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Bring Back RAC Music!

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Viertes Reich:
The only thing I know of around me is Hammer Fest. But that's pri not easy to get into. Brutal Attack still tours I believe but probably just in the UK

The music is available anywhere you want it. Just turn off the TV and Radio, and populate your own world with RaHoWa and other Racial Rock.

As for the Skinhead profiteers that want to promote their music, F. 'em! They're Wiggas with Swastikas lookin' for a Hand-Out and nothing more. They don't want anyone that isn't a paid up patched in twat - and we don't need their Wigga Gangsta bullshit.

Viertes Reich:
I have tons of RAC albums that I circulate through. So much that I only listen to the stuff. I was talking more about festivals for white unity. As for the skinhead thing. Yeah there's alot of wiggers in that pack but you can find some really dedicated skinheads that treat the image of the white race with respect. Hell Ian Stuart was a skinhead of sorts. Boots and braces

Brutal Attack did make it to Australia, they’ve been twice now. I saw them a few years ago at the ISD memorial. Not enough people attended though and sadly the organisers were out of pocket.

Put it this way, the scene is still around , you can buy records on sites like this:-

Or find other downloads. On ebay it’s there if you know what to search, try using the words :- Rockorama RAC ISD CD Skinhead. Some key words get looked at by the moderators and items get pulled.

Can someone post the Brutal Attack - Stronger Than Before?  Seems to be everyone's favorite.


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