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It's obviously not surprising and amazing the difference from when President Trump was in office to now, with this degenerate puppet scum Biden, surrounded by all his nigger-loving puppeteers. Damn these people. The USA was energy efficient, we were extracted from these harmful trade deals, he rightfully slammed NATO, did what he could to stop the flow of illegal aliens, targeted Islamic terrorists, went against and banned (or tried to at least) these sick anti-White-nigger Marxist policies, had Communist China's back against the wall, etc, etc. And then these mother fuckers - The Democratic Communist Party and their Communist Republican allies - used this Shamdemic as a weapon to get him out of office.

Like any President or leader of a country should do - He simply did what was best for the country he LED. His JOB.

What was the problem with this for so many? Because he "tweeted" something you didn't like? You may not have liked his personality, but he was SAVING the country. So, you were willing to destroy your own country, even though his polices favored AMERICA and were AGAINST all this so-called "Woke" bullshit. I declare to all Americans who wanted Trump out of office just because you didn't like his "decorum," you all should be ashamed of yourselves. And don't bitch about the inflation, high gas prices, etc, because YOU voted for this SCUM and his ENEMY administration. 
RaHoWa 23

Trump wasn't so good. However, he was useful for America. I cannot argue with that.

Is it best to Turn Back Time? Or is it better to do as Tommy Metzger said and hope and vote for ... Things have to get worse before they can get better.

I liked Tom, but I had my own polite debate with him. Tom wanted to take CREATIVITY and alter it for himself, and I said "No!" Although Tom did get desperate and go running to Hale in prison, telling Hale I HAD given Tom everything he wanted from CREATIVITY. The old bastard had lied.

So I leave the ultimate answer to you: Do things really have to get worse before they can get better? Should you always vote Democrat as Tom said, in order to make things in America worse, so that they can get better?

Aleister Adams:
I see voting as a complete waste of time. As has been shown repeatedly our constitution is toilet paper and we the people are mere pawns.


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