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I'd put Defendant Covington in the Soap Opera Section, but he's a better fit here in Scum.

Though he ridicules Xianity privately, he has been an enemy of Creativity for more than two decades, siding always with the Xian Identity nutcases against Nature-based, biological racists. He hounded Ben Klassen into the grave with malicious defamations that the Founder of the COTC was a Jew pederast, among other lies.

Here is an interesting endorsement of Covington by the eccentric CI nutcase Pastor

--- Quote from: Pastor Lindstedt (CI Nutjob) ---Originally Posted by Harold Covington
A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement (Conclusion)
The Present Status of The White Nationalist Movement

The present status of the White Nationalist Movement may be simply stated: there isn't any.

The Movement as it has been known for the past fifty years has in essence ceased to exist. There are one or two Hollywood Nazi groups who still put on quasi Third-Reich costumes and stage 'rallies' of ten or fifteen weirdly-garbed dysfunctionals, who are pelted with garbage and missiles by hundreds of 'anti-racists' and assorted scum, and who must be protected from serious bodily harm by the bored and hostile police. These groups, however, are more of a psychiatric phenomenon than a political one. They have no relevance to anything in the real world.

What White Nationalist Movement there is exists 95% on the internet; physical activity of any kind has virtually ceased. The internet satisfies the need for White males (and a few females) to believe that they are accomplishing something, when in fact they are simply squabbling in a small playpen where the Jew allows them to shout and scream and eat bugs and make mud pies.

The latest fad appears to be playing on vBulletin boards, the largest and oldest of which is Stormfront, run by David Duke flunky Don Black. Probably the second largest vBulletin board is Vanguard News Networks, run by two alcoholics, Alex Linder and the Federal informer and miscegenator Frazier Glenn Miller (q.v..) There are about half a dozen smaller imitators such as White Nationalist Info run by the bizarre and dysfunctional 'Francis Playfair,' but basically they are all the same. The group owner and a small group of his butt buddies whom he appoints as moderators play 'King of the Hill,' amusing themselves by conducting endless, pointless flame wars with one another over nothing, and banning people who dare to disagree with them or criticize them. The White internet at this point really serves no purpose other than a cautionary tale as to how so-called White Nationalists would behave if ever they really did gain power anywhere.

Harold Covington is still soldiering on up in Washington state, trying to get people interested in Northwest Migration. He is a lone voice trying to make himself heard in the middle of a cackling, gibbering insane asylum, where the raving and cursing and babbling of the inmates to themselves drowns out any attempt to speak or think coherently. Covington is the last of his kind, he is in poor health, and no one is paying him any mind. When he goes, there will be nothing left of the old Movement.

The question is, can a new one arise?

What The Hell Is Wrong With White Nationalists?

Despite the fifty-year record of madness, criminal incompetence, deceit and perversion, the barest tip of which iceberg we have just barely touched on in the past 100 pages, the astonishing fact remains that millions of White people, probably the majority of them, actually agree with most of the central tenets of the White Nationalist belief system, when those tenets are presented calmly, coherently, articulately, and devoid of symbols and language which Americans have been conditioned from birth to reject.

So why does White Nationalism not have millions of adherents? Why is there no Movement to save God's most beautiful and noble creation from extinction? Here again, this is a subject so complex that we can only skim the high points:

1. CRIMINAL AND INCOMPETENT leadership of the kind we have just spent 100 pages describing;

2. WHITE TRASH MEMBERSHIP. No normal person wants to associate with the kind of weirdos, dysfunctionals, borderline (and not so borderline) psychotics, petty criminals, homosexual perverts, snake oil salesmen, and emotionally disturbed children of all ages who congregate in the White Nationalist movement;

3. THE BAD DRIVES OUT THE GOOD. White Nationalism will never attract the kind of solid, mature, dedicated, and committed people needed to stage a revolution in this country until the Movement as a whole cleans up its act and refuses any longer to tolerate the kind of pathological behaviors that we have just described in this report. Nor should decent and real people be asked to associate themselves with a freak show like the present White Nationalist movement. For every Harold Covington, Richard Butler, Louis Beam and Kirk Lyons, there are a hundred David Dukes, Buford Furrows, Greg Withrows, Kirsten Kaisers, Matt Koehls, Andrew Greenbaums, Frank Collins, Benny Klassens, Kevin Alfred Stroms, Bill Whites, Hardy Caroll Lloyds, 'Francis Playfairs' and other just plain kooks. It is possible to change the world with a small and dedicated and disciplined minority. It is not possible to accomplish anything with kooks.

4. THERE MUST BE A PLAN. Right now, the only actual plan or strategy which exists in the White Nationalist movement is Northwest Migration, advocated by Harold Covington but also by many others. The Movement as a whole has responded, not with support for the Northwest or by producing an alternate plan or plans, but by intensifying the already unspeakably vicious personal smear campaign directed against Covington. This behavior will either change, or the White race will perish from the face of the earth within the lifetime of infants now born. It is time for serious people in White Nationalism, what few such people there are, to either A) Quit talking * about Covington and get behind Northwest Migration, or B) Produce a viable and realistic alternate plan.

5. DYSFUNCTIONAL BEHAVIOR MUST BE DEALT WITH. The White Nationalist gene pool needs a massive dose of chlorine. Since we lack the physical courage or the competence to deal with this legion of kooks and assholes who claim to speak for us, they must be dealt with verbally and morally and however else can be done within our limited means. The kooks and creeps must be exposed, subjected to massive ridicule, shouted down and slapped down whenever they show their faces on the internet. We must stop looking the other way and stop tolerating their lies, their bull*, their smears, their public hissy fits, their weird psycho-political head games on the internet. They must be confronted even if only in cyber-space, and later on when the White man mans up a little they must be confronted physically and driven from our ranks. The future of our race and the existence of our kind depends on this. We must stop trying to get mileage out of creeps.

IF the decks can be cleared, then it may be that even at the eleventh hour, the fifty-ninth minute, and the last second, it is possible that some genuine leadership may step forth and save our race from extinction, so long as they are allowed to proceed on the basis of real-world politics and not be forced to wallow in a cesspool with kooks, weirdos, pathological liars, thieves, and middle-aged emotionally crippled children. But no serious person in his right mind will become involved with the White Nationalist movement as it is today. Before a new tenant can move into the premises, the house must be cleaned and the trash must be taken out. It's a matter of life and death.

Hey, hey! Ho ho!
Movement dysfunctionals have to go!

That's what I like about Harold Covington -- he states the obvious so well. What I especially liked, and around which I tailored this thread, is [bowel] Movement v-bulletin forums, which have overtaken e-mail trees and jewhoogruppen forums as the places which the Movement communicated from 1995 to 2003 or so. Essentially the Movement feebenfuerher and his feeb friends form a forum for a few hundred dollars per year and try to make for theysselfs a little kingdom from which dissent is first jewlagged, then banned. What is accomplished? Little or nothing. What is forgotten? That this forum medium can be used for propaganda and communication, and that the effective communicator can use it accordingly. (And whigger and mamzer flaming is fun. Verbal combat teaches you how to deal with hecklers and feebs.)

This phenomenon arose with $permFront and then VNNF. Their forums essentially destroyed their web pages, as $permFront's is essentially dust and Alex Linder has farmed it out to some feeb named 'Socrates' who often has links to VNNForum or to old William Pierce re-runs. The thing about these forums is that the web page invariably dies or never exists on the same domain name as the V-Bulletin Forum.

The former home of Internut activism used to be the yahoo groups. But jewhoo censored out Nazi or WN content and so they had to go secret and non-public. That ended up with smaller jewhoogroups filled with spies and feds keeping an eye on these net nutzis and any complaint ended up with the removal by jewhoo of the offending jewhoo gruppen.

At the same time, the rise of phpbb, but especially V-Bulletin Forums like $permFront and VNNF meant the Movement migrated from censorship by jews to . . . . censorship by bowel Movement feebs. $permFront actually provided a modest living for Don Black and funneled traffic towards David Duke's web pages. Alex Linder and his VNN, never paying for its own upkeep, was actually run by Billy Roper and Roper's White Revolution group until TraitorGlenn Miller provided federal funding. The very cheapness of the v-bulletin software and web hosting led to where rich kids like Fade the Butcher with a bit of money could set up their own private forum, and claim to be sympathetic to White Nationalism, and pretty much set up a toy for himself and his college buddies to play with. Never mind that dissent was often jewlagged -- placed into a confinement sub-forum like a zoo for the posting animal -- it allowed White Nationalists to post as they did please before a bigger audience than the jewhoogruppen allowed and without the immanent threat of censorship by jews.

As web hosting got cheaper, essentially anyone in the Movement who had time and allowed some degree of freedom of speech brought up his own forum. Upon getting a core audience, the Movement forum feebenfuerher could then afford to jewlag, then ban his opposition or dissent under the very same excuse used by jewhoogruppen -- a terms of service violation. As Covington points out, bowel Movement forums teaches anyone who looks how these whigger nutsionalist feebs will treat their own people each and every time they have power.

Christian Identity forums invariably use phpbb forums because they are free software, often on free hosting, but because they are more austere than v-bulletin forums and thus attract a more serious poster. But v-bulletin with its light strength and power and beauty, is the Movement choice for forums.

Covington doesn't have any v-bulletin forums, not because of his poverty alone, but because Covington himself doesn't take criticism well. Covington has been in the Movement for over 30 years, but is utterly incompetent at leadership and administration. Covington's forte is attacking other Movement leaders -- who need attacking -- but one always gets the impression that Covington would make the same mistakes if in a position to abuse his power. Covington cannot control a v-bulletin forum -- not with his 666 sock-puppets and 6 followers. And thus Covington sticks to his blogs and his jewhoogruppen where he can control it through censorship and logging on yet another sock-puppet to worship Tubby, saying, "jew're the greatest, HAC." I myself was banned from one of Covington's jewhoogruppen and then got to watch while Covington created a 'Martin Lindstedt' sock-puppet which posted "George, George, George of the Jungle" posts and Covington pretended it was me doing the deranged posting.

Additionally Covington loved to post how crazy I am, while Covington's family tells the SPLC that Covington suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. But both our families have turned out to be disappointments to us. And it is far better to be deemed crazy in a whigger world than to be typical -- something Covington should keep in mind.

The [bowel] Movement is full of whiggers and muds and jews playing at Revolution. It is also full of whigger feebs who make their own claim, while anonymous, as to how their rivals and those who are actually do something need to be kicked out of the Movement.

This is idiotic. There is no licensing boards for White racists. Every little feebenfuerher has his own little following. Otherwise Covington would have been purged from it long ago.
--- End quote ---



--- Quote from: Pastor Lindstedt (CI Nutjob) ---Whenever I said something that some other militia general would have a fit over, I'd simply tell him that my militia gang could whup his militia gamg because they were more violent. If anyone bitched about my advocacy of violence, then they would be ridiculed as liars, fools and cowards, much like the Bolsheviks ridiculed the Social Democrats. White Nationalism has always been making fun of whigger pussazoids because elections and korts have always been destructive of our goals and we have no choice but to use violence to achieve our ends.

I've talked at length to Louis Beam and David Lane via his wife Katya, and they were dubious about Harold Covington, other than as a writer. It is presumptious for Covington to place himself amongst them. Nor is Covington going to confront anyone at all, either via the Internut nor certainly in person. Most Movement 'leaders' like Alex Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller are noted physical cowards. It is far more likely that a fight will break out between undisciplined followers than rival leaders. Every Movement leader finds out that the first order of business is to get a forum or place where he can safely * upon his rivals. That is the first order of business. Not White Nationalism. Not creating a functioning Movement. Rather collecting funds from the feeble-minded followers and flunkies.

How is Movement Leadership decided? ZOG wants to have it decided by their false-flag operations like $permFront and VNNF and the tame anti-immigrunt and anti-dem or Flush Rimblow operations. This is how you figure out the genuine Movement article: jewlagged or killed by ZOG. Covington shows that he is the genuine article because of his poverty. Some of that is Covington's fault, but ZOG hasn't helped Covington out any.

Movement leadership is determined by survivorship. Standing against ZOG and fighting for our People. Never allowing a jew or a mud or a whigger regime criminal to run over Whites. Sifting out loyalties. Never compromising an inch over the necessity to exterminate the jews, niggers, mamzers and whiggers who support ZOG/Babylon. Going after any 'White Nationalist' leader or follower who has anything good to say about jews, muds, whiggers or who sells out or compromises with ZOG.

Things are going to turn rough. So one needs a forum in which to posit the hatred and antipathy which heartens our side and disheartens the enemy. If one does not exist, then one forms a forum. $permFront and VNNF have degenerated quite a bit in the past year from a degenerate beginning of 10,000 whiggers posting a million whigger 'MuhDikkk!' posts. Places like StumbleInn and the forum I am creating is a place for true 'Free Speech For Whites.' VNNF promised it, then reneged after the Christmas Coup of 2004. Phorafags/feebs promised it, but imperfectly delivered it to where jews, balkan mamzers, and whiggers have the free speech and the White man is jewlagged. StumbleInn delivers on free speech for Whites because it doesn't have pretensions of being high-brow.

A free speech forum for Whites tends to not have very many jews and mamzers. After all, such cannot exist for long in a hostile sterile environment. This is why I often go to where the jews, mamzers and whiggers are on phorafags/feebs and fight with them over there. It is carrying the fight to the enemy which wins victories.

So I am going to open up a v-bulletin forum of my own, overtly White Nationalist in orientation. I already have such a forum in phpbb which I use as a blog which allows the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity (DSCI) clergy to have their own subforum in which only the Pastor can post. They also have a place where their church members and others can respond to their announcements, sermons and other places. The goal of this Aryan Nations forum is a place where each DSCI pastor can post and have exclusive control over his own content. This is what suits a networked DSCI confederacy of aboveground pastors each working together but separately and with full sovereignity on their own subforum.

Likewise, I shall open up a White Nationalist v-bulletin forum in which each White Nationalist personality can have complete control over his own subforum and the attached subforum, can ban or exclude those who they do not wish to let post but must live with whatever occurs in the main and other subforums run by other WN leaders.

And so, I wish to extend Harold Covington an offer for his own subforum which he can run as he pleases, but has no control over others running their subforums or over the main forum. I think that HAC has some sharp elbows and can fend for himself. His writing, both his own and his sockpuppets, is superior in most respects (although I think it comes to a wrong conclusion). By giving him a chance to post his old content he can put it to a process of debate -- if he dares.

Likewise the same offer will be extended to John DeNugent for his subforum. He has the option of removing subforum pigeon* from Captn Mamzer or banishing a thread to his own private jewlag if he wishes.

The goal is to attract attention by posting higher quality White Nationalist material for debate on the article's merit. This benefits all concerned as it brings both an audience and something better worth reading -- a Cagle Post for White Nationalists.

The question is whether there is room for a White Nationalist forum run with advocating Resistance policy in mind, which policies forged by debate and tempered with consensus, or whether yet another whiggroid 'MuhDikkk!!!' forum shall result. It depends upon the courage of the posters that they are right for them to chance ridicule and opposition when placing their little brain child to scrutiny.

Dare you try it, Covington?

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
--- End quote ---

Note the highlighted portion where Pastor Lindstedt says HAC is the real thing because of his poverty.

That recent posting was found here:

Lindstadt knows full well that Covington owes me $200,000 and has been in hiding from the libel judgment which I've managed to execute several times whenever I can locate anything he owns and attach it.

I'm banned from VNN forum where this was found, so most folks there are unaware that I prevailed in Williams v. Covington, but not ol'-timer "Steve B". See post #20 here:

Originally Posted by Gott [of Lindstedt]

Covington doesn't have any v-bulletin forums, not because of his poverty alone, but because Covington himself doesn't take criticism well. Covington has been in the Movement for over 30 years, but is utterly incompetent at leadership and administration.Covington's forte is attacking other Movement leaders -- who need attacking -- but one always gets the impression that Covington would make the same mistakes if in a position to abuse his power. Covington cannot control a v-bulletin forum -- not with his 666 sock-puppets and 6 followers. And thus Covington sticks to his blogs and his jewhoogruppen where he can control it through censorship and logging on yet another sock-puppet to worship Tubby, saying, "jew're the greatest, HAC." I myself was banned from one of Covington's jewhoogruppen and then got to watch while Covington created a 'Martin Lindstedt' sock-puppet which posted "George, George, George of the Jungle" posts and Covington pretended it was me doing the deranged posting.

Steve B:
I believe Covington tried that * with Will Williams and got whacked to the tune of a couple hundred grand in an defamation lawsuit Williams brought against him.

I bet dollars to doughnuts if you start up your forum and Tubby starts posting Will (if you f*** with the bull you get the horns) Williams will be on it in a heartbeat.

For those that don't know Weird Harold Covington: About 50% of that article is correct, but don't get sucked in by Weird Harold's tactic of taking the truth and making himself the saviour of all that is good and holy. Weird Harold has made his myth by doing just that and defaming everyone who doesn't fall to their knees and prostrate themselves in his presence - and then stabbing those who do in the back while they have their eyes averted.

Will, if you write something up about your suit against Weird Harold, I'll chuck it on the legal site at It might be a good idea so that Creators can report his whereabouts to you ;)


Note: Last known location for HAC was Southern Texas, living as a hobo on his son's couch.


--- Quote from: Rev.Cambeul.PM on 20 March 2009 at 22:06 ---...but don't get sucked in by Weird Harold's tactic of taking the truth and making himself the saviour of all that is good and holy.
--- End quote ---

Amen to that, Brother!

Years ago, Tubby Covington posted an article he tapped up on VNN about how Klassen was a child-molester and a closet homo.  That right there more or less turned me off to any of his pleadings, and it set in my mind the notion that he didn't like to be out-shined by greater minds.  Also there was the fact that our own White Will had to lock horns with him and then Tubby ran away like a little girl. 

Has anyone ever seen any pictures of Tubby recently?  What I can find online shows a grossly-overweight lardball who must be approaching 400lbs.  Definitely not leadership material at all, IMHO.


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