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Title: Australia's Stupid anti-Hate Laws.
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http://tools.ntnews.com.au/stories/54010198.php (http://tools.ntnews.com.au/stories/54010198.php)

AUSTRALIA'S discrimination watchdog wants the government to water down its new hate laws to avoid litigation over water-cooler chats.

Discrimination has been redefined as "conduct that offends or insults" in the government's draft Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill.

But Australian Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs thinks the broad definition will spark too many lawsuits.

She said the words offend and insult "have to go".

"There is no need to set the threshold so low," she said.

"I would suggest the government consider taking the words 'offensive' and 'insulting' out (of the legislation).

"It does raise a risk of increased litigation".

Professor Triggs said discrimination cases should be based on the higher test of "intimidation, vilification or humiliation".

The Gillard government has drafted the new law to combine and update five sets of legislation banning discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, age or disability.

Professor Triggs said the words offend and insult had been "buried" in Section 198 of the Racial Discrimination Act, which will be replaced by the new legislation.

Queensland Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie has told the Senate inquiry the the new laws could damage freedom of speech.

"The use of subjective language such as 'insult' and 'offend' in the statutory definition of 'unfavourable treatment" may be interpreted to set a low threshold test for discrimination," he said.

"(This) will result in unmeritous complaints and lack of alignment with international human rights benchmarks that focus on the need for equality, rather than merely on the social value of being polite".

Queensland's Anti Discrimination Commission also wants the legislation be rewritten, so a "reasonable person" would have to find the conduct insulting or offensive.

Tasmania's Anti-Discrimination Commission, however, wants to keep the words "insult and offend" and add others as well.

"To provide greater certainty, this clause could also include the words humiliate, denigrate, ridicule or degrade to describe some of the specific types of behaviour that constitute unfavourable treatment," it told the inquiry.

The NSW Government has told the Senate inquiry the broader definition of discrimination "places unreasonable restrictions on freedom of speech".

"The words 'offend' and 'insult', in particular incorporate a very low threshold of unfavorable treatment," its submission says.

Victorian Attorney-General Robert Clark warned that people could be accused of discrimination over what they say in private conversations held in a public place, such as a club or office.

"Many people may be subjectively offended or insulted by the simple expression or manifestation of views different to their own," he told the inquiry.

"To make such expressions of views in workplaces, schools, clubs and sports prima facie unfavourable treatment and hence discrimination ... appears to substantially erode freedom of expression."

The Law Society of South Australia told the Senate inquiry it "condemned" the new definition.

"The robust expression of opinions, short of incitement to hatred, is a strength of our social and legal system," its submission states.

"It should not be curtailed to protect subjective offence that individuals may feel when their beliefs or attitudes are criticised."

As you can see Tasmania has got the dumbest opinion of the bunch (go figure?)
Anyway really think about it before you go hurt some other person's feelings! 
Title: Re: Australia's Stupid anti-Hate Laws.
Post by: Private on 21 January 2013 at 01:19
Tasmanian Senator Bob Brown, head of the Australian Greens party is openly fag. So that and their willingness to pursue any anti-social agenda explains what is going on in Tasmania. If I had a block of land in Tasmania and was planning to settle there and live in a Whiter and Brighter community, I'd be seriously thinking of selling my land for a profit and settling elsewhere.

The South Australian JOG have long planned similar for SA. That they haven't been able to pass the new laws says something for common sense - but if the Federal JOG manage to pass their new draconian hate laws, then I can see the SA State JOG doing the same. And when those laws are passed, we will be the first people to be picked up and paraded in front of the media in a Stalinesque public trial. The very people who now defend freedom of speech against these proposed hate laws will either clam up in the face of our persecution, or join the cheer squad as they abandon their own principles in a form of community bonding as they burn the "racists" at the stake.

More at topic: NSW Premier to Intensify "Hate Crime" Laws
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Title: Re: Australia's Stupid anti-Hate Laws.
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http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/national/ink-dries-on-law-to-outlaw-bikies-in-tattoo-parlours/story-fndo1sdf-1226566266697 (http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/national/ink-dries-on-law-to-outlaw-bikies-in-tattoo-parlours/story-fndo1sdf-1226566266697)
ORGANISED criminals will be booted out of the tattoo business, starting today.            
All tattoo shop owners and their staff now must apply for a three-year licence from NSW Police and Fair Trading.
Police Minister Michael Gallacher said anyone with criminal associations would be denied a licence, and would be fined if they continued to operate.
"It is about cleaning up that industry. It is about recognising that for far too long the tattoo industry has been a feeding ground, a rich ground for outlaw motorcycle gangs," he said.
Licences will cost $700 for tattooists, and more than $2000 for operators of a tattoo parlour.
After October 1, every corporation operating a tattoo parlour without a licence will be fined $11,000 a day. Individual owners face fines of $5500 a day, and tattoo artists will receive a one-off fine of $5000.All workers in tattoo shops will be fingerprinted and their associations scrutinised by NSW Police.
Acting Police Commissioner Nick Kaldas said a third of the estimated 300 tattoo parlours in NSW were "influenced or directly controlled" by motorcycle gangs.
What do the classify as "gang" or "bikie"? If you run a parlour and put food on the table it , you get constantly scrutanised now?
Title: Re: Australia's Stupid anti-Hate Laws.
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What do the classify as "gang" or "bikie"? If you run a parlour and put food on the table it , you get constantly scrutanised now?

The intention is to make a mint in extra taxes (on the tattoo industry) while using hearsay and loose acquaintances to close down the remaining tattoo industry. How do they determine whether you are part of a "gang" or "bikie"? Do you have tattoos? Do you ride a motorcycle? Have you ever spoken with somebody who may be a member of an outlaw motorcycle club? Do you have any enemies that wish to accuse you of affiliations with an outlaw motorcycle club? Are you a member of, or are you associated with a White Supremacist "gang"? And finally, how do you prove you do not fit any of the above categories when the law itself is basically a character test re information acquired or given about you in good faith?

Also consider how far these new laws are likely to reach. How many people will be barred from how many industries based on character tests? And will this effect the Muslim "bikie" or "gang" population in Australia? No, of course not. Sure, a few Islamic high fliers will be out of work, but the majority will just claim that any character tests are part of racial profiling. Bitch about the White Australia Policy, call everyone Islamophobic and the real criminals will get anything they want. Meanwhile, ordinary White family men who are part of outlaw motorcycle clubs and other outlawed groups will be ostracised from general society because of a failed character test.

New South Wales drove the Muslim criminals out of business in the early 90's with judicious use of the Middle Eastern Crime Squad. Just when the coppers were about to finish the job, the Middle Eastern Crime squad was declared a racist outfit and had its fangs removed. The Muslim criminals then resurfaced as part of the (White) Aussie biker culture, waving wads of cash around decent but penniless outlaw motorcycle clubs. The clubs seized at the chance to better themselves with their new Islamic slush fund and in a matter of a few short years, their decades old social clubs were criminal Islamic organisations where White men were no longer welcome.

History tells us that the JOG will not pursue the Muslim criminals. They will instead use this as an opportunity to crush the so-called outlaw motorcycle clubs and then use those laws to destroy the lives of anyone they choose to point their big stick at - such as us. The Muslim criminals will then resurface with a new scheme, and the process will begin once again. So which predominately White industry will be the next target for the combined Muslim and JOG offensive?

Title: Re: Australia's Stupid anti-Hate Laws.
Post by: Private on 01 February 2013 at 00:41
All workers in tattoo shops will be fingerprinted and their associations scrutinised by NSW Police.
Apparently this is how they are going to cross match "crooks with Tattooists".
I work in a traditional trade and there is one person who in a member of an OMC who I believe launders money for his club through his business. Are they going to scruitinise other tradesmen too with finger prints?
What if there is a motorcycle club that is a Christian club? What if they stop those tattooists, based on the fact they ride motorbikes,dress and look a certain way?They get tarred with that brush too?
DUI is illegal if a motorbike rider has been convicted of that does that mean he is an"outlaw"? Does this mean he can't be a Tattooist?
Title: Re: Australia's Stupid anti-Hate Laws.
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http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/south-australian-attorney-general-john-rau-declares-war-on-shootings/story-e6frea83-1226567732665 (http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/south-australian-attorney-general-john-rau-declares-war-on-shootings/story-e6frea83-1226567732665)
Mr Rau said police would have their first chance to use many new powers this year. The laws that had only recently been passed by Parliament allow them to:
PROSECUTE people who were inadvertently helping a crime gang.
OFFER sentence reductions to criminals who dob in their mates, the so-called "super-grass" law.
USE metal detectors near licensed venues to search for concealed weapons.
STOP children buying knives.
TRACK and record more people without court approval.
FINGERPRINT more people on the street using mobile scanners.
There would also be renewed attempts to ban outlaw gangs, after changes to laws because of a High Court challenge.
In a written response, Police Commissioner Gary Burns agreed police had been given "extensive legislative tools by the Government to help curb both organised crime and gun violence".