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Title: Differences Between America & the British Commonwealth Politics
Post by: Private on 14 September 2020 at 18:30
Let's face it, America/the U.S.A., Australia, Britain, Canada and even New Zealand has basically the same political system, but ... America has it's own King that makes it different from the Kingdom that is the British Commonwealth.

Who runs the British Commonwealth? It doesn't matter. The Commonwealth is just a group of countries voluntarily linking together for no obvious reason other than White Nations giving away their riches to Third World Nations. It has nothing at all to do with the Royal Family, because Republican Nations are members of the Commonwealth. Yes, Prince Charles is typically elected as the head of the Commonwealth of Nations, but then so is the head of the Austro-Hungarian Empire elected the head of the European Union. It's politics and think Kennedy or Bush - generations of overlords in one way or another.

Who runs Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand? The individual Prime Ministers run each nation. And they answer to their cabinet, and also must appear in Parliament and answer to whatever the "Opposition" demands of them. Even if it is FAKE NEWS. The Prime Minister does NOT answer to the Crown in the UK - or to the Governor General in AU, CA and NZ. The Governor General is appointed by the Prime Minister and does not hold authority over the Prime Minister. Each country - AU, CA and NZ - is in essence, a republic of its own, keeping to tradition with a Governor General, and Britain with its Crown Libby or Chucky (that old parasitical bag has to die one day?)

In America, the President does not answer to anyone. The President does not appear before the House of Representatives nor the Senate. The President does whatever he likes - within the law of course. The President of the U.S.A. is an elected Crown Head of Government, a King in all but name, but without his own Prime Minister as has the British Commonwealth, France, Spain and even Russia.

Is it better for an actual head of state suffering and responding to abuse on the floor of the nation's parliament, than for the head of state to hide in an office and distribute memorandums that BENEFIT ONLY BLACKS? Did the current American President attempt to get back to a more open format, open a discussion with the people via Twitter, just as Australia has its House of Representatives arguing with the Prime Minister?

What is the real difference between American and British Parliamentarian styles of government?

The American Pres. can order anything he likes - within reason.

The Prime Minister can't do bugger all without agreement from the House.
 - The Queen or Chucky/The Governor General is just there to say, "Yes, that all appears to be legal."

Which System is Better?

There are faults in both, but Biden and his Democrats will make things worse for the White World. So vote Trump. "Yay."

. . . .

Voting Trump will not save the White World. What a vote for Trump will do is let the enemies of society rampage to the degree that the Fed in the US will put a stop to it. If not, the RIOTS will spread and it will be White vs Black and Red.

We will be fighting them on the beaches. We will be fighting them in the streets - We will NEVER surrender!.

A Vote for Trump, is a Vote Against the Biden Death that America will bring upon the world. Fight them in the ballots while you can, because if Biden gets in, you'll be fighting them in the streets and in the field and food lines - And once they have their bereft black foot on your neck, They will NEVER surrender.

The Future or the Past?