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Title: Believer in Imaginary Friends vs Atheists
Post by: Private on 09 November 2009 at 06:58
http://www.victorharbortimes.com.au/blogs/national-comment/celebrity-atheists-expose-their-hypocrisy/1659284.aspx?storypage=0 (http://www.victorharbortimes.com.au/blogs/national-comment/celebrity-atheists-expose-their-hypocrisy/1659284.aspx?storypage=0)

The article is the type we've seen before, the comments were of more interest to me.

Wanting nothing but the best for people that are clearly intelligent and if not already awake to all of the problems, are awake to at least the unreality of imaginary friends, I thought I would throw in something to stir the pot and help them to wake up just a little more.

Quote from: Private
As a Jew I am offended at the very existence of atheists. They are an abomination to the chosen people of God. Only under the benevolent rule of the seat of Jerusalem in the Divine Nation of Israel and the covenant of the Lord will there be peace on Earth. No "If's" and No "But's" Israel must lead or humanity will suffer the Wrath of the Lord.

If that passes mediation (and why shouldn't it? It would be anti-Semitic to refuse a Rabbi), the responding comments should be interesting to read.

Title: Re: Believer in Imaginary Friends vs Atheists
Post by: Private on 10 November 2009 at 02:01
Thats an overt statement of racism on the part of the jews. Again they go with the double standard.