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Author Topic: From the Reds: Why anti-racist strategies in Australia don't work

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University of Queensland electronic library:

Barlow, F. K. and Louis, W. R. (2006). Why anti-racist strategies in Australia don't work: Guilt, anxiety and avoidance. In: The 35th Annual Meeting of the Society of Australasian Social Psychologists (SASP), Canberra, A.C.T., (). 20-23 April, 2006.

Conference location:    Canberra, A.C.T.

The present project concerns inconsistency in the research literature on the effects of collective guilt, an intergroup emotion thought to motivate apology or reparation by advantaged groups towards disadvantaged groups. In some studies, collective guilt has motivated anti-racist action /attitudes, while in others it has failed to do so. We hypothesise that this contradiction occurs because the guilt is indirectly linked to anxiety, which moderates its impact on antiracist attitudes and behaviour. Whilst at low anxiety collective guilt may motivate those suffering it to atone via apology or restitution, high anxiety may in effect prevent them from doing so. It is proposed that the anxiety will freeze or inhibit positive reparative intentions, and link guilt to avoidance rather than atonement. The present study measures collective guilt and anxiety by White Australians in relation to Aboriginal Australians, and tests the proposition that at high anxiety White participants will be driven to reduce feelings of guilt by avoiding Aboriginal people and issues, rather than supporting them, or offering apology. Social identity variables, as well as the moderational and mediational roles of intergroup emotions are also tested.

What they are saying is that instead of Government, Abo and pro Abo groups directly accusing White people of genocide as they did from the 90's until recently, they are supposed to engage us in a dialogue on the subject of Aboriginal sovereignty, land rights and by extension the non-existent stolen generations of Abo kids taken from incompetent, drunken, murderous parents. The dialogue is to promote reconciliation on both sides of the fence, give the Abo what he wants, make the average White feel happy to have given the Abo what it wanted, and then come down like a ton of bricks on Whitey's head because he has just given away his own rights by giving first the Abo and then the Africoon, Asian, ad nauseum extra rights that he will never have, and never be able to take away from them.

While White people have been effectively brainwashed by the Government and the medical/pseudo-scientific community (at the cost of the taxpayer), it is still not difficult to wake up and pay attention to this sort of thing; but they wont - at least not until it begins to effect them personally. So who is at fault here? The White Australian for being dumb enough to allow himself to be manipulated by a bunch of pseudo-scientific witchdoctors who decide national policy on what amount of White guilt is suitable to produce the effect they want. i.e. A multiracial society with Whites meekly on the bottom guiltily admitting that they have inherited the Earth while in reality having absolutely no power at all.

Other examples of a national approach to the spread of the communist agenda can be found here:

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