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Viertes Reich:
In the times of today I think it would help the cause alot to bring back white power rock and roll. I've been reading alot about blood and honour lately. How awesome would it be to come together for white power festivials?! Now I just have to work out some songs haha.


The band is Youngland

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Viertes Reich:
I wondered if the band RAHOWA were Creators.

If the name didn't, the lyrics should give it away. Same with Centurion.

I don’t know about where you are but the shows happen here annually and for the last couple the virus shut them down. If you decide to meet those involved and go just be warned there is a whole lot of “c0ck swinging” in the scene that involves hierarchy and you have to be quiet and well behaved in the organiser’s presence or it can be dangerous.

There are not a lot of bands doing this anymore it seems. In the US fee speech is different to the free speech we are told we have in Australia or in parts of Europe.


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