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Greetings to all my Brothers,

Iím not a rich man by any means but I do seem to have a dollar or two spare each week and was curious as to how I can donate it to The Church?

Iím sure Iím not the only member or supporter who has spare change each week and was hoping one of my Brothers could tell me how they make their donations?

Weíre lucky to have such a great organization and I couldnít think of a better place for my change to go than right here.

Lets win this fight!


PS Does anyone do any tin shaking and collect donations that way?

Some of our Brothers and Sisters send donations and some of them on a regular basis, but what I prefer is for our Church Members and Supporters to support their local Church Primary Group. In your case Brother Steve, I'd suggest putting your money aside for your own Church Primary Group. Start with a tin and make sure to shake that tin in the face of visitors to your home. That's what I do.  ;)



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