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Author Topic: Coon Propaganda Flick: Help Disect For Debunking Analysis Page

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This video is called "Hebrew, so called Negro"  it's a nigger propaganda flick for biblical stuff. If anyone wants to hep disect and analyse this film I will edit this video, add our analysis, and reupload it multiple times and run promo on it to increase it's statistics so it climbs the charts and publish the analysis on several pages.

If you want to help, cool. If not.. It's ok.. It's just more nig propaganda but it's a higher quality one.

There are people in the streets of Philly trashing white people using this material. 

One major issue I can find is that they claim egypt was ruled by blacks... we know because our books say egypt was white until it's started it's decline into mongrelization.

(Press that respect button, give me props for the find!)

The Survival Of The White Race Is Here!


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