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From Racial Loyalty tabloid Issue No. 75, November 1991

About Skunks and the Big Lie Technique

Imagine the following scenario. You and your family are having a pleasant barbecue lunch in your backyard with your neighbors and an uninvited skunk intrudes upon the scene. You hope it will leave but the filthy varmint persists in remaining to stink up the place. What can you do? About the only way to end it would be to get your gun and blast it into oblivion. But even that doesn't solve the problem. The stench lingers on. Such is the case with a skunk called Harold Covington.;sa=view;id=1440
Hitler, in his book Mein Kampf, described the "big lie" technique used by the Jews, which in essence says that if you tell a big enough li, at least some people will believe it. Evidently Harold is following the big lie technique and using the sleaziest form of slander possible. He is making a major campaign out of it and no doubt somebody is paying him good money to do it. Who would be so treacherous as to pay this miserable race traitor to do such a vicious smear job? The Jewish ADL immediately comes to mind.

Harold is making it a full time slander campaign to compose the filthiest, sleaziest accusations against me that are so vile, so vicious I couldn't imagine anyone being able to invent such filthy episodes. However, Harold did support a convicted sex pervert and child molester by the name of Frank Collin in Chicago. For five years he funded him, ate with him and slept with him. Strangely, Hemorrhoid Harold seems to be obsessed about anal sex, and revels in endlessly recycling such filth. The only conclusion I can come to is that he is vicariously reliving his own sexual fantasies. As Carlos Porter, who knows Hemorrhoid Harold, has testified, Harold Covington used the same type of sexual smear and slander campaign for 10 years against Commander Matt Koehl of the N.S. White Peoples' Party, trying to besmirch his reputation by means of the big lie technique. This swine of a Covington has now invented an alter ego by the name of Charles Williams who supposedly visited me for a few minutes at some specified date. This too is a vicious lie. I have never met any Charles Williams and doubt that he exists.;sa=view;id=1439
Nobody really believes Harold's filthy lies. Furthermore, I have never met Harold, and he has not the slightest evidence or reason to launch his tirade of sleazy lies. However, for those prurient few who may have some lingering doubts and want me to make a forthright denial just for the record, I will reluctantly oblige, although it is extremely painful for me to do so. I categorically and vehemently deny associating with any homos or sex perverts in all of the 73 years of my life, nor have I ever had the slightest inclination toward any form of sexual perversion. I regard such creeps as an abomination against Nature and they are highly repugnant to me. In fact I hardly took note of their existence until about 15 years ago when singer Anita Bryant confronted the homosexual brigade. I was shocked when watching a television interview and saw one of those creeps sneak up and smash a lemon pie in her face -- in full view of the television cameras. Neither the cameraman nor the interviewer rushed to her aid, but calmly kept her on camera. That brought home to me the fact that these miscreants had not only escaped from the closet, but were now highly organized.;sa=view;id=1441
I also vehemently deny another vicious lie being spread by Covington, namely that I am a Jew. My Mennonite ancestry and geneology is fully chronicled, not only in my 500 page autobiography, but also by the Klassen family Geneology, compiled earlier by one of my uncles, and numerous other official records. Repugnant as these foul, vicious lies may be, we are not going to let filthy Hemorrhoid Harold and his Jewish promoters slow down the expansion of Creativity in the slightest. Delenda est Judaica! Delenda to the skunks!

B.K., P.M.

Note: A lot of good Anita's praying for the queers got her. The organized queer community ruined this talented, beautiful lady's career, her marriage and her life for standing up to them and their promotion of perverse lifestyles


From Page 4, Issue No. 55 of Racial Loyalty tabloid, October 1989

About Filthy Harold

To Racial Loyalty:


In an official communique, Harold Covington, mini-fuehrer of the Confederacy, announced that 33 Northern States are eligible for membership in his newly independent "country".

As the self-appointed representative of 16 Confederate states that never existed. Harold Hare-brain has come under criticism: what is to happen to us-all up Nawth, y'all?

No problem! No provision of the Confederate Constitution prohibits admission of additional states; thus, northern states are free to vote to join. All 50 states will be admitted, says Harold President-for-Life, except Hawaii, which will remain a simple military garrison (Why Hawaii? what makes Hawaii worse than Texas?).

Thus, changing the name of the country is the solution to everything: when we triumph completely, we will be right back where we started! (which is typical of Harold; but no matter.)

In any case, the basic legal document for us is the Constitution of the Confederate States; haven't we forgotten something?

According to the Confederate Constitution,  slavery is legal; the Confederate government has no power to interfere with slavery. This constitution has never been rescinded, since Jefferson Davis never surrendered; this Constitution is still in force. Is Harold going to bring back slavery?

Is this Harold's solution to the race problem? Are the citizens of 33 Northern States going to vote for this? How will it be enforced?

What are the blacks worth to you? I wouldn't give a nickle for 10 of them (although I would accept their record royalties if you twist my arm.)

(Associates of Horrid Harold, the Weched Wabbi of the Confederacy, says that his brainstorm by Harold no. 1; Harold no. 2 is wearing his Napoleon hat, since Napoleon never surrendered either and refused to claim prisoner of war status; vive l'Empereur!)

It's like I said before, Harold should retire to a quiet rest home where he can play with blocks.

I'm still waiting to see if I can get a full set of your papers going back to the beginning. Please put me on your list of subscribers.

Carlos M. Porter

ED. NOTE [by Ben Klassen]: This isn't all Filthy Harold has been yakking about. Evidently, either the ADL, the FBI or the CIA, or all three, are paying Filthy Harold to do a full-time smear on me personally. Although he has not the slightest evidence or grounds for doing this hatchet job, he has now engaged in a full-time campaign, writing personal letters to anybody and everybody, using the filthiest of all possible language, accusing me of the vilest of a whole laundry list of abhorrent sex aberrations, the kind of slime that could only ooze from out of a sorely diseased and demented brain. If you have received one of those letters, send it on to us and add to our collection, so we can nail the hide of this filthy scoundrel to the wall.

Just noticed this thread. I worked with Covington on the NSWPP staff.  He was a self-centered and self-serving character.  I knew 50 years later that Covington would still be around preaching the gospel so to speak.  But also knew he could never be trusted, and wrote a thread about it on Stormfront once, which attracted thousands of views.  Many other patriots have learned the hard way about Covington.  He was a slob and no doubt his lifestyle and eating habits did him in.


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