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Irfanview - Download and Install
Standard image viewer with a lot of useful tools

CutMyPic - Free Online Tool
Rounded corners and other useful tools

Lately, more and more social media websites with funny images are launched. Also known as memes, these images include amusing comments and that could, ultimately, go viral. Programs like iMeme help you create your own meme and impress your friends with hilarious parodies.

This application will bring you a wide range of most popular templates, from Bill Murray Golf and Chemistry Cat to Computer Guy and Forever Alone; of course, you can use your own background image if you like.


I'm a big fan of memes, and this was on Gab today.  Russel James of Colchester Collection has been posting a lot lately.
The Colchester Collection reposted

Those two are at least twenty years old. I never liked the left one - just not done right. The right one, though, that's a better version than I have. So thanks. I can use that. :ok


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