year to heal the fractures in my face, missing teeth, tear ducts that mostly healed but still give me problems, a bad bladder that worsens with age, and vertigo.

The vertigo I had years ago eventually went away, but was minor compared to what I'm getting now. Back then I'd stand up, feel dizzy, my whole body or parts of it would go numb, and if I didn't sit down quickly, I'd fall down. Recovery was within minutes. At first it was regular, until only once a month, once every six months ... and non-existent. What I get now is far worse: Lying in bed asleep at 4am, and suddenly it feels as if I'm being thrown about in a car crash. One or both sides of my body goes numb - including my teeth, I'm sweating and nauseas, the world is spinning, my eyes are spinning and I've got double vision. Doctors tell me it's due to head injuries NIGGERS!

The problem now is that I'm not only getting vertigo while in bed asleep, I'm getting relapses through the day as well. And that's really pissing me off!

Treatment: Doctors gave me ProCalm tablets. That's it. Learn to live with vertigo is what I'm told.

I read somewhere online that if I stretch my neck backwards over a cushion while lying flat on a bed, it speeds up recovery time. That does help.

Because of the severe tinnitus I have, I tend to drink a lot of Ginger Beer - you Americans call it Root Beer. It sometimes helps with the tinnitus, but also helps with nausea and motion sickness. So, by default, it's good for some of the symptoms of vertigo as well. Although I can't say I've noticed any benefits regarding the vertigo yet.

My question is, does anybody know of any good, salubrious treatments for vertigo, that they can verify do work? I can look it up and find a dozen different treatments ... but if somebody knows of something they can recommend, I'd be far happier than taking a risk on the Alex Jones Con-Artist type of Medication Scams that do nothing but fill scammers' pockets with your dough.

The following medications have the effect of reducing central nervous system over-activity by suppressing stress hormones such as cortisol, though I would recommend the steroids because they suppress cortisol the most while elevating testosterone levels:

Anticholinergics - such as hyoscine hydrobromide (scopolamine)

Anticonvulsants - such as topiramate or valproic acid for vestibular migraines

Antihistamines - such as betahistine, dimenhydrinate, or meclizine, which may have antiemetic properties

Beta Blockers - such as metoprolol for vestibular migraine

Steroids - such as methylprednisolone for inflammatory conditions such as vestibular neuritis or dexamethasone as a second-line agent for Ménière's disease


Thanks brother, but my Vertigo's NOT stress induced.

Doctors say it's from being kicked in the head by Coons when young. I've only ever had it in the morning whilst asleep. The first time, I had it at about 3am. Brother Simon was asleep in my spare room as my tenant. I did not know what Vertigo was and thought I was dying of a Brain Haemorrhage or something .... I waited until 6am and then woke Brother Simon up to take me to the hospital. It was just Vertigo from when the COONS kicked my fucking head in as a teen. It will get worse.


However, anyone reading this that doesn't know their cause for Vertigo, all I am saying is, give @N567 advice a chance.

For me, I'll stick with Ginger Beer/Root Beer.

Try a full Chiropractic adjustment specially for the cervical spine,

I know you're a back bending expert, but NOBODY touches me.

Although in all fairness, yes Chiropractic Adjustment will work for many people's vertigo.


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