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Author Topic: Battle of Australia

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Battle of Australia
« on: 03 September 2008 at 10:22 »
How the White Race defended Australia

World War II saw the first time White Australians had to defend their homeland from an invading force, the enemy were the militant Asians of the Japanese Empire. The fighting between 1942-1943 was intense and brutal, often hand to hand combat in jungle settings and horrible conditions. Those Australians captured by Japanese forces were put to work in the worst conditions and given the worst treatment possible, the Japanese work camps made Auschwitz look like Disneyland. The Australians were forced to work or were beheaded by samurai sword, many died from dysentery and malnutrition. Despite the awful conditions and the trauma of war, these Australians fought on - for their mates and for the future of a White Australia.

Australian troops fought in the Owen Stanley ranges, also known as Kokoda in what was then the Australian protectorate of Papua New Guinea. The Japanese outnumbered the Australians in the field, with over 10,000 soldiers heading south towards Australia. Despite the heavy opposing forces, the insignificant training of Australian troops and the conditions of jungle warfare - the Aussies fought back the Japanese, causing in excess of 6000 casualties. The success of Australian troops in combat and their sheer determination earned our place in this region, the Japanese being a militant race, could not compete with White Australians defended their blood and soil.

The Japanese never did make a full offensive on Australian soil. There were numerous bombings in northern coastal cities of Darwin and Broome, small scout landing and even a small submarine in Sydney Harbour. It is clear from the mindset of the Japanese that if they did succesfully invade, Australian civilians would have been slaughtered wholesale and those strong enough would have been enslaved. Those Aboriginals that complain of White treatment over the history of Australia should consider themselves lucky, their treatment was cordial to how they'd have fared under Asian rule.

America defended its frontier from the Mexican invaders at the Alamo, Isabella defended Spain from the Jews and Moorish niggers and Australia defended its borders from the monstrous, Asiatic hordes of Japan. Australia is a land of the White Race, our blood and our soil are a part of this land and it must remain ours. We must defend the integrity of Australia from the influence of the mud races and the traitors in the establishment.

Remember the Battle of Australia - RAHOWA!


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Re: Battle of Australia
« Reply #1 on: 03 September 2008 at 10:43 »
A good post. Most don't even know about how people suffered at the hands of the Japs. The Japs were officially forgiven some years ago when they ceased to called it Victory over Japan (VJ Day) and instead call it Victory in Asia (VA Day).

In this PC world we are constantly reminded of two things: 1) To not forgive the Japs for their crimes against humanity is racist. 2) To forgive the German imprisonment of jews is a crime against humanity.

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