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Author Topic: Dictatorship Imminent?! Donald Trump's 2018 State of the Union Address

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Though I'm a few days late, I've been meaning to get this article out for several days.

Contrary to what the Judenpresse and the reds have put out, Donald Trump's 2018 State of the Union address was not over-the-top nor a "call for authoritarianism." It was rather the same old formula that JOG's past presidents in America have given since before the Second World War: taxes will be "cut," immigration and healthcare will be "reformed," and America will still be the Jews' attack dog for any country they find displeasure with.

But lo and behold, the leftards, reds and other anti-White factions in America took another opportunity to show us how thoroughly their brains have been subject to Jewish mind poison. The article I'm sharing comes from, and is titled "Donald Trump just asked Congress to End the Rule of Law." And what will follow is just how well the Jews have used their media to firmly control the thoughts of White people around the world.

The article can be summed up like this: Donald Trump is following in the "authoritarian" footsteps of Hungarian President Viktor Orban, Trump is "racist" for claiming he is the only person who has produced the lowest unemployment for niggers and spics in recent years, and worst of all *gasp*, he's called for Congress to fire federal employees if they don't do their job right! That madman!

Well, that's about their reaction. What we Creators can take away from this specific article is how desperate the Judenpresse has become in efforts to forward White genocide. They have done a horrible, but efficient, job in undermining White peoples' pride in their race by directing all their attacks against their puppet Trump, who is their face of White "racism."

Of course, there were other cringe-worthy actions taking place around the address: Democratic senators boycotting the address, celebrities from "the resistance" making their own anti-White statements and the Democratic Party digging up a Kennedy to put forth their response. Quite an evening for another Jewish puppet's speech.

Nevertheless, this State of the Union address has shown us Creators at least one thing: that the Jews have poisoned the minds of White people so much that a Jew like Trump will get them to cry "racist dictator" for a mediocre speech. This means continuing our efforts in spreading Creativity and cleaning the minds of our White brothers and sisters.

Here's the article from Slate:
Build a Whiter, Brighter World

Reverend Peter Sturm
N.C. U.S.A.


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