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Title: Confused White Liberals
Post by: Private on 11 March 2018 at 05:04
I recently read an article about criticism of socialist anti-White police of Mugabe and South Africa today and criticism of populist rightist WHO do not want a capitalist Free Market economy.

Well, Creativity wants a Free Market society, which is only possible in a White globalist society with more quality ... with better White People through a eugenics program. Why? Because capitalist economy was created by White Man - The global socialist economy was created by the jew.

Creators want more Market without wars between Whites.

Dear White Libertarians, Creativity is the utopia you are looking for which can work.
Title: Re: Confused White Liberals
Post by: Private on 11 March 2018 at 05:06
Please corect mi post. I can not post better im mobilne AND i hope that YOU understood me
Title: Re: Confused White Liberals
Post by: Private on 11 March 2018 at 05:16
No worries brother. I understand how it is posting from a mobile phone. All corrected and a thumbs up for you.
Title: Re: Confused White Liberals
Post by: Private on 17 March 2018 at 07:57
I found a White Libertarian who enough understands the problem with non-White immigration and democracy. His name is Hans Hermann Hoppe.

Some people on Stormfront gave a good analysis of libertarianism where they consider the USA and Australia to be the most economic free states, and wrote that is libertarianism impossible without White supremacy and it is correct and Hoppe understands it.

However Hoppe is a Protestant and does not see the problem with the jew religion, but he does not like jews. Well I study Klassen's Awakening. Klassen also advocated small government when he was a conservative racialist. The Result? Christians just attacked him using their religion and he later rejected racial Christianity and established Creativity which has the Full Program of how to establish society that produces quality goods with quality people through eugenics ... Because YOU can not produce anything of quality using BAD workers with genetic degradation.

After Hoppe, our good White People can study Klassen - about whom they basically have a good opinion as Klassen gave to all White People the perfect program of how to establish a White World without wars. People who just produce and live well, in harmony with nature.
Title: Re: Confused White Liberals
Post by: Private on 17 March 2018 at 10:38
Stormfront is full to the brim of those who try to be intellectually bias-racist and those who are jewden, the Jew try to hide the fact they are Jew and become imposters.

They also are heavily modded by moderaters who think they are little Demi Gods.

I didn’t last too long on the forum with the three accounts I made, I gave up on them long time ago.

Some people on Stormfront gave a good analysis of libertarianism

Title: Re: Confused White Liberals
Post by: Private on 17 March 2018 at 15:56
Libertarians don't give a damn about their race. The only time they'd try to help the White Race survive would be if it made them profits. And since the Jew has made it profitable to attack and destroy the White Race, Libertarians will never be racially conscious, and in many cases, will be just as anti-White as the liberals and Marxists.

Klassen, however, defined Creativity's political program as Racial Socialism (chapter 6 "Racial Socialism" in Book II of "Nature's Eternal Religion"). By this, we Creators should look towards our future White state having a government a lot like Adolf Hitler's National Socialist government in Germany. That would, of course, be our best course of action.

Hitler critiqued capitalism many times in his writings and speeches, and for very good reason. Capitalism is, unfortunately, a way for the Jews to infiltrate society and bring it down through both economics and propaganda. The Jew-run Federal Reserve System is technically a private business, not part of the government, and has been an instrumental tool in economically enslaving White Americans ("Creative Credo #40: The Brutal Truth About Inflation and Financial Enslavement: The Federal Reserve Board - The Most Gigantic Counterfeiting Ring in the World" found in "The White Man's Bible"). Jews have also used capitalism to agitate the different economic classes of White people across the world, as to promote their twin ideology Communism and create class warfare between the different economic classes of White people.

The Jews have additionally used capitalism to poison our people and turn up profits for themselves. Industries such as the pornography industry, the medical industry and Hollywood have been churning out anti-White propaganda for nearly a century, and all thanks to the unrestrained free market. I shouldn't have to go into how the Jews have made profits out of war, because they've been doing it longer than capitalism has been around. Weimar Germany was defined by the out-pour of egalitarian and anti-White filth of its down-trotted economy, led by the small group of Jewish capitalists that sought to financially destroy the nation. Thankfully, Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP saved Germany, and bring about a six-year era of peace, prosperity and unity for the White Race in Germany.

In finishing, our position in terms of economics, as Creators, should be something like this: we are for private property and free enterprise, but we oppose the unrestrained, international capitalism that creates monopolies, causes class warfare and can be used by the perfidious Jew to pump anti-White ideas into our society through economical means. We additionally oppose Communism and any forms of economics that seeks state ownership of all businesses and economic assets. We are for an economic system that best supports the White Race, and helps every White man and woman be successful. This is Racial Socialism, the White man's socialism.

"We of the Church of the Creator believe, not in democracy, but in Racial Socialism, which is teamwork elevated to its highest perfection for the welfare of the whole race, led by its ablest leaders." - Ben Klassen, NER, pg. 300.

"Since I have defined socialism as organized society, it is obvious that to be organized at all the White Man must have a socialist government, which every government has been from time immemorial, in any case. What the White Man must further have is Racial Socialism, that is a government organized with the prime goal of promoting the best interests of the White Race and the White Race alone. It must be based on a racial foundation." - Ben Klassen, NER, pg. 301.
Title: Re: Confused White Liberals
Post by: Private on 18 March 2018 at 08:28
The last two chapters of NER https://creativityalliance.com/23/ebooks/eBook-BenKlassen-Nature'sEternalReligion.pdf say that Klassen advocated tax between 15 and 5 percent and later in the last Racial Loyalty he told libertarians that are Creators also for less government in future with tax 1 percent.

In his article Bashing of the rich a fang of Bolshevism he attacked one WN man who had socialist ideas in economy. Racial Socialism is organized society in capitalist economy without redistribution from government - because the worst elements of our race come into power with the Cultural Marxist redistribution of capital. For example the Roman Catholic Church had 10 percent tax forwarded to their church and capitalists had 10 to the king and that is all. Today the government with Marxist redistribution steal over 70 percent from private firms and helping to incapable Whites in my state who do not implementing eugenic and have many post communists and in USA tax from productive Whites coming to the niggers.

Jews do not produce anything and they are incapable in a capitalist economy. The USA's socialist policy is under attack from libertarians, however they do not have the full program because without eugenics, you have bad workers and future communists who kill the beaten Whites ie. job creators.

FED do not also have anything with free Market because it is a socialist central bank and an alternative is virtual money as bitcoin, which the government cannot own through inflation. And Klassen wrote how the FED through socialist inflation is stealing money.

If Creativity can recruit a thousand capitalists with a thousand employers we can have millions of Creators where pro-White caoutakist elite would not migrate mud workers into Poor places with already Poor wages who would otherwise one day plan the genocide of the White Race as in Africa today. They would have more children than workers and we have society who can not fall because Klassen wrote in article Civilization without racial religion is just a destructive process for the White Race where lower Whites can become Bolsheviks or Christians who want to steal the capital from the best whites through social welfare.

Title: Re: Confused White Liberals
Post by: Private on 18 March 2018 at 11:58
American White Libertarians - as opposed to the standard Libtard Libertarians - do have a lot of crossover with Creativity's political spectrum. However, so do a lot of other political groups. We Creators are just not as extreme as our enemies like to label us.

Of course, Libertarians by the American standard do not exist outside America.

Note: Brother S97's post above on Libertarians will be added to the main website.
Link to be added here.
Title: Re: Confused White Liberals
Post by: Private on 21 March 2018 at 22:47
Recently I have red problems from liberal point of view who have on target space and robot revolution how and the end of our planet. Creativity belief is that are a natural laws eternal so if nature want destroy our planet in future it would be the result of natural law who we can not change as lower species can not change their end. True point of view is that the White race have small time for survive so our religion is only concentrated on survival,exapansion and advancement only the White race as are mud refugees in their mud race. Creators do not belive in Hollywood space attacks or Matrix for saving planet Zion against advancement of white inventions as better robots nor we belive in eternal life through cloning ourselves because it is against eugenic. Whole focus on this stupidity is that whites forget about their life and muds survive because they gave will for it and do not have a focus of such stupidity. 
Title: Re: Confused White Liberals
Post by: Private on 24 March 2018 at 06:47
So-called libertarians who I read do not support pro-white speech and wrote that neo nazis want to infiltrate into their movement. Because rightist do not have much freedom of speech for example in my area where you as Creator can be in problems with police and where is such organization prohibited of course that they supporting freedom to the group who do not have freedom of organization,speech and similar is in USA where many rightist want promote themselves through libertarianism. Well,libtards used names as their socialist state who they attack and they have same strategy to the rightists. There is no doubt that only Creativity have path for them and they just must read Klassen chapter in NER on the last two chapters on small taxes and in last Racial loyalty where he wrote that are Creators also for lower taxes and capitalist economy. We are also racial socialist but socialism only work in white family so it means genetic socialism through eugenics where would rich whites have more children. Instead od state redistribution of capital Creativity is for family redistribution.