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Title: DIY: Home Brew Kits - Be Creative & Do it Yourself
Post by: Private on 09 April 2020 at 07:50
Using Cooper's home brew kits.

You'll see that I have twelve tins in storage on top of a cupboard and two in fermenters. There are also two fermenters that are empty - the black one belongs to Private I just started those two batches yesterday, and I'll bottle them in a week. The two pictures up high on the bathroom wall come from an aunt who died last year.


Each fermenter fills 30 bottles. The wooden crates hold 30 bottles, and the four cardboard boxes hold 15 bottles each. 1 crate and four boxes are empty - that's 3 batches. Out of site to the left in the brew cupboard and in my shed is also a pile of bottled water and lemon flavoured soda water, and I have a rainwater tank I just cleaned out in January that is since refilled.

If something major happens and shops all close, I'll be right for a couple of months. Four large gas cylinders for the BBQ help.