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PM Joe's prison has changed its eCommunication methods for prisoners. PM Joe now phones me every day. If you want him to ring you, write to PM Joe. Send him your email address and he'll invite you to where you can send him money and he'll call you.


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New White Rangers Calling Card - for the Enemies of the White Race ...


2020 Jul 27 01:32:30
Rahowa!  ;D


2020 Jul 25 16:34:16
Never in my political activism have I been with or visited our Enemy the Creativity Movement and boom! Check my Emails today and I have 5 days worth of Emails from the Movement talking and posting * about the Kike and their TalMud. WTF?



2020 Jul 24 21:29:10
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Author Topic: Boasting About Criminal Activities

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Boasting About Criminal Activities
« on: 02 August 2020 at 04:04 »
I just replaced my outside back light under my pergola.

It used to be just a bare bulb with no room to fit a light shade. So I replaced it with a caged bunker light ...

It's not exactly difficult: Just know which is the Active wire and where that goes, and the Neutral/Lazy Black wire. Connect the wires, screw it on. I know it doesn't sound much, but in doing that, I was BREAKING THE LAW! Why? Because I am not a licensed electrician. I did the same with my front light a couple of months ago, changing that to a sensor light. And I changed some plugs on beer brewing heater and extension cord. Done the same with phone wires and all sorts ... so I have a long history of recidivist criminal activity:D

On Wednesday, I have to take my Nigger out to get her monthly arthritis injection. I'll probably drive a few klicks over the speed limit. And if I dare, I may even rest my right elbow on the window and steer with my left hand.  >:D
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