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Author Topic: Commander Matt Koehl addresses the three Cs

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Re: Commander Matt Koehl addresses the three Cs
« Reply #5 on: 25 March 2011 at 23:23 »
I never paid much attention to Matt Koehl, I think he must have been besmirched by the christian bunch which is a shame because he seems OK from that article. It's a great pity he didn't become fully involved in Creativity. We need promoters, activists and leaders.

RE the Order. I must admit I have very little regard for them. if it takes 25 white men to kill a single jew we are completely sunk, I don't think they achieved anything. if they had just lived peaceful "Creator" lives they could have achieved far more, raised a White Family each perhaps 5 kids each , that would mean there would be another 125 race conscious Whites walking around instead of having their genes terminated.

Ben Klassen is clear that we have to organise a mass movement of the entire White race before any fight can be countenanced. Initiating or waiting for a civil war is suicidal as explained in his essay "Make Hay while the sun shines" in "Building a whiter brighter world" or Racial Loyalty Issue 13, June 1984.
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