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Health Complaints - Anybody Know of a Salubrious Treatment?

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--- Quote from: Rev.Cambeul on 01 May 2021 at 13:21 ---Thanks brother, but my Vertigo's NOT stress induced.

Doctors say it's from being kicked in the head by Coons when young. I've only ever had it in the morning whilst asleep. The first time, I had it at about 3am. Brother Simon was asleep in my spare room as my tenant. I did not know what Vertigo was and thought I was dying of a Brain Haemorrhage or something .... I waited until 6am and then woke Brother Simon up to take me to the hospital. It was just Vertigo from when the COONS kicked my fucking head in as a teen. It will get worse.


However, anyone reading this that doesn't know their cause for Vertigo, all I am saying is, give @N567 advice a chance.

For me, I'll stick with Ginger Beer/Root Beer.

--- End quote ---

Since your case involves brain damage rather than stress, I recommend citicoline, it is a neuroprotective drug that aids in the regeneration of neural connections in the brain.

People with brain damage from any injury use this drug and it speeds up their recovery while almost completely regenerating any damage that was inflicted.

Vitamin shops even sell a cheap generic version called CDP choline or just choline, you can buy a whole bottle with x100 750mg capsules for just $24.

Although I admit your ginger root natural remedy is also good since vegetables and fruits contain nootropic chemicals such as mecobalamin that can aid in the regeneration of brain injuries and even grow new neural connections which increases intelligence and creativity.

This is the great thing about the western diet: we incorporate vegetables and fruits into our meals such as mashed potatoes and salads and even drink juices like the ginger root beverage you mentioned along with other drinks like tomato and blueberry juice which provides us with the vitamins needed to elevate our testosterone levels and grow large brains and strong bodies.

Other races like the Jews, Africans, Amerindians, Arabs, Indians, and Mongols consume mostly grains which contains gluten that can lower testosterone and dopamine levels: this has the effect of feminizing them, slowing down their metabolism which can elevate blood sugar and increase the risk of diabetes, and stunt their growth which can reduce intelligence, creativity, and physical strength.

And even if we do eat grains, we eat superior breeds that are gluten free, and this is indicated in the labels of our food products such as General Mills cereal and oatmeal.

If you look at their people, they can also grow facial hair, but most of them have narrow and short jaws, collar bones, and hips which is an indication of low testosterone levels.

Thanks. That's something different to look into.


--- Quote from: Rev.Cambeul on 02 May 2021 at 02:36 ---Thanks. That's something different to look into.

--- End quote ---

You are welcome!


White Power!

As some of you know, I have chronic Tinnitus problems in one ear. So I put together a 3 hour long video to help mask the worst of it ...

Crackling Log Fire in a Fire Place, with Rain on a Tin Roof and Thunder.

P.S. I jewed the fire and rain from a couple of different YouTube videos.

I have chronic pain in the feet - Tendonitis caused by the Army and Plantar Fasciitis (Hail Mussolini!)

My feet swell up on occasion, so I'm giving these Compression Socks a try. They don't work for the pain, which I've learned to live with, but if they help with the swelling, then they are worth it.

I wear steel capped work boots, which are naturally more comfortable than other shoes. In them are four sports innersoles and custom made orthotics. And now, these compression socks, with normal, thick black work socks over them. The brand of sock I wear is called Explorer, and is also meant to have some type of cushioning built into them - not that I ever noticed, they just have a thicker sole. I just prefer thicker socks and buy ten pair of the same to throw into a drawer.

I'm told I could get jabbed with a needle filled with cortisone, forced into the heel bone once per month. It supposedly "might" help. They can stick that right up their arse. I don't allow quacks to experiment on me.


Proven to limit swelling, both for those on who are on their feet a lot, and those who avoid being on their feet due to pain

Designed by a leading Podiatrist who has extensive treatment in foot pain management caused by the lack of support for arch, heel, and ankle core stability

Promotes blood circulation to help weak veins and pathways being compromised from the aging process


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