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Author Topic: Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner Wants to End Free Speech

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@timsout You're not making a lot of friends. #BackToLaos

Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane Wants to End Free Speech

Michael Slay | Daily Stormer | February 18, 2015

Tim Soutphommasane is Australia’s taxpayer-funded Race Discrimination Commissioner in the federal Australian Human Rights Commission. A subhuman invader from Laos, he’s the most pro-censorship, pro-multiculti, anti-White chink in Australia. His goal – given to him by his Jewish masters – is to turn Australia into a majority Asian country and to forcibly silence any Whites who speak out against it.

At one point, he posted an article which seriously argues that, if Australia’s federal “hate speech” laws are made slightly less strict, the country will turn into South Sudan. He’s voiced outrage at the idea of people being allowed to question the Holohoax and claims that making Australia’s Orwellian “hate speech” laws slightly less strict might – *gasp* – allow people to question it. He’s also voiced concern over Australians using social media to spread “racism” and he wants more censorship of the Internet.  He has called for a “national conversation” on “cyber racism”.

According to him, “genocide begins with words” and strict government censorship of speech and thoughts is the only thing preventing annudah showah.

Right now, Tim Soutphommasane serves as Australia’s federal Race Discrimination Commissioner, where taxpayer money pays his bills. His only job is to bash Whites and push more censorship. Before his career as a taxpayer-funded bureaucrat, the filthy gook was a columnist who pumped out anti-White drivel, bashing Whites and celebrating their dwindling numbers and influence.

He wrote for The Age, The Guardian, The Sydney Morning Herald, and many other Jewish cultural Marxist newspapers. In his articles, he repeatedly stated that the future of Australia is Asian, and that the country would be purged of Whites and replaced with soulless chinks such as himself.  Like any Jew puppet, Tim uses the mentally retarded subhuman abos as an excuse to have Australia be invaded by hordes of Asians, even though abos hate Asians FAR more than Whites do.

Tim Soutphommasane was not democratically elected to serve as Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner; he was chosen by his Jewish overlords, without any say whatsoever from the Australian public at large.  He contributes absolutely nothing whatsoever to Australian society, and his only “job” is to transition Australia from a majority-White country to a majority-Asian one.


We here at the Daily Stormer are launching a new operation. We are going to bombard his Twitter feed with racist content. As a result, he is going to cry and scream and demand that Twitter shut it down. He is going to make a national case out of his hurt feelings, and he’s going to use the opportunity to push more Internet censorship. The public will see that he is using his hurt feelings as an excuse to censor the Internet, and they will gradually turn against him. Remember: we have done this before, and it has always worked out in our favor.

We need to flood his feed with the most offensive racist content imaginable.  We need to “racially vilify” him.  We need to attack him with “extreme hate speech.”  We need to “incite racial hatred” against him. Most of all, we need to hurt his feelings.  The more abuse he takes on social media, the more he is going to demand a filter on the Internet.

It’s going to be VERY difficult for him to justify that sort of thing to the Australian public just because some people were mean to him online.  Most of all, he’s going to give us tons of free publicity in the Jew-run Australian media, which goes into a frenzy every single time a subhuman has their feelings hurt. [more ...]


While I cannot endorse the methods outlined above, I do encourage all who choose to take part to remain on the legal side of the laws of your land - whether or not you agree with them. If you are smart, you can say what you need to say and remain totally legal. There is no need to risk even a single person arrested because of a slip of the tongue ... so to say. If this imported Discrimination Commissioner wants to claim offence and use his position to prevent people from rightfully and legally speaking their minds, then so be it: Let him have the rope to hang himself! He'll only bring on the inevitable White Revolution all the more sooner. RaHoWa!

Noli Nothis Permittere Te Terere
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Utterly appalling, this bug eyed creature is! Why is it wrong to have an intellectual opinion on historical events like the holocaust? This is a guy forming a "flat earth society". It's heading towards another 1984 sooner or later with so many of these parasites at the helm. Enjoy Australia Day while you can because pretty soon this place is going to be called "The Chindiapines."
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