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False Leadership - Klan, CI: Why the So-Called WP Movement Does NOT Exist

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What I am about to say will offend almost everyone here who is Christian or is part of a group that espouses Christianity, Odinism or whatever-ism they follow this week. Personally, I don't care. If what I and Ben Klassen have written offends you, then you are of absolutely no use to us and are therefore not welcome here.

Creativity has a long history of not getting entangled in the false promises of the various false fronts put up by those who wish to stem the advance of White racialism. Most of them have connections to Christianity of one kind or another, but with people switching to the no less of a fairytale religion, Odinism, there is no guarantee that they will be Christian or otherwise.

One problem Creators have always had was that whenever we allow ourselves to become involved with those such as the Klan for example, they almost always demand the Creators involved must do as they are told. They have the idea that because their organisation has been around in various guises for a hundred and fifty years, that not only their organisation, but people who have only formed a group the week before and declared themselves to be an "Imperial Wizard" deserve to be almost worshipped because of something that Nathan Bedford Forrest did a hundred and fifty years ago. Or worse, their attachment to a Jew nailed to stick is more important than the White race, and as a consequence, Creativity is to them, an invalid religion.

Creators have not in the past, do not now and will never bow to any person or group. In fact, we go as far as to declare your beliefs and your organisations to be invalid.


--- Quote from:'sEternalReligion.pdf ---Without spending too much further time on the John Birch Society, may I add that the John Birch Society was formed by the Jews in order to collect some of the better potential White leaders, completely mislead them, put up a false culprit and a false program. They thereby hope to protect the Jew and neutralize the battle by White racial loyalists, and destroy their cause. To nobody’s great surprise a large number of the chapter leaders, coordinators, and staff of the John Birch Society are Jewish.

Then we have such organizations as the White Citizens Councils and the Ku Klux Klan, who accomplish the same thing as the John Birch Society, but corral those that the Birch Society could not possibly get because the Birch Society completely excludes the racial issue. The White Citizens Councils are seemingly anti-nigger, but when it comes to pointing the finger at the real culprit, the Jew, they will vigorously protect and shield him from any responsibility in the notorious Jewish plot to destroy the White Race. The Ku Klux Klan goes just a little further than this, and it too seems to be anti-nigger and at times professes even to be mildly anti-Jew.

However, both of these organizations are really a farce and a sham in the fight against the Jewish conspiracy. Usually they will end up with a meaningless flag-waving program, citing their adherence to the Constitution and their Christian principles. Having thereby snookered a lot of White racial loyalists into their ranks and into contributing money to their organization, they will then go all out to support phony political candidates that so much as show a mild “conservative” stance, but are as phony as they are themselves.

The original Ku Klux Klan did a tremendous job a hundred years ago in saving the White Race in the South from mongrelization by the Jews and the niggers, a drive which undoubtedly would have led further to total mongrelization of America by this time. The Ku Klux Klan of the 1860’s was a fine organization that did a tremendous job, and proved once again that the White Man, when his back is against the wall, will fight to save his race. However, the “revived” and new, so-called Ku Klux Klan that was “reorganized” in 1915 is not by any means the same organization, nor does it embody the same principles. Actually the present Ku Klux Klan, from 1915 onward, is an animal of a completely different color. It was organized by members of the Masonic order, which, in turn, was organized by the Jews and is controlled by them to this day. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that the resulting product, namely today’s Ku Klux Klan, is another phony front for the Jews to enlist and corral those members of the White Race that would be the dynamic and potential leadership in a real fight against the Jews. It neutralizes those who instinctively have the fighting spirit and healthy instincts to carry on the fight. It is their purpose to steer these good White people into their organization to again rig them into a phony fight that will insure defeat, neutralize them, and render them useless.

The Klan has a real tricky hooker built into its position. It is presumably against Jews, niggers, and strangely, Catholics. Whereas the first two are racial, and a legitimate target, by declaring its hostility towards Catholics, it opens up a religious split in the White Race itself, thereby negating any good it might have accomplished otherwise. It thereby also lays itself wide open to the criticism of bigotry and enmity of a huge segment of the White Race itself, namely the Catholics. This schizophrenia was deliberately planned by the Jews, of course....

There are a number of smaller organizations that are successfully following the same formula but are too numerous to mention at this point.

Then there are such organizations that are seemingly anti-Jewish but again strongly pro- Christian, a completely incompatible position, one that is completely self-destructive on the face of it, as it is in practice. One such is the Nationalist Christian Church led by a certain “Dr.” Potito. Whereas “Dr.” Potito professes to be ardently pro-Hitler, violently anti-Jewish, he again takes those elements of our potential White fighting force that agree in this respect and then through a circuitous route returns these people into the Christian fold. His main line of argument is that the Israelites of the Old Testament were a wonderful, God fearing people and that they did, indeed, have a special sweetheart arrangement with God. He claims that today’s Jews are not at all the same people, and in fact, (lo and behold! Would you believe?) we, the White people of Europe and America, are the “real” Israelites! By means of a lot of unsubstantiated and farfetched hocus-pocus he then proceeds to identify the Germans as being the long lost tribe of Judah, the Americans being the long lost tribe of Manasseh, etc., etc.

What this tortured and convulsive reasoning does is (1) it completely confuses the identity of the enemy, (2) it leads a lot of good White racial fighters into the ranks of that suicidal line of thinking, namely Christianity, (3) worst of all, it even makes some of the White people wish they were the Israelites (or the Jews), and (4) by the time they have swallowed all these idiotic concepts and lines of reasoning, or shall we say, of unreasoning, they are so confused and mixed up, that, again, until their thinking is straightened out they are completely useless to the cause of the White Race.
Why anyone would want to be a descendant of the tribe of Judah after reading what a whore-mongering reprobate Judah was and what a treacherous, deceptive, blood-thirsty bunch of cutthroats the Israelites were, even according to their own rendering of history, is beyond comprehension. It is indeed hard to understand why anyone in their right mind would even want to have any association whatsoever with these kinds of renegades, much less want to be a descendant of such scoundrels.

Ben Klassen, Book II, Chapter XVII, Nature's Eternal Religion.
--- End quote ---

My trust level is about nil for most organizations and so called movement leaders. All you need is a website and you have an organization. They ask for money you get a card and the money goes to selfish needs and you never hear from them again. There is no movement so to speak >:(


--- Quote from: Kinkade on 23 January 2011 at 23:02 ---My trust level is about nil for most organizations and so called movement leaders. All you need is a website and you have an organization. They ask for money you get a card and the money goes to selfish needs and you never hear from them again. There is no movement so to speak >:(

--- End quote ---

Creativity is a religion, exclusively for Whites, not some sort of umbrella movement for "White Power" types of all stripes. Founder Ben Klassen recognized the need for a spiritual awakening for our people and started us in the right direction with Creativity. He saw as our first task to straighten out the White Man's thinking, especially to wean him from Christianity so he can see things as we race conscious Creators do. We've still got a long way to go, but with nearly 40 years of hard won tradition under our belts, we're well positioned to renew our people for the long term.

Discussions like I just saw here should be what we focus on the most if we are to impose our will, I'd think: I like this fellow's line of thinking, with some relevant history thrown in. He'd probably be an outstanding Creator:

(Post #2) -  'parmenicleitus' responds to a Christian:

I could only expect this much from Christians: more lying. All things to all men indeed.

First, your sense of history is rather, well, lacking. While it is undeniable that Christians stopped Islam from spreading into Europe, it seems you have no understanding of Islam, even in plain historicity. Christianity pre-dates Islam, and is tied to it. Christianity was the State religion of the Byzantine Empire through which Muhammad traveled and traded as a merchant. Islam is a reaction to what was perceived as both Christian and Jewish decadence, from yet another Abrahamic and yes, Semitic, perspective. But, the real meat is that if there were no Judaism, there'd be no Christianity, and hence no Islam. So, your point regarding who stopped Islam's advance is circular at best. None of the monotheisms like competition, after all, though Judaism is historically more or less indifferent to other religions.

Secondly, the main feature of monotheism in general, and Abrahamic "religion" in particular, is intolerance. No. I'm not speaking of "oppressed" women, minorities, etc. It is the distinction between "true" and "false" religion to which I refer. No such nonsense existed from a "pagan" perspective. Again, monotheism doesn't like competition, even within its own ranks.

Third, there is no such thing as "paganism" for it never was an "-ism," in the sense of a monolithic bloc.

Following from this, "paganism" isn't a "nature" religion as you (with your Wiccan Moon-Goddess crap), and your Hebraic-minded forebears couldn't, and can't, seem to understand. Religions, in the truest since of the word ("to bind together") was embedded in , and inseparable from, the cultures (in the truest, rock-bottom sense of *that* term) unlike Christianity which is an ideology which masquerades as "religion," but can't understand the fact that culture/religion isn't based in "ideas." While there are certain central features consistent in Indo-European religions (stemming, of course, from their shared Indo-European origin) the varieties of outlook on those themes came from, and comes from, the very places that IE's settle and live. Christianity, being an ideology, is u-topic, it has no place, but that doesn't mean it transcends place. It has simply subverted place for idea, a people for "belief".

It must be said, as well, that these various cultures had no teleological/eschatological "purpose." They were simply lived. Religion was, and is, the living of men, not a set of "beliefs" or a "faith."

Christianity had its day and nearly every failure of the "West" (again, an idea) can be pointed back to it. Christianity has opened the floodgates to, and created, "humanity" in a way that European polytheism never could, or would. Egalitarianism, the cult of the "individual," bureaucracy, the "anything goes" attitude, the myth of "progress," ( from Christian eschatology) multiculturalism, etc, can all find their origins in the cult of Christ, and its ever-shifting reinterpretation and subjectivity. The cult of Christ is, at rock bottom, anti-cultural, anti-family, anti-topic (being the universalistic screed that it is), appending itself however it could, and can, gain the most followers. I'm certain the hermeneutic atmosphere will be thick with apologia when you Catholics get your first black African Pope...But, then again, the "West," and Europe, are simply *ideas* that can be borne within by anyone "chosen by God", Belloc notwithstanding.

All in all, you have no clue of what you are talking about and Christianity has nothing left to offer us...except hope and change. Whoop-tee-doo!

And, no, I don't slaughter goats in the name of Thor. My gods aren't jealous little Middle Eastern tyrants who demand my worship before all else, if at all most of the time...

Two excellent cartoons ridiculing Christianity here:

If someone can copy and paste, please do so.

Now I see why I like that VNN discussion about why Christinsanity is a totally unsuitable belief system for Whites:
"I used to tend toward the attitude that WN should avoid antagonizing nominal xtians. Years ago when I first arrived in WV ['92] and went to work for Dr. Pierce we had an older, and vastly more experienced gentleman on staff who was kind of my mentor for awhile. He always said there could be NO COMPROMISE with our ideology and that an attempt at accommodation with xtianity fundamentally undermined our message of biological racism and would fatally weaken it.  [My emphasis] I kind of based my ideas of xtians on educated Americans of an older generation who considered themselves xtians but never questioned science, they believed in evolution and had an open mind about things scientific, most of them if pressed would have admitted they thought of the bible as the mythology of an earlier time.

"The gentleman in question, BTW, was a certain Will Williams who hailed from the state of NC. I don't think he would mind me mentioning his name in this context.

"He was right, as I came to fully understand later."

No, I don't mind, Fred.  :-[


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