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Author Topic: Creativity & Comparative Religions: Cosmotheism

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Creativity & Comparative Religions: Cosmotheism
« on: 01 August 2013 at 01:48 »
Founded by Dr William L. Pierce of the National Alliance, Cosmotheism is a religion of which many of its adherents believe to be a non-specific-theistic, Pantheistic Aryan religion in the style of Hinduism for the modern White man. Although this couldn't be further from the truth, the problem with Cosmotheism - unlike Creativity - is that Cosmotheism is portrayed in such a manner as to bring you in using your current beliefs, and then largely through social interaction with other Cosmotheists, you would come to accept - as Dr Pierce did and all Creators do - that there is no God or gods, no Satan or even spirits and certainly no Heaven nor Hell nor any form of life after death beyond the passing along of your DNA to the following generations.

The question we must ask ourselves is: Was Cosmotheism always intended to be no more than a dishonest recruiting tool? The answer, fortunately, is a resounding NO! Cosmotheism simply does not have a single book that every White man, woman and child can read and easily understand. Instead, Cosmotheism is based entirely on a single audio recording - by Dr Pierce, along with a series of pamphlets published by the National Alliance and a short book by C Wayne MacLeod called "Dynasophy: An Ideology For The Future." Although well written, there is not a single item published to date that is easily understandable from the layman's point of view, and that is what has led to the misconception that Cosmotheism is a non-specific-theistic, Pantheistic, Aryan, Hinduistic religion for the modern White man. This misconception is a fault built into the heart of Cosmotheism which has led to the idea that if you do understand the true nature of Cosmotheism, you are an elite within the world of the Cosmotheist - and if you don't ... you just don't get it.

How to rectify the misconception: Add a short summary about Cosmotheism in laymen's language to the beginning of C Wayne MacLeod's text and Dr Pierce' audio recording and publish them far and wide. Make it clear to even the most obtuse reader that Cosmotheism is no more a belief about invisible friends than is Creativity.

The other way is to adapt some of the beliefs and ideals of Creativity into Cosmotheism; specifically the clear-cut and concise recognition and separation of fact from fiction as the Creator sees it - that is, the Creator as an adherent of Creativity, not The Creator as a misconceived, mystical spook in the sky. This has been done to some extent, but not nearly enough to alleviate the perceived elitism that pervades the upper echelons of Cosmotheism.

So what is Cosmotheism in relation to Creativity?: Cosmotheism - as it is today - is nought but a watered down, dishonest and elitist form of the first and only militant religion specifically designed for the White Race, Creativity.

The future of Cosmotheism: With the infusion of Creativity into Cosmotheism, there is a strong chance that Cosmotheism will take an honest path, meaning that any possible remaining elitism will be by design, rather than opportunity as is the current case.

The threat of Cosmotheism to Creativity: Cosmotheism is only a threat to Creativity if naive Creators should ever attempt to inject the wishy-washy dishonesty of Cosmotheism into the well established, factual and definitive scripture of militant Creativity. As this is not likely, Cosmotheism is not likely to become a threat to Creativity.

The threat of Cosmotheism to Christianity: Cosmotheism is at best, a passive resistance threat to Christianity. Only time will tell whether the passivity of Cosmotheism or the militancy of Creativity is the better for the White Race. More likely, both biological White Racial religions have their place in our world, and as Cosmotheism finds it feet, it will establish itself as a unique and powerful White Racialist religion on its own behalf, that is akin to Creativity, and yet attracts a different style of adherent to that of your average Creator.

As a Creator and Minister with the Church of Creativity and current Pontifex Maximus of the Creativity Alliance, I wish my Cosmotheist Brothers and Sisters all the luck of the cosmos; and I know that common sense prevailing, together we Creators and Cosmotheists - biological White Racial Loyalists, one and all - can make this a Whiter and Brighter World. RaHoWa!


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Re: Creativity & Comparative Religions: Cosmotheism
« Reply #1 on: 25 September 2013 at 06:33 »
Good comments there, Cailen, except where you say Cosmotheism is laid out in one audiotape, the three pamphlets, and an essay by Wayne McLeod. Here's a piece by Dr. Pierce that you've probably not seen before because it was just recently transcribed:
I've been arguing for months with this McLeod fellow that his Cosmos Theology is not the same as Cosmotheism, and that his criticisms of Cosmotheism shouldn't be cluttering up and dominating the Cosmotheism and Creativity subforum at Stormfront -- to no avail, however, since, for one thing, the moderator of the SF Cosmotheism and Creativity subforum is an Odinist, Lycia. One has to apply to join this Stormfront subforum in order to post: Mr. McLeod is not a Cosmotheist in the sense that we know the term. He says the following in post #111 of that thread in SF C&C:

Quote from: Private
Will Williams Said: "That's all well and good, but it's not exclusively for Whites like both Creativity and Cosmotheism"

And how far have they gotten us along the road of White preservation? I might be dreaming but I now see a Black President in the White House. Perhaps a new strategy is needed other than just thinking about Whites. For example, a movement for World Government does not need to be multicultural. It's coming anyway, we all know that, so let's have a religion that recognizes the benefits of doing away with war, etc., only in its ideology it also recognizes the need for racial and cultural diversity. A religion like that would most probably be pantheist.

There you have it: Mr. McLeod cares not a whit for a religion exclusively for Whites, His tag team partner on that thread, "Unconditional Canuck," says Creativity and Cosmotheism are "complete psychopathic insanity" and what the White race really needs is Cosmos theology or Pantheism. It's a shame that C&C can't be discussed among adherents in its own forum without these naysaying buttinskis dominating the discussion with impunity.
The primacy of race is more subtle with Cosmotheism than with "in-your-face," militant Creativity, but no less valued, and the consistent Cosmotheist world view, or philosophy of life, is apparent in nearly every piece Dr. Pierce wrote from the late 1960s until his death. I wouldn't characterize Cosmotheism as being "dishonest" just because its approach is more subtle than Creativity's. The race-centered creeds, C&C, are entirely compatible but will appeal to different White subgroups, with a healthy overlap of dedicated followers of both. Scientists, atheists, Wodenists, National Socialists, etc., find appeal on one level or another in both Nature-based, biocentric creeds.
Creativity, already on the rocks by 1994, took a turn for the worse when Matt Hale, bless his heart, picked up Ben Klassen's teachings, with little authority, and used them to form what turned out to be little more than a militant Skinhead gang, posing as Creativity. I saw the email distribution header for a message from imprisoned Hale to his followers a few years back and was shocked to see mostly NSM and Hammerskin addresses, That alone told me that for the most part Hale's followers did not embrace or utilize Creativity as Ben Klassen had intended. Not to say Matt was insincere; he just went about things all wrong for the times.
Cosmotheism had effectively been shelved by Dr. Pierce during the 1990s in favor of expanding publishing and multi-media, and in Alliance-building. His idea of Cosmotheist Church Communities, or "White Zion," however, was not dead at all. A certain percentage of Alliance members realized the spiritual aspects of holding the Cosmotheist world view and saw the Alliance as their Church just as surely as Creators did with Ben Klassen's COTC.
Creativity splintered from Hale's downfall, but is still chugging along, which is more than can be said for Cosmotheism currently. On 4/20/2002, and again on April 28, 2002, in Dr. Pierce's last recorded speech (please watch):

He lumped Hale's WCOTC in with Aryan Nations as being useful to draw certain undesirable elements away from the National Alliance, and that he was saddened by the demise of both. Dr. Pierce's stated desire to reach "outside of the Movement" for new followers was a profound move, and one I try to keep in mind. I resigned from the National Alliance at the end of that same month, April, 2002, because, among other things, I didn't like at all the direction the Alliance was headed, with all the Skinhead and hobbyist nonsense that Resistance Records had attracted. Billy Roper, who turned out to be an "Identist," was organizing public "Movement" spectacles in the Alliance's name, pitting his Hammerskin associates vs. Bill White's anti-racist counter-demonstrators. Dr. Pierce was losing control of things as the Alliance attracted more and more ideologically unsound followers. He was dead less than three months after making that speech at his last Leadership Conference ....

Reverend Will Williams.

Note: Posted by Reverend Cambeul from an email by Reverend Williams
Former Hasta Primus for P.M. Ben Klassen with the Church of the Creator at North Carolina and later the right-hand man for Dr William Pierce with the National Alliance. Currently the Chairman of the National Alliance.

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Re: Creativity & Comparative Religions: Cosmotheism
« Reply #2 on: 10 May 2015 at 17:50 »
I personally find Cosmotheism very confusing, and I have no idea what it's beliefs are. Whereas Creativity's goal are short, concise, and to the point.
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Re: Creativity & Comparative Religions: Cosmotheism
« Reply #3 on: 11 May 2015 at 16:43 »
I personally find Cosmotheism very confusing, and I have no idea what it's beliefs are. Whereas Creativity's goal are short, concise, and to the point.

Cosmotheism is not for everyone, Br.W.Anthony. PM Cambeul says it is elitist -- well, perhaps it is since we in the Cosmotheist Community like to think we are attracting the elite of our race. Like Creativity Cosmotheism is a Nature-based, exclusivist ideology/philosophy/world view/religion which rejects the Abrahamic religions as unsuitable for Aryan peoples.

We send PM Cambeul a copy of our National Alliance BULLETIN each month so he can keep up with our Alliance-building, mostly in America presently. Cosmotheism is the ideology of our Alliance and it is such a departure from Christianity that it takes a while for most to grasp what we are about. We generally bring our Alliance members around to our way of thinking through our Membership Handbook and other teachings, laid out by Dr. William Pierce over a 35-year period. Like Creativity's Founder Ben Klassen said, "First, we must straighten out the White man's thinking."

In our March BULLETIN we published the following, which explained Cosmotheism in terms most people can understand:

Fred Streed: A Cosmotheist Dialogue
Introduction by William White Williams

“In 1978 a group of members who were especially interested in the religious or spiritual aspects of the National Alliance’s work organized the Cosmotheist Community Church.” That sentence from page 17 of the 1993 edition of William Pierce’s National Alliance Membership Handbook was removed in the 2005 edition — along with several other crucial passages, including pages 46-51, which described Christianity as an opposed ideology.

Additionally, entire paragraphs were removed from the section on general principles of National Alliance ideology and were replaced by a watered-down section on religion (p. 24), which stated, “Our membership consists of a variety of beliefs. A member may be very religious or very non-religious.”

Why did Erich Gliebe and Shaun Walker decide to remove those sections?
Gliebe and Walker made a mess of the Alliance Handbook because they wanted a “bigger tent”; they wanted to make the Alliance “Christian-friendly” in hopes — vain hopes, as it turned out — that more Christians would join us because they’d no longer be offended by the fundamentally Cosmotheist underpinnings of Alliance ideology. Cosmotheism is the philosophy that undergirds all of the Alliance’s ideals and undertakings — and it is absolutely incompatible with a Semitic religion that worships the Jews’ tribal god.

One of William Pierce’s closest friends and long-term associates, Mr. Fred Streed, was in charge of the infrastructure and physical plant at the National Office for 11 years — not to mention that he was appointed by Dr. Pierce to be president of the National Alliance Board of Directors. Mr. Streed’s understanding of Alliance ideology is unquestioned, and he has steadfastly maintained that the Alliance should never compromise its Cosmotheist roots. Recently, Mr. Streed engaged in a very valuable dialogue on Cosmotheism with a number of critics and questioners, which we’re proud to share with you this month.

A Cosmotheist Dialogue by Fred Streed

Q: Why doesn’t the Alliance stick with Christianity and try to reform it?
A: Superstition passed off as religion is not a real option. If it were reformed to the point where it did not violate the laws of Nature, or resort to spiritual terrorism, it would no longer be Christianity anyway. Christianity needs to be realistically scrutinized, not reformed.
Q: My interest in Cosmotheism, such as it is, is in understanding why Dr. Pierce believed it to be necessary.
A: It is necessary because it is reality. It is necessary because Whites have a strong need for purpose in life. That need gets subverted by superstitious claptrap like Christianity. Cosmotheism is an understanding that our lives are lived in this physical world, not some otherworldly, pie-in-the-sky-when-you-die foolishness. Our one purpose is to advance life.
Q: Cosmotheism is okay, but the name is ridiculous — Scientology-level ridiculous — but there’s a lot of good stuff there.
A: Dr. Pierce didn’t invent the name; it was already in use. Call it Pantheism or Panentheism if it bothers you that much. Or invent a new name. It will still be Cosmotheism by the accepted definition. Dr. Pierce also didn’t invent most of the concepts embodied in it. It’s more a discovery of what is true than an invention of anything. Some seem Hell-bent on the idea that Cosmotheism is some kind of cult religion. It’s not. Some evidently understand neither what it is nor its purpose. Others, I suspect, deliberately pretend it is a cult of made-up hokum like Scientology or Mormonism because they have an agenda of their own — and that agenda isn’t the preservation and advancement of the White race.
Cosmotheism defined, according to Webster’s New International Dictionary, 2d edition; 1934: “[cosmo-+-theism.] Ascription of divinity to the cosmos; identification of God with the world. Compare: PANTHEISM”
Q: Strictly speaking, Cosmotheism isn’t a religion, in much the same way as Buddhism — or ancestor-worship — devoid of folk beliefs and the like, isn’t a religion.
A: I would disagree with you there. I would say Cosmotheism is a true religion — and Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are not religions, but superstition operating under the cover of religion. I don’t know how many times I have had some Christian tell me to “look up on a starry night and then try to deny there is a God.” Truth is, I do experience a religious feeling of awe when I look at the Milky Way and reflect on the vastness of the Universe, the beauty, the grand scope of it all. But that doesn’t make me think there has to be some transcendent Hebraic spook behind it all. There is an irony in a Christian tapping into a bit of genuine religion to justify his Bible-based nonsense.
Cosmotheism is simply a religious world-view based on a scientific understanding of Nature, at least to the extent we do understand reality. Scientific advances that alter our understanding of reality also help us achieve the one Purpose of life, which is to advance to higher states of consciousness and understanding. That is what Cosmotheism is. Contrast that with the dogma of the Christian churches, which resists changes in our understanding.
Q: If you really want to find religious elements in the National Alliance, just look at the way Dr. Pierce is treated nowadays. He was probably the most significant person in American racial nationalist thought, and was a great leader (let’s face it, making intelligent and willful White folks pull together is about the hardest thing that a man can do), but where is the evolution of thought, and of the movement, that he started? It seems to have stopped when he died.
A: Nothing has stopped. His ideas are standing the test of time rather nicely. He is still widely read and quoted; his ideas still inspire.
Q: Where does the Jew fit into this Cosmotheist world view?
A: Life, at least life on this planet, as we all know, advances by becoming better adapted to its environment — it evolves new forms to take advantage of new or changed environments. Less adapted, less fit, life forms cannot compete, and are displaced and die out. Much environmental change has been random, a throw of the dice if you will, yet has served well to challenge and advance life to ever-higher states. The asteroid or comet that struck the Earth 65 million years ago and wiped out most of the then-existing species, including most or all of the dinosaurs, was one of those random events.

That event opened up ecological niches that had once been occupied by dinosaurs and other now-extinct animals. The small furry creatures who were the ancestors of all of today’s mammals — including us — were able to diversify and exploit those niches, something they could not do while they served as dinosaur food. There have been several of these “extinction events” in the half billion years or so since complex multicellular life began; the one that wiped out the dinosaurs being the most recent.

The point of all that is that advancement in the complexity and fitness of life came about as a result of competition and the overcoming of adversity. That is where the Jew comes into the picture. The Jew is destruction incarnate. He is parasitism and degeneracy and chaos, toxic to all life. He is self-selected for this role. His purpose is to winnow the chaff from the grain, metaphorically speaking. The Jew brings rot and decadence. His personality is toxic. This shows in the Jews’ preference for scatological humor, their championing of the sick, the weak, the base. But nowhere is it more clear than in their attacks on human sexuality, that most sacred of all our drives. The Jew poisons our reproductive urge with his promotion of homosexual sex, abortion, interracial sex, feminism, “gay” marriage, and endless further combinations of filth and degeneracy. He counters our art with anti-art, he counters our high culture with trash cinema and boob-tube debauchery, he counters our sacred genome with the promotion of mixing with Congoids and Mestizos.

At some level the Jew knows exactly what he is, subconsciously or consciously. That is why he is so extremely sensitive to any resistance to his destructiveness. It also explains his fascination with the “Holocaust” that didn’t happen. He is obsessed with the idea that some day he will be called to account for his depredations. He knows that truth cannot be covered up indefinitely and that justice cannot be evaded forever.

The Jew, of course, springs from the same Creator/universe as we do. His purpose is to weed out the weak and degenerate among us. That doesn’t mean he is not evil: If we understand evil to be anything that hinders the One Purpose, which is ever higher levels of consciousness, then he is indeed evil. He is an integral part of a duality that is actually different manifestations of the One, which is the all. The Jew exists for us to defeat. If we do not defeat him, we will die — and, in fact, will have proved ourselves unworthy of life. To fail at that task will consign our race to the grave forever, and probably will mean the extinction of life on this planet.

* * *

Source: National Alliance BULLETIN, March 2015; to receive the BULLETIN, join or support the National Alliance
Former Hasta Primus for P.M. Ben Klassen with the Church of the Creator at North Carolina and later the right-hand man for Dr William Pierce with the National Alliance. Currently the Chairman of the National Alliance.

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Re: Creativity & Comparative Religions: Cosmotheism
« Reply #4 on: 09 October 2018 at 13:42 »
Creativity do not go in charge with any kind of spirits or debate which spirit is right or wrong because it is debate with unexisted creatures. Instead of that,we will discuss only with something what exist. We are not obsessed with space program while is mongrelization rapidly going in our society. Our only roadblock are liberals who are as Klassen said basically good white persons,businessmans. Ask some liberal about spirits etc. and he will laugh on that so Creativity is only protection for their safety without white flight,profit for drugs,orgy and such kind of degenerativne,it would be rather profit for more reproduction of beasts and more quality goods as result of that. top creator articles for that are:

Natures Eternal Religion-perivous than last chapter
White Mans Bible- Creativity and government
White Mans Bible- Civilization without racial religion- just destructive process foto the White race
Revolt against Civilization where whole book speak about such chapter
Rising tide of color against white world supermacy,another book by Lothrop Stoddard where he explained that will color workers make revolution  against them
On the brink of bloody racial war chapters:
Bashing the Rich a fang of bolshevism
Find also Klassen view on libertarianism that Creators also advocated small government and los taxes
The Triage
Might is Right-Man the carnivore

I am still learning English. Please forgive any errors you may see.


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