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Only breed smart babies: Ethicist

AN Australian ethicist has advocated genetically screening embryos to create superior "designer babies" with higher IQs.

Melbourne's Julian Salvulescu, now Oxford's practical ethics professor, has said it is our "moral obligation" to use IVF to choose the smartest embryos, even if that maintains or increases social inequality.

Experts have criticised the Gattaca-style idea, saying the money involved could be better spent improving quality of [nigger] life in Africa.

They have also warned IQ screening could result in unintended results.

But Dr Salvulescu has said we have a moral obligation to create a smarter society, thereby dramatically reducing welfare dependency, the number of school dropouts, the crowding of jails and the extent of poverty.

"There are other ethical principles which should govern reproduction, such as the public interest," Dr Salvulescu said.

"Even if an individual might have a stunningly good life as a psychopath, there might be reasons based on the public interest not to bring that individual into existence.

"My own view is that the economic and social benefits of higher cognition are reasons in favour of selection, but secondary to the benefits to the individual.

"Cheaper, efficient whole genome analysis makes it a real possibility in the near future."

His comments follow economic modelling in a research paper by Oxford University ethicists Andres Sandberg and Nick Bostrom, showing that if overall IQs were raised by 3 per cent, poverty rates and the number of males in jail would both drop by 25 per cent and welfare dependence by 18 per cent.

Increased intelligence would also reduce the number of parentless children by 20 per cent, the number of out-of-wedlock births by 25 per cent and the number of high school drop-outs by 28 per cent.

The report said while there was little evidence high intelligence caused happiness, there was "ample evidence" low intelligence increased the risk of accidents, low income and "negative life events".

"The overall societal impact of even a small increase in general cognitive function would likely to be sizeable and desirable," the authors wrote.

"Economic models of the loss caused by small intelligence decrements, due to lead in drinking water, predict significant effects of even a few points' decrease." ....

The idea, however, has even ethicists divided.

Prof Neil Levy, head of neuroethics at Florey Neuroscience Institute and a neuroethicist and deputy research director of the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics, said investing in designer embryos would be "an enormous waste of money".

"My view is this is essentially a distraction," he said.

"Why spend all that money when we could be doing so much with that money to increase the IQs and life spans of babies in sub-Saharan [sub-Human] Africa?

"The pay-off in terms of raising quality of life for many people would be much greater than you'd get from concentrating on just a few [White children]." [more ...]

Read the fear in the Comments of the dumbed down, Jew controlled, hate filled retarded who don't care for the quality of life of their own children:

ALL white babies are "smart" long as their parents avoid "vaccination programmes" of the jew genocides against the White Race!



We'll do eugenics once we have a white planet. until then every white person is valuable. i have one fear about designer babies and it goes like this..
like we share 70% of our DNA with fruitflies and 97% with other races. It isn't inconceivable that races like the chinese or japanese may start selective breeding and genetically altering themselves before we can. like they made a cat that could glow in the dark by adding jelly-fish DNA. So it's not impossible say that the japs or chinese may start altering say hair and eye colour in their designer babies. This could pose a real threat of racial contamination. Since less discriminating whites might think a blue-eyed blonde jap was "white" when they wouldn't be since all the rest of the DNA would just be mongolian. Such a thing could pose a long term threat of gradual contamination so i think it needs saying now amongst Creators that  a fake " genetically enhanced white" is/ would  not  be white. In just the same way as an albino negro/ mongolian is not white.

If Whites would stay with other own race and stay drug free and study; then we all would be better off in the long run I think.


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