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Eric Thomson: Letter to Harrell

Exuberant Summer Greetings, Harrell! Many thanks, indeed for your letter of 28 June & the great enclosures. There is lots to read, as you say. When I was an academic student of International Relations, as opposed to a non-academic student, as I am today, a professor told me that obtaining information was not the problem. Information is available in increasing over-abundance. The problem is twofold: finding important information & then analyzing what is deemed important. The question then becomes: WHO will analyze it? A jew will sort out information in terms of its relevance to jews. That is why our foreign & domestic policies are in such a mess – for Whites! As you observe, the USA is not a White country, if it ever was, so the White Minority is just one nation among several nations on U.S. territory, but Whites do not comprehend this fact. This indicates that Whites are not as smart nor as perceptive as are non-Whites, who think demographically, & who behave according to their knowledge. Knowledge should alter behavior, so Whites either do not know or they behave as if they do not want to know about racial reality. The results for Whites are the same in either case. Several writers have pointed out the fact that “White American” is an oxymoron, since Judeo-Americanism is anti-White. One jew pundit said it right: “I am not a hyphenated jew. I am 100% jew, & nothing else!” Whites must behave likewise, in terms of being pro-White in thought, word & deed. Whatever we decide (for no decision is also a decision), our choice is: to be or not to be. What is simple is often most difficult to achieve.

Yes, terror on behalf of tyranny is an old recipe for herding sheeple to their slaughter, after their fleecing. That is why Christians are taught to be good sheep. Christinsanity is lethal to its carriers, as it is profitable to its shepherds, who are wolves in disguise. I recall a tale of Spanish combatants whose ship, part of The Armada, was sinking in a storm. Most of the men grabbed anything which would float, as life-preservers, but one devout Jesus juicer grabbed a large cross of gold & jumped into the waves, so he proceeded to the bottom like a rocket. As our political, economic & demographic situation worsens, the Christ-eaters cling ever more fiercely to their means of execution. Belief in miracles aside, it may be argued that the Christinsane wish to die on behalf of their god (s), who teaches them to love their enemies. In the jolly movie, “Wicker Man,” the christling goes up in flames to meet his god, while the pagans burn him as their offering to their god. As the lord of the island tells the sacrificial victim: “You get what you want & we get what we want, by the same deed.” I guess we could call that a “win-win” deal. Double-double good! Thanks for the reference in regard to “The Gospel Truth...” by Holub.

Thanks for the term, “Episcopagan,” which one correspondent said was the way to go: change Churchianity from within, rather than confront it from without. Dr. Oliver wrote that the Abolitionists ‘interpreted’ Christian doctrine as anti-slavery, which it never was. In fact, Christinsanity was devised FOR slaves, not masters, as were chains & shackles. When the masters put on shackles, all are doomed to go to the bottom! Over time, Christinsanity may be cured, as Hitler suggested, by means of an indirect approach, but there was insufficient time for this to be done in the brief era of The Third Reich. Episcopagans & their like have a new god: Tolerance for all forms of belief & behavior, so long as the outward labels & wrappings are retained. Such a deal! By making Christinsanity appear to be all things to all men, the cult diffuses, for multiple meanings become equivalent to meaningless, or as one fool of fiction said: “A word means precisely what I want it to mean, neither more nor less!”

As for those who would ‘destroy’ jews by becoming jews, I am reminded of alcoholics who claim to hate alcohol so much that they immediately combat it, by consuming it, to the last drop! I guess we could call such Alcoholic Identity proponents “Heroes of Sobriety (for Others).” Other writers have observed that there is no victory in becoming like one’s enemy.

The stories of Hitler’s “escape” from Berlin in 1945 appear in strange places, the most recent being “Gestapo Chief,” by Gregory Douglas. Allegedly, the body of a ‘Hitler-double’ was burnt &/or buried on the grounds of the Reichskanzlei, so no one would look for the escaped Hitler, if they thought him dead, just as Dr. Goebbels announced on the radio. Ambassador Averill Harriman allegedly wrote in his autobiography that “Stalin” told him Hitler had escaped to Argentina, as if it were no big deal! Admiral Byrd’s “Operation Highjump” to Antarctica in 1947 was allegedly mounted to find Hitler & his Last Battalion in German Antarctica, but proved to be a fiasco, for unknown reasons. Thanks for the ‘Hitler photo’ with his handkerchief ‘disguise.’ Who could ever guess? Ha!

The tales of Hitler’s Escape parallel with the current Christ-craze of “The Da Vinci Code.” So who was the ‘stunt-double’ who was nailed to the cross, &c., if not Jesus? I guess that brave man was the New Testament equivalent of Hitler’s Rudolf Hess! Oy veh!

It appears that Mike [---] is no longer with us. After his move from Fargo, ND, to Eugene, OR, he wrote to me that he’d suddenly run out of money & was facing eviction from his apartment. I wrote back to him, but my letter was returned as “Undeliverable as addressed.” I understand that he was diabetic. Mike was a Jesus-loving Yahweh-hater, as we know. His version of Jesus was “the scourge of the money-changers,” which is out of fashion these days!

Covington may have crossed ZOG’s Rubicon in regard to advocating secession, rather than migration. I wrote to him that secession has been illegal since 1861, but migration is not, as yet, under ZOG. After my return to the USA in 1992, I advised him to drop his political pretensions in favor of fiction. It has been legal to describe all manner of violent stuff & to predict political/economic/demographic trends in terms of fiction & non-fiction, BUT not to advocate such things. Our present ZOG-log of legal precedents shows the current trend of equating advocacy as conspiracy & conspiracy as “terrorism” which is still undefined, for ZOG’s convenience. The international arrests of Internet chatroom ‘conspirators’ is the most recent example that ZOG is reaching for excuses to round up people, as per the recent Liberty City, FL, round up of Black Moslems, based on a ZOG agent provocateur’s advocacy of acts of terror, with no means, nor plan nor date for the commission of such acts. The entrapped ZOG targets merely applauded the agent provocateur’s ideas, aside from legally snapping pictures of “targets”. For that, they are charged as “terrorists” & “conspirators.” Covington has done no less in his activities & writings, so my message is to beware of him. Rockwell & Stoner learned that failure to denounce a ZOG agent provocateur to the ZOG is deemed a crime, so they were thrown in jail for the words & deeds of a government agent, on the basis of their silence! They played no role in the agent’s scheme, but heard what he said.

Covington promotes the sale of his Great White Hopeland artifacts, such as flags & other regalia, which clearly show secessionist beliefs, which his fiction also promotes. Further to this folly is his connection with a letterhead outfit in Nanaimo, B.C., Canada, which styles itself as “The NW Pioneer ARMY.” (My emphasis.) Their cards depict an AK-47 logo with 88! the code for “Heil Hitler!” Such things are illegal in Canada, so the “Army” is very likely a ZOG-op, as was Grant Bristow’s CSIS-directed “Heritage Front,” with the late Wolfgang Droege as its frontman. I warned Covington that the matter is out of his control, for all CANZOG need do is to sound the alarm about “Nazi terror cells” in B.C., in order to trigger FEDZOGUSA’s round up of all those on Covington’s mailinglist. I am not wishing to be alarmist, but I see such a possibility as quite logical in terms of ZOG’s goals. Covington’s role in Rhodesia was that of agent provocateur, whether he was aware of it or not. I strongly suspect that he was aware of it then, & he is aware of it now, for people rarely bestir themselves without valid reasons for doing so, unless they are crazy, which may be Covington’s only out. He has been far too capable to be stupid, & far too consistent!

As you may know, I am far too busy with correspondence to travel to The District of Corruption for a pow-wow, as well as lacking the requisite zogbucks to do so. Were I rich in $, I could leave my secretary in charge, board my executive jet, & participate in The Barnes Review Conference, so I could return to Brownest Yakima, The Bulawayo of Central Washington, a.s.a.p. On second thought, were I that rich, why would I be in Yakima?

If you ever find it convenient, I’d enjoy your visit, & I could show you ‘all’ the local tourist attractions. One recent visitor thought he was in Nogales on the AZ-Mexican border. I said, that’s why I thought he’d like Yakima, which strikes me about the same. “Great White Hopeland” indeed! Obviously, the ball is in ZOG’s court in regard to “Covingtonia, the Gem of the Ocean.”

All the best, as always, & ORION!



Write to:
Mr. Eric Thomson
P.O. Box 896
Yakima, Washington 98907-0896
Ek trui a matt minn ok megin.


Most Creators have never been involved in a "Movement Soap Opera" as scummy as this one with Tubby Covington, the man who has smeared Creativity Founder "Benny Buttfuck" Klassen, as he likes to call him, as a Jew pederast, for more than 20 years. Here, his defender/promoter Pastor Lindstedt, a CI nut extraordinaire, has given HAC a new platform for his smears:

Please, no Creator should participate on this man's forum unless he knows what he is talking about. I'll handle these gadflys myself. I posted this there today:

Hey, Fat Man!

You wrote this to me:

You were one of those, who before I got arrested but after my grandchildren were taken away called me a 'child molester' yourself -- many times....

So I simply lump you typical [bowel] Movement turds in with the rest of the regime criminals who destroyed my family and took the better part of four years out of my life and who are still hunting me: Upon a successful Revolution there are to be 150 million whiggers and 140 million muds and jews to be exterminated root and branch in this civil war that we call the Great Tribulation without mercy.

Oooh, that's scary. You and Covington and 10 million christlings are going to murder 290 million people, and I, "Whigger Swill," am to be one of them.

Five years ago you were yapping about having TraitorGlenn Miller file a lawsuit against me for libel. Nothing ever come of it. I keep on looking for trial records about how you were awarded any money from Covington like getting a prize from a crackerjack box. I can't find anything.

That's because it's none of your business, Fat Man. Defendant Covington knows of all executions of my duly-obtained libel judgment. You can ask him, but brace yourself for another lie.

I do think that if you can sue Covington for libel, then why can't I sue you and StevieBuck and TraitorGlenn Miller or Alex Linder for libel and slander myself?

I don't know. Why can't you? The statute of limitations for defamation claims is one year in NC. You're going to have to do better than claim I said you were a child molester four years ago on an Internet discussion board. You haven't shown me where I ever did that. I do not believe I ever did that.

You criticize Stormfront and VNN forum, but I should remind you that I am "permabanned" from both of those sandboxes because the owners apparently don't like my criticisms of their "big tent" approaches.

It seems to me that these 'supposed associates' of TraitorGlenn Miller might include not only Alex Linder, but StevieBuck and you, Will Williams. Let me remind you that I could not only go through TraitorGlenn's records, but Linder's -- and yours in discovery. And I could joinder you as a co-conspirator under Dennis v. Sparks, 449 U.S. 24.

Good luck "joindering" me in you goofy, threatened lawsuit, much less "going through my records." You really are crazy, Fat Man.

Why, I imagine that Harold Covington could make an appearance as a co-Plaintiff against you, demanding that your bogus judgment be dismissed as you use it to destroy the rights of not only him, but others to free speech. Any libel suit, especially a bogus one, gives you no right to impede the free speech of others.

Mine is not "bogus." Defendant Covington has been running like a frightened bunny rabbit from it for over ten years now. Get a grip on that fantastic imagination of yours, Fat Man.

In any case, WhiggerSwill, you don't bring clean hands to any lawsuit. None. I don't know what your lawsuit against Covington was about. Covington has lied about everyone in the Movement, and in many instances told the truth. It is both the truth-telling and the lying which has made of him a pariah.

Truth-telling doesn't make one a pariah; lying does. I sued your lying buddy for publishing his outrageous lies about me. You acknowledge he's "lied about everyone in the Movement," yet you are OK with that. You're right when you say you don't know what my lawsuit against "Big Lie" Covington was all about. Hell, you think his malicious smears of others is A-OK. What it was about was that I called him to account for his outrageous lies. That's how one deals with a famicidal maniac at this stage of the revolution.

I've decided to set aside my hurt feelings against Covington in the interests of letting him have a free speech forum on a White Nationalist free speech forum...Now I don't like or respect you any, WhiggerSwill...You CreaTard or a-theistic self-worshipping whigger feebs don't get to tell us Dual-Seedline Christian Identity people what to do -- any more than ZOG does...In any case, if it's a fight you want, I'm judgment proof and you will have to crawl out of jewr hole and with jewr ZOG handlers to fight in kort openly, if its a fight you want. I'd say that you ZOG rats will prefer to skulk in the corner and in the dark where you belong.

Huh? Covington thought he was judgment-proof, too, fool. I'm not going to fight with you, Fat Man. I'm neither skulking nor hiding from anyone. Your Fat Friend, Defendant Tub o' Lard, is. Are you saying he's not hiding from my judgment?

I asked you the following five years ago here:

Again, Mr. Lindstadt. Were you a fool and a traitor when you were such an enthusiastic apologist and defender of the treasonous fraud, "Big Lie" Covington? If so, at what moment did you quit being a fool and a traitor and start believing me about Covington? I was telling you all along the same thing Katja Lane told you and you finally came to admit: that Covington is a liar. You were living a lie then, Mr. Lindstadt, and you are living an even bigger lie still today. Remember, your words: believers in lies are destroyed by those lies. Were you destroyed by Tubby? Why in the world did it take you so many years to see through Covington's fraud? Everything I said about him was true and everything he said about me and Dr. Pierce and Ben Klassen and Tom Metzger was a lie, but you deeply believed for years that the opposite was true because it FIT with your own criticism of us "traitors" that Tub o' Lard smeared so maliciously with his deliberate libels. Were you gullible then? Could it be that you are still gullible today about this imaginary Jesus teat you suckle? That's some thin nourishment, Fat Man!

You replied back then:

You are dishonest. All Katya Lane told me about Covington was that sooner or later that I would grow tired of his lies, twice. Why is it that you refuse to listen to what the wife of David Lane thinks of his betrayer, who openly in his own book calls Lane a murderer of some obnoxious jew?

For what it is worth, if you were honest with yourself and others, I despise Covington far more than I do you because Covington lied for years about how he really felt about Christian Identity -- that we were to be used as cannon-fodder for his pet nutzis. Whereas you have never hidden your hatred and fear of us Identity Christians. Have you not thought that the reason that I supposedly believed all of Hac's lies (which I did not) was because you had shown yourself to be so self-worshipping that anything you said had to be taken with a grain of salt -- just like Covington's lies?

Yeah, Fat Man, sure. The reason you were so sucked in by Tubby's monumental smears of others and agreed with him was because those he smeared were all biological racists who reject the notion that a serious Jew-fighter can worship the Jewish tribal god, Yahweh. I neither hate nor fear CI followers, it's just as you say, though, I strongly rebuke their justification for Our Cause as grounded in Jewish Scriptures. That does not make me or my fellow "Creatards" "self-worshippers," except in the best sense of the acronym ORION: Our Race Is Our Nation. Our race is also our religion, but ORIOR just doesn't have that same ring to it.

So, go forward with your lawsuit against "Whigger Swill," Fat Man. I look forward to seeing your buddy Defendant Covington show up as witness for Plaintiff, or, especially, as you threaten, a "co-Plaintiff." :LOL:


--- Quote from: Rev.Cambeul on 20 March 2009 at 22:06 ---
Will, if you write something up about your suit against Weird Harold, I'll chuck it on the legal site at It might be a good idea so that Creators can report his whereabouts to you ;)


--- End quote ---

Creators have a thoroughly documented enemy in Harold A. Covington. He's easy to fight and defeat because he's such a hopeless liar and bonafide coward.

Creativity represents Truth. Sometimes Truth must confront Lies. Williams v. Covington is one of those rare opportunities with which to draw a clear contrast between the Liars (them) and the Truth-tellers (us). Those who want to see how that works, go here: This is a classic clash between Nature-based Creativity and Jew-spawned Xianity.

There are ways Creators can help, but I'd prefer that it be behind the scene, only with those designated with the "need to know," like with this SPG

WARNING! This is not put in the "Scum" section for naught. In a fight with a skunk, even a dog with a pedigree is likely to come up smelling like the skunk he just easily dispatched. Fighting skunks is not for the weak-stomached.

Duel seed line nutcase and friend of Tubby, Pastor Lindstedt, has allowed me to post to his "free speech" discussion board. I started a thread there with the subject title 'Williams v. Covington' about a week ago, offering a $400 reward to anyone providing a valid street address for Defendant Covington.

I hadn't checked in there since, but now see that Covington has posted some of his standard spam from five years past to that thread. So, I get to ask him some questions.

Creators be warned: If you read Covington's post you'll see he repeats his "Benny Buttfuck Klassen" smears.

Re: Williams v. Covington

Post by Will Williams » Mon Apr 13, 2009 12:12 am

You're off topic Defendant Covington. Nobody wants to read your 5-year old birthday card to yourself.

I'm glad you popped in, however. You aren't very good at being responsive, but please comment on the fact that both of your estranged brothers, Ben and Forrest, have now confirmed that you are a delusional paranoid schizophrenic, and have been suffering from mental illness at least since you were a schoolboy in Chapel Hill.

For starters, your brother Ben recently said this about you:

Harold tells a story about when he had his great racial epiphany. He
talks about the day he was in school and two or three black kids
cornered him in the bathroom between classes. According to him, the
black kids were up to thuggery and he, bravely, of course, grabbed a
Pepsi bottle, smashed it, and fought his way out, bloodying his foes and
covering himself in glory. He learned from this, of course, that he
could stand up righteously and defend himself as a free white man.

The true story is significantly different. Harold was indeed confronted
by three black kids in the bathroom during class change, but rather than
bravely breaking a bottle and fighting his way through, he cowered in a
corner and urinated in his pants. He waited until class change was done
and went to the office covered in tears and urine. The office called my
mother, she took a change of clothes, picked him up at school.

You talk a lot about cowardice. You write about others "projecting" their own shortcomings onto you.

Isn't it true, Defendant Covington, that all along it has been you projecting your own cowardice and your inability to tell the truth onto others, and not the inverse as you claim?

Is Ben a liar, too. Is Forrest? Forrest said that when you are off your meds your brain chemistry gets all screwed up and you become extremely delusional, like his psychotic friend Wendall Williamson did when he shot and killed those those innocents in Chapel Hill after going off his meds. He said you should be institutionalized to protect society, just like his ol' friend Wendall is locked away so he doesn't hurt anybody else when he's off his meds.

I posted the following at in the comments section of VNN's Main Page today. I'm inviting interested readers to click on my name which brings them here:
Will Williams Says:
15 August, 2009 at 5:15 pm

Blackshirt Says: 14 August, 2009 at 3:02 am

“New America” says:
“Well, damn it, Covington has provided the Vision, and removed all of the excuses.”

Total Covington… the endless self promoter. I read his stuff about 15 years ago and he is still the same. When he attacked Dr. Pierce and Tom Metzger he was in the shitcan for me.

Blackshirt Says: 14 August, 2009 at 11:17 pm

“I’m a fan of Harold Covington because he defines the most important issue of our time”

I seriously doubt you are a “fan” of Covington, you most likely ARE Covington. Answer me this Harold, why don’t you acknowledge the conversation about you above? What do you have to say about your past actions and statements against Tom Metzger, Will Williams and Dr. Pierce?

New America is not Covington. HAC wouldn’t be so sloppy with the “facts,” as he has repeated them for around thirty years. NA can’t duplicate HAC’s style. The more he writes the more it’s easy to see, to one familiar with HAC’s unique phraseology. “Martin” could be HAC, but is likely Pastor Martin Lindstadt, another fan of HAC’s. Lindstat is permabanned from VNNF, too, but has allowed me to openly challenge Defendant Covington (’Williams v. Covington’ in “WN Lounge”) on his discussion board. One can get a glimpse of how HAC defends himself from Plaintiff Williams from here. Be warned, Pastor Lindstadt, he of the Double-Seedline doctrine, doesn’t care much for VNNF and doesn’t hold back saying so on his own free speech forum:

“The largest v-bulletin forums, $permFront and VNNF/TGMNNF are simply ZOG false-fronts, designed to get the whiggers to act like deranged cattle chasing they’se *-encrusted tails with their teef. VNNF was always hostile to Christians, be they CI or otherwise…”

Entertaining stuff, if you can follow all his self-invented slang. Lindstadt doesn’t care much for me — calls me “Whigger Swill, the Creatard” — but he allows me to say my piece, uncensored. That’s more than I can say for a dozen or so other “pro-White” boards.

No offense, “Irma Grese,” (I’ve only noticed one post of yours), but if I were to guess which poster in this thread is a HAC sockpuppet, it would be you, the other half of New America’s tag team.

Irma Grese Says: 14 August, 2009 at 2:48 am

New America, do you have a webpage or a blog?? Because your writing & ideas are very intelligent and very compelling and I would very much like to read moar!

New America then posts Covington’s links. The trained eye has seen this particular ploy used by HAC many times.

Socrates, will you please consider putting up Kevin Strom’s two-part “White Zion” ADV transcript on the Main page? It would be from back around 2003. It would provide a more proper background for a Pierce vs. Covington discussion. White Zion vs. Big tent, Xian-friendly “Butler Plan.”

Parsifal, you can just click on my name Will Williams in blue and it takes you to the Creativity Alliance site where you can sign up and send me a PM. You’ll like the company there — not a Xling in the crowd. No arguing there any more than our kinsmen would argue with each other in their Xian churches. The makings of a true vanguard. Tell ‘em Will sent you.


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