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Title: Grey Owl
Post by: Private on 17 October 2012 at 11:07
Just got a dvd of this. I saw it on tv a while back and it made a good impression. I like it because its a true-ish dramatised story that shows how just one White Man can change the world. Not only did he proove his superior racial credentials by becoming the spokesman for the red indians.
He also  invented what they were supposedly about...ie living in tune with Nature.
He also pretty much invented the idea and myth  of the "noble savage." Which was actually just him being a White Man and environmentalist.
Technically he initiated the whole environmental movement though i think president Teddy Roosevelt made the first national parks.

I can't help thinking though that somewhere he was being promoted by the jewish network. There is a scene when some english tourists turn up to fawn over the "savage writing like a civilised Englishman" (which he was). Thereby encouraging the liberal delusion that all races are the same underneath and kick starting anti-racist sentiment. Something we sadly live with to this day as a burden.