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Title: Bees in trouble
Post by: Private on 04 May 2008 at 23:15
Evidence is coming to light of a massive die off of honey bees. This is of concern to Creators since honey bees are a litmus test of environmental health. They are like canaries in the mine shaft warning of toxic gas.
30% of all food stuffs and all fruit depend on bees for pollination. A loss of the honey bee could directly inflate food prices and lower the quality of our salubrious diet.




What can we do?
1,Argue against pesticides and in favour of organic farming.
2,If you have a garden or land a hive/ multiple hives (I've dug about 10) can be constructed by digging a baseball size hole  in dry ground under a flagstone. Line the hole with moss and make a bee size whole entrance.
3,Make a compost pile of dead plant matter where bees can hibernate over winter.
4, Don't use any pesticides etc
5, try to plant wildflowers in your garden.
Title: Re: Bees in trouble
Post by: Private on 14 July 2008 at 14:04
the extermination of bees is almost certainly being done by vrs licorice all-sorts of ZOG-bot filth!.....they are endeavouring to engineer a global food-shortage so that the White Race can be more easily controlled!....there is a cominbation of techniques: EM radiation (mobile 'phone towers & other 'strange antennas' placed in different locales) & 'chemtrails' are just two of them!.....also: GM-crops & bee-specific pesticides..... how like ZOG to try & wipe out a useful, industrious & helpful insect like the bee.....there's only one way to stop this: the violent over-throw of the entire ZOG/JOG system ASAP!



Title: Re: Bees in trouble
Post by: Private on 30 July 2008 at 21:55
Its probably less a plot than just general human ineptness and incompetence driven by the materialism arising from the initial Jewish culture distortion.
Hitler stated in Mein Kampf that should the Jews triumph over the peoples of the world their victory laurel would be the funeral wreath of mankind;Primarily by democracy and communism depriving the Earth of the Aryan elite (the only superior individuals capable of solving problems of a global scale.

I have a problem with the violent overthrow bit (it is contrary to Creativity doctrine) and expect it is just rhetoric.
 I'm well read historically and the conditions for successful revolution just do not exist and are unlikely to exist in the West for sometime. I wish it would happen like the military would take over and sort the problems out but specific conditions are needed for a successful revolution.
1. poverty and over population- none of which the west has.
2. An obvious oppressive  culturally alien ruling caste- we have one but their rule is benign and cryptic.
3. A neighbouring state able to supply refuge, weapons and supplies- this doesn't exist.
4. A sympathetic populus.

barring this only a coup by the wealthy backed by an ambitious general, the police and militias under the guise of restoring order could succeed.