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Author Topic: Expectations of Australian Creators

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Expectations of Australian Creators
« on: 10 July 2010 at 07:37 »
Australia & New Zealand, here is a list of a number of expectations I have for any Creators that reside in this region. Adherence to these expectations will encourage the Creativity Alliance Downunder to be one of the most tightly knit and active group of Creators in our struggle. Failure to adhere to these expectations can only result in disunity and Creativity remaining a joke amongst White racial loyalists in other groups.

The expectations of Australian Creators are as follows:

- Any Alliance member that is found to have lied or behaved in a dishonest or fraudulent manner will very quickly face disciplinary action. Lying to a Reverend or the Pontifex Maximus himself will mean automatic dismissal from the Alliance.

- As a member of the Creativity Alliance, your first loyalty is to the White race and Creativity. Anything you do in life reflects upon Creativity and the Alliance. Any behaviour that could/would give Creativity a bad name will not be tolerated.

- Liaison with media is restricted to Reverends, the Pontifex Maximus and certain Brothers/Sisters that have been granted permission. If you are contacted by media or wish to contact the media, it is imperative that you ask a Reverend or the Pontifex Maximus for permission. Previous liaison with media does not automatically grant you permission for future dealings with the press.

- Any Alliance member found to be having dealings with known and self-declared enemies of the Creativity Alliance eg. Anti-Racist Action, TCM or C18 (Australia) members will face disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion. There will be no quarter given to those that have never failed to slander, threaten and attack Creators and other White racial comrades.

- Alliance members are expected to engage in some form of frequent activism. There is always work to be done, if you cannot think of something to do, ask for advice. Activism on a frequent basis is the solid foundation for the expansion of Creativity, we can only defeat our enemies and gain support by continuous and effective activism. The membership of an inactive Creator isn't worth the paper it is written on.

These are subject to change and may be added to, it is the responsibility of individual Creators to keep up to date with their obligations of membership.


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Re: Expectations of Australian Creators
« Reply #1 on: 18 June 2011 at 04:00 »
Hello my brothers from Downunder :)

I'm kind of new to this site and just read the expectations of the Aus chapter. I want to keep up to date- what kind of activism can I take part in?


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Re: Expectations of Australian Creators
« Reply #2 on: 18 June 2011 at 09:36 »
The above listed is very well put. But it should be noted that this does not only apply to Downunder. This should and does apply everywhere. 
On the road ... travelling from the UK to the Black Sea. Then after a little rest, back across Europe all the way to the Arctic Circle through Sweden and Norway. The trip will last until around October. I am not well off or getting any sponsor, but if you would like a visit while I am on the road feel free to drop me a line. And I will do my best to stop in and see you.  I will be doing my best to get the word out about our Church. There are lots of so-called Right-Wing groups throughout Europe and whenever possible I will be meeting up and putting the good word forward.

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Re: Expectations of Australian Creators
« Reply #3 on: 18 June 2011 at 10:05 »
what kind of activism can i take part in?

Unlike others, we do not think of putting out fliers as activism. To us, it is an everyday part of life. Wherever you go, take a few hundred fliers with you and distribute them however and wherever you think best. By all means tell other Creators about your efforts; it will help newbies and remind the lapsed Creators what they should be doing every day.

Write to newspapers, call talkback radio - keep it intelligent, make your statements clear and concise but don't debate until you have learned how to deal with Libtards .

Other activism is keeping in touch with Australia First to find out if they have any protests we need to assist with - be sure to dress appropriately. Once you get used to which methods are best and you have proven yourself to be reliable, you will be able to go out with your own local Church Primary Group, supporters and mates and hold your own protests. Getting together with your local brothers and mates to disrupt any hippy, anti-racist, pro-refo red, Jewish, Muslim or Abo events in your area is always a plus, but not rarely something we can tell the world about.

These are all everyday actions for Alliance Members that as Brother Paul W said, with slight adjustments work everywhere around the world. So get out there and get active.

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Re: Expectations of Australian Creators
« Reply #4 on: 25 June 2011 at 02:34 »
Thanks. I'd really like to know more so that I can communicate more intelligently with radio shows and papers etc. Where's the best place to go for some info?