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Difference between the Creativity Alliance, and the Creativity-Movement?


Viertes Reich:
Iím a bit confused about this. Is there a difference?

The Creativity Movement/TCM no longer exists. It's former website is run by Anti-White Taskforce Sigma of the English Police. Any emails sent to their address are forwarded to the relevant JOG authority - in your case, if you contact them, your information goes to Homeland Security as a listed Terrorist.

When they did exist, they claimed to be SKINHEAD ONLY. A prison gang on the street. The moment Hale was locked away, they turned on all non-Skins, dumped all religious aspects of CREATIVITY. And worst of all, they reported the names and addresses of CREATORS that opposed them to their JOG FBI contacts. That's why they were left alone by the JOG and promoted by the MSM.

 * They're leader acted as a witness in court to have one of our members convicted and locked up on bogus charges.

 * They attempted to attack our CREATIVITY ALLIANCE members on the street with fists and boots - groups vs one. They ran into our guns and backed down.

 * Against our opposition, Hale ordered them to start a prison gang. The leaders of that failed attempt are still in prison, under permanent JOG protection. Because of TCM, CREATIVITY is banned in all prisons in the US, Australia and the UK. The CREATIVITY ALLIANCE continues to grow inside prisons.

 * The only thing they could ever do was talk shite on Stormfront and VNN Forum - where the Christinsane owners were pleased to allow them to drag CREATIVITY into the gutter, exactly as the JEW wanted.

CREATIVTY'S glorious founder, Ben Klassen, designed CREATIVITY to be a religion for every White Man, Woman and Child. TCM attempted to turn CREATIVITY into an irreligious Skinhead Only Movement. CREATIVITY is not a Movement. CREATIVITY is not a Gang. The CREATIVITY ALLIANCE does not bend the knee to Skinhead Thugs or psychopathic lunatics like Matt Hale. The CREATIVITY ALLIANCE lives; the Creativity Movement is dead - and that is how it will stay. We do not permit rival groups to exist.

Read the History before you ask anything else.

Reverend Cambeul.
Church Administrator - Creativity Alliance.

Viertes Reich:
Thank you for your very informative response. Iíll take another look at it. I donít remember seeing anything no about them.

The Jew is responsible for all of the movements that have tried to destroy us such as communism, socialism, liberalism, and SJWism.

We Whites must band together and use the incredible power of our science to annihilate our enemies: the Jew and all of the organizations they create to oppose us!

RaHoWa! White Power!


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