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I know this is American territory and old news but I find the situation fascinating and good evidence of the decline of civilisation due to non whites infiltration.
This essay and facts are great.

I beleive Michigan is the size of England. Where it a nation. proof of the destruction of civilisation by niggers would be self evident.
I find Detroits death appropriate in a way. Once the "Arsenal of Democracy" providing munitions first against the Confederacy and then against the Reich. The White men of this city fought for their own extinction, death and niggerisation.

I live near Detroit (and have lived in Michigan my entire life), Rev. Albert, and one factor I always thought was key to the deterioration of that once great center of culture, commerce and Caucasians was the "White Flight" of the late 1960s from Detroit. I don't blame niggers - they can't help it. Whites are the cause of the demise of 300+ year old Detroit. They ABANDONED it. They ran to the suburbs and beyond. The amusing, as well as painfully sad fact is that Whites in the 'burbs still think THEY ARE DETROIT. Rock n roll clubs still advertise as having "the best live bands in Detroit," though they are half an hour or more away from the city limits. Moronic sheep get tattoos of the Old English "D" - a Detroit symbol - though they live nowhere NEAR the city. Even the supreme nig sport - basketball - isn't played professionally in the city, though still using the city to identify the team (many of the Detroit Pistons also live in the area around where they work - not with other blacks in Detroit). What's even worse, the most tragic element of this mess, is that "suburbanites" keep patronizing Detroit sports, casinos, clubs, festivals, products and businesses, keeping alive a city full of animals who HATE THEM. As many have pointed out, race traitors and those who are simply oblivious will be as large a problem to our cause as any non-White enemy.

Keep an eye on the former Motor City. We'll see how long Whites sit on the sidelines while Michigan's tax dollars - meaning THEIR tax money - feed a parasite that should be starved out.


A couple of updates as seen from this side of the planet...

I think we can expect pretty much every formally white city from London to Paris to anywhere you care to mention to just revert back to the jungle as Whites retreat and become a remote dwelling species.

Being a New Englander to the core, perhaps I am not in any position to comment on the condition of the once great city of Detroit. I will say that I find the "greening" of Detroit to be positive. In other words, the prairie has been returning to the blocks and blocks of what had become coon territory. Once trees start growing, tall and magnificent, there won't be any coons left (as I am told that they dislike trees for their strong rope supporting qualities). In all seriousness, I would inquire about land prices in these new green areas of Detroit. No doubt that most would be considered brownfields, hazardous at worst, but some may be worth investing in.


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