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Author Topic: Crony capitalist as marxist war for equality

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Crony capitalist as marxist war for equality
« on: 24 October 2017 at 16:08 »
I here wrote few articles through my posts what I think that can be helpfull for pro-white activity does not matter of group. How crony capitalism works? State with force collect by your salary more than half and question is for what? Basically for redistribution and so-called social welfare but who really have profit from that?

Crony capitalists and their agents who can stop bettter individuals. State (your money) give money to wannabe capitalists and then crony capitalists give donation in policy to politicans. What is reaction of working class? They also insist for more redistribution,more socialism because capitalist with state steal from them and you have communism as reaction of self-proclaimed capitalism ie. cultural marxism in economy because of redistribution as war for equality. So what we have today? We have some self-proclaimed central planners who are bad for society.

Such economy was on target by Lothrop Stoddard,Ragnar Redbread that you can not have best elements on power if you have big state control. In my state,we have still White race but she die slowly because of bad birthrate who are run not by jews but with white mans who live in fear of eugenics not by state than by market. Of course,white elite must first have zeal put lowest IQ 110-120 and higher for to this and when we coming much higher then they must repeat such policy for example have zeal that lowest IQ on white race must be 130-140. Main danger is that are on market stupid things as football,american pie and many others where you do not have prolotion of intelect. Well,we must first have better IQ for reject today market and establish market of intelligence.
I am still learning English. Please forgive any errors you may see.